5 Best Humidifiers for Baby Cold, Congestion and Stuffy Nose

There are many reasons to think about buying a best humidifier for baby cold. As the device helps in increasing the level of indoor humidity, it eases cold symptoms (such as cold, congestion and stuffy nose) for your baby. Also it help relieves dry skin problems for your baby, particularly in the cold winter season.

Parents searching for a way to provide their baby with some relief from cold and flu symptoms can try installing an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. It makes it easier for your baby to breathe easy, even if he/she is sick.

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Why Humidifier Is Essential for Your Baby?

Ideal indoor humidity is between 30% – 50%. During winters, heating inside home or apartment leads to a decrease in the percentage to a low level of 10. For this reason people who live in cold areas, find humidifier a great tool to ease discomfort for everyone in the family, including babies and new born.

Studies show that viruses can grow easier in dry and cold air. Installing a humidifier is therefore necessary to help prevent your baby from getting sick. A good branded humidifier can keep away the viruses from developing which eventually creates an atmosphere that prevents viruses from growing.

Getting a humidifier for baby cold is one of the best things you can do to help your baby with cold and congestion. Rather than being helpless, you can help your baby feel better, when they catch a cold, by getting a cool mist humidifier installed in the nursery.

Today, a wide variety of humidifiers are available to choose from, with high tech models and features. Console and tabletop models need frequent maintenance and can be tried as a best humidifier for baby cold and flu.

How Does Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits Baby?

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A cool mist humidifier is the safest choice especially when your infant is down with the cold problems. Leaving it “ON” in your kid’s room (while they are sleeping) will work for the betterment in eliminating the various health problems to great extent.

According to various reviews online, cool mist humidifier in the nursery is better than other types of humidifiers. Not only has it helped your baby in relieving the cold but also benefits in many other ways. Few of the benefits offered to your baby include:

->> Provides Soft Supple Skin To Babies: One of the most important benefits of using cool mist humidifier in nursery is its protection from dry air to your baby. Dry air which becomes harsh in winters can cause serious troubles to the soft sensitive skin of your baby. And using these humidifiers can eliminate the risk of getting issues such as dry irritated skin, chapped baby lips, red patches, etc.

->> Prevents Breathing Problems: Humid air is a great natural decongestant. And buying a cold mist humidifier for baby cold is most helpful as the device moistens the dry chilly air to make the breathing easier for your baby. This also helps in soothing wheezy coughs, helping to clear the nasal congestion, loosening mucus from the lungs.

->> Safe To Use in Nursery: There is no risk of keeping these cold air humidifiers ON in your kid’s room. Since these are the safest humidifying device to use, there is no possibility of getting your little one burnt or hurt which is often the case when you use a warm air humidifier.

->> More Comforting and Cover Greater Area: The cool mist humidifier for baby room can be much beneficial due to its comforting rhythmic white noise (available in most of the baby humidifiers). Also it covers the greater portion of the room area as compared to other humidifiers. It is therefore good to use if your kids room is big sized.

5 Best Humidifiers for Baby Cold Reviewed

People have recognized the fact that the humidifier is now a crucial home appliance that is must to have in a home especially for baby’s health. However, determining which one is the best for the baby cold is a bit challenging.

Here we list down some of the best models that are most efficient for baby cold. Do check them out and buy one after checking the detailed reviews.

1- Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier

Do you want to fill your home or office ambiance rich with relaxing aroma? Zen Breeze, Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Humidifier meets your needs innovatively!

It is a beautiful blend of science and aesthetics that can complement your ambiance. It features vibrating sound waves to produce extremely fine aromatherapy mist.

This wood grain diffuser and Humidifier does not use any heat while preserving essential oil morality and holistic elements. You won’t feel heat even if you run hands through the mist. Health conscious people will find this attractive aroma diffuser a great addition to their home, beauty parlor or spa.

This stunning aroma diffuser will work for around 10 hours for single fill. Timer is available for 60, 180 and 360 minutes and the device has automatic safety feature that shuts off when the water runs out. The device is easy to clean and maintain, and calm working mode guarantees tranquil atmosphere.

You can use it as a night lamp. Pour 3-5 drops of your favorite aromatic oil into the humidifier and rest enjoy. The device comes with 14 color LED mood light that can use as per your taste. It looks like wood grain but made of plastic. Advanced ultrasonic technology is employed and has 300ml water tank capacity.

2- Crane Adorable 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Forget those irritating cold symptoms, chapped lips and dry itchy skin! Cute crane cool mist humidifier is one of the devices for baby cold as it offers quiet nights and sound sleep for you and your little ones. It consumes less power and provides 11 hours of moisture from one gallon water tank. The automatic shut off safety mode warns you when the tank is empty.

Control knob allows for adjusting intensity of mist output. You can choose medium setting for best results. Control knob should be adjusted adequately to absorb the mist rising up by the room air. Setting control knob high may accumulate the rising mist on the surfaces around the device.

This child friendly animal designed humidifier offers 24 hours of moisture on medium mode from one gallon water tank. Choose this cute crane cool mist humidifier for rooms of 250 sq. This cute and compact device is equipped with ultrasonic technology and is energy efficient too.

A non-medicated relief is offered for nasal congestion, dry cough and cold and flu symptoms. You can choose this adorable device to give as a gift for baby showers, kids’ birthdays and holiday season. It does not need a filter to work.

3- Portable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier by Radha Beauty

Choose the wonderful 7 color changing oil diffuser that is equipped with relaxing LED lights. Multiple features are furnishing with one unit. You can use it as an essential oil diffuser or a humidifier, a night lamp for your little one’s room or mood lighting in your bedroom!

You can choose the essential oil you want to use in this ultrasonic diffuser humidifier and enrich your surroundings. It does not need heat so issues like oils degraded or broken down are out of question. Essential oils can help with allergies, cold and flu symptoms while providing you a sound sleep.

You can have a spa like ambiance in any room. This amazing humidifier for baby cold is a great choice for winter as well as for air conditioned rooms. Rooms are hydrated and air moisture is increased to help with dry sinuses, cold, cough, dry skin, etc.

Fill the water tank with 120ml water and pour 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil. The auto shut off mode will turn on when the tank is empty. The diffuser refreshes, deodorizes and sterilizes the air, and help flowing oxygen for stress relief and a restful sleep. The box contains the diffuser, A/C adapter, operational manual and measuring cup.

4- Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane drop shape cool mist humidifier features a contemporary, simple design and is equipped with ultrasonic technology. It has 1 gallon water tank capacity and can generate around 2.3 gallon moisture output a day. Whisper quiet operation works for 24 hours and help with cough, cold and flu symptoms.

It features variable control settings and 360 degree mist nozzle. This amazing crane drop cool mist humidifier improves air moisture and help with night’s sleep and easier breathing. It is shipped in certified aggravation-free packaging.

It does not need a filter for ultrasonic cool mist operation. Fill the tank by removing the drop shape water tank, loose the tank cap and fill it under the water faucet. It can expel 2.3 gallons of moisture a day and humidifies a room of 250 sq size. Equipped with auto shutoff safety sensor it will warn you when the tank is empty.

It is available in a wide range of colors that adds to the aesthetic appeal of any given space. A perfect blend of form and function making it an ideal gift for any occasion! Buy this great cool mist humidifier for baby cold at Amazon at an affordable price tag.

5- Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer with Night-Light

Are you suffering from cold and flu symptoms? Having sleepless nights? Well, this Vicks warm steam vaporizer equipped with pure steam action can help you through. With steamguard design, this unique vaporizer offers excellent performance, safety and reliability.

The Vicks Vaporizer with night light device boils water to generate pure warm steam vapor and releases to the air. Bacteria-free and no-white dust vapor is produced and released. The device has 1.5 gallon capacity that works for 18-24 hour for single fill. You can put vicks vapostream or kaz inhalant in the medicine cup.

It is equipped with triple wall insulation for maintaining the reservoir water in a safe temperature. Night light mode offers more safety and convenience, especially if you use it in kids’ room. The auto shut off sensor informs you when the reservoir water reaches the minimum level.

You can buy this contemporary vicks vaporizer at Amazon. It does not come with vapo steam so remember to buy it along with the device. Provide your children a sound sleep and cold-free nights by having this ultra-modern vaporizer in their room. It is easy to use and simple to refill. You don’t need any technical assistance to install this device at your home or office space.

Are Humidifiers Safe for Babies?

To provide a clean and pure atmospheric air at an appropriate temperature, the humidifiers for babies were invented and are used regularly by moms all across the world. However there are regular debates going in the world that either the humidifiers are safe or notorious for the new born babies’ usage.

Let me tell you the fact that if you know how to handle the humidifier properly and the way to use it healthily then the humidifiers are always safe for your family including your babies. It is like a friend to your baby which helps them sleep better at nights.

Though the cool mist humidifiers requires very less maintenance, they require routine cleaning for providing long term benefits. Since, it is a cool mist humidifier, the water left in the unit may lead to bacteria and mold.

To prevent it from developing, regular cleaning is a must and replacing the deposited water is important if the unit is kept ideal for long hours. The real thing to note is dirty humidifier can do more harm than good. And therefore you need to care for regular maintenance of the device without which it can adversely affect your babies’ health.

Overall, Compared to the negatives about the humidifiers (like fungal formation, foul smelling air outlet, etc.) the positives offered are much higher.

If you have a new born baby in your home and if you feel that the humidity level of your surroundings is quite low, you should definitely go for purchasing a good humidifier immediately to safeguard your baby.

Buying The Best Humidifier for Baby With A Cold

Important Things to Look For When Picking A Best Humidifier For Babies

Buying the best humidifier for baby cold is a decision you should take carefully and not in a hurry. Researching some of the best models and studying about the reviews in details will let you know about which one is really good for your baby cold and flu.

To help you out in this matter here are some important things which should be considered while you are on the track to choose the best type of humidifier for babies.

Choosing the best one among the different types is quite essential. Various types of humidifier such as stand-alone, table top, tower type, in-duct, top fill, etc. are available and you should research a bit to know some details about each of them before choosing the one.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are better alternative for kids room because the water particles are broken into microscopic fragments causing the mist which helps in reaching the breathing passages of your child more easily, causing deeper and effective penetration. Babies suffering from acute bronchitis will find these types of ultrasonic models more effective.

Humidifiers designed to kill bacteria are the most preferred ones for your child. While choosing the right humidifier model also see whether the refilling water system is portable and easy. Refill tanks or bottles of your humidifier should exactly fit into your faucets otherwise while emptying the refill tank some water may be left inside. This is good to check if you want your teenage kids to do the necessary maintenance job themselves.

Humidifiers with humidistat built inside are preferable as they keep the humidity of the room within 30 to 50 percent, thus preventing the mucus to form into molds. Humidifiers not having a humidistat may cause excess moisture in the air, causing discomfort for those suffering from asthma or have allergenic tendencies. Humidity should be around 30% in the winter season and not exceeding 50% during summer, and this is where the humidistat proves useful.

Humidifiers with multiple setting features are more preferable as they have a wide range for adjusting the level of humidity. While some have small range, many have wide range which is suitable for big areas.

Humidifiers with low maintenance should be considered for your baby. Models having mildew or mold protection helps in saving cleaning time and those designed with mold protection are the best one to opt.

Few Other Factors to Consider

Safety is an important aspect especially when there are children around. It is wise to choose a humidifier safe for babies that is designed ideally for the babies room.

Size does matter when you want to choose a best humidifier. You should consider portable type in case if you have lesser space in your kids room. You should also check for a humidifier that has a longer cord which enables you in placing the unit even at a distance.

How long you want it to operate is another good factor that should be kept in mind. No doubt that your kids want to get an uninterrupted healthy night sleep. And thus you need a unit that can work for atleast 6- 8 hours without the need of refilling again. Do not go for a cheap humidifier which lasts for only 2-3 hours and need to refill the tank. Another feature which must be considered is whether the humidifier has an indicator light for low water level or not. This will help you know when the tank needs the refilling.

Choosing the reliable brand rating is much important, especially when you want to buy something for your kids to keep them in a never ending comfort zone. Go for a brand that is reliable in the market (Holmes, Crane and Honeywell are few to name) and choose a particular model and a product that has higher ratings or customer reviews.

You may check at sites such as Amazon to find the best reviews before buying the one.

Price should not be an issue when you are buying a good humidifier for your baby. A good branded humidifier may cost you anything between $25 to $150 depending on the features and brand. Be sure that you choose the one within your budget without making any compromise on quality and performance.

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