5 Best Air Purifier-Humidifier Combo Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Air pollution is not just confined to outdoors. In fact, indoor air quality is sometimes found to be even worse than as compared to outdoor air quality.

As air inside our home contains varied types of pollutants. And intake of such polluted air results in breathing problems such as allergies and asthma.

Installing a good Air purifier is therefore an indispensable component of every house!

However if you are living in areas with low humidity, pure filtered air is not the only thing that can help. You also need proper comforting moisture to keep all the allergies at bay.

Luckily, we now have air purifier and humidifier combo units available that can do the best job for you.

This will avoid you from all the hassles of purchasing the two separate devices for making your indoors comfortable in dry season.

Why Air Purifier with Humidifier?

Investing in an intelligent air washer and humidifier combo system is simply a great idea as it can completely avoid the inconvenience of managing two separate units at your home.

Especially for your family members who suffer from any kind of breathing problems or allergies; it is essential to provide them a fresh, moist, pure and virus free air to breathe.

Rather than choosing the 2 individual devices (air purifier and a room humidifier), you can have a combo unit for your home that can clean and humidify the air at the same time.

By removing all the potential triggers and allergens (such as dust mites, smoke, pollen, volatile organic compounds or VOCs, odor, etc.), this smart device not only help alleviate the symptoms but also avoid further respiratory problems.

5 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combos

Planning to buy a good combo system for making your indoors clean and fresh to breathe, but confused about which one to go for?

Below you can find the quick comparison chart, detailed reviews and usage tips for 5 best combo models.

Hopefully we can help you choose the one that is just right for your family!

ProductTypeEditor Rating
1- Sharp KC-850UDual stage filter system4.2/5.0
2- Venta LW15Filter-free3.8/5.0
3- Dreval D-950HEPA filter3.7/5.0
4- Boneco W200Filter-free4.5/5.0
5- Oreck WK15500B2-stage filtration3.9/5.0

1- Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster


This best air purifier humidifier combo is being offered by a trusted brand like Sharp. This gadget has the ability to operate quietly purifies and humidifies the room up to 254 sq. feet.

There is a choice for “Clean air” or “Clean air and humidity” functions which can be set in this particular machine.

Sharp KC-850U Plasma cluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function works on the Plasma cluster technology and very efficiently restores the balance of the ions in order to refresh the air and the overall humidification function.

The humidification function adds humidity to the air in the environment for improving the quality of the air especially in the colder weather.

The technological specifications of the machine is that it contains CADR for Dust 164/Smoke 164/Pollen164.

The best part is that it comes from a trusted and well-known brand like Sharp and is affiliated as an energy star compliant. This product is also AHAM Certified which talks it all about the overall quality of the product.

2- Venta LW15 Airwasher


The Venta Air washer 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier comes in grey color and has great utilities attached to it.

It humidifies dry room air and at the same time it purifies the air by removing the pollen, dust, harmful allergens and pet dander. There is no filter or replacement items which are needed in order to operate this particular unit.

Water acts as a filter in this particular gadget. There is also the facility of auto shut-off and also there is a water refill indicator light. This particular gadget has a capacity of 1.4 gallon.

The Venta LW15 Air washer 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier comes with a 10 years warranty and is completely compact, very efficient in performance and absolutely powerful for indoor air spaces ranging up to 200 square feet.

So, if you are really looking forward to have a very powerful humidifier and air purifier for your home or office, you can opt for this particular product.

It comes from a trusted brand and has a very long life. This can be purchased at a very attractive discounted price at Amazon.

3- Dreval D-950 HEPA


This best air purifier humidifier combo comes from the trusted brand name Dreval. This gadget has a high efficiency HEPA filter which eliminates 99.97% of the airborne germs which are larger than 0.01 micron.

Dreval D-950 Air Purifier Cleaner Humidifier Ionizer HEPA 0.01 micron UV Light 7 Stages with Odor Sensor also have a UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer Light which uses 245 nm ultraviolet light in order to destroy a variety of bacteria.

There is also negative anion release which creates an ionized field in order to help efficiently to remove the harmful airborne pollutants.

This particular humidifier also functions to increase the air humidity and it is always recommended to use distilled or purified water in the humidifier.

This gadget is a high efficiency HEPA, acts as a cold catalyst, have activated carbon filters and have a remote control as well.

The most attractive feature of this particular gadget is that it has UV light 7 stages with odor sensor which makes it a very worthy purchase for the buyers.

The performance of the gadget is also very good and consistent. Thus, this is a highly recommended product which has got multiples uses as air purifier, humidifier and ionizer as well.

4- Boneco W200


Boneco air washer W200 is a beautifully designed device that is simple to use and maintain. As the parts of the unit are dish washer and washing machine safe its easy to clean as well.

Ideal for humidifying and purifying the room (of up to 540 square feet) this machine comes with auto shut off feature which makes the device go off when water gets emptied.

The Boneco W200 2-in-1 device also allows you to add scented oils so that you can enjoy the fragrance in the room whole day.

Furthermore it also come with two performance levels (i.e. power & sleep) which can be selected by using a turn-switch.

Users who have already used the device are impressed with its brilliant performance and we are sure you will love adding this to your home and family.

Boneco H680 hybrid humidifier is a latest addition to this niche and can be checked if you want to have an all rounder high capacity device for very large rooms and offices.

5- Oreck WK15500B


Oreck WK15500B Air Refresh is a 2-in-1 device that can be used for purifying and humidifying the air at the same time.

Good for small rooms (like bedroom, dens or nurseries), the unique most feature of the device is its 2-stage filtration system (HEPA and charcoal filters).

Where HEPA media filter enables the machine to capture 99 percent of dust and allergens present in the room, its charcoal filter helps in removing all types of bad smell.

Above all, the ultrasonic humidifying feature of Oreck WK15500B helps in making the environment feel refreshed by adding cool mist of moisture silently without any noise.

If you want you can turn off the humidifier to only run the air purifier, as and when needed.

Few Other Models and Recommendation

Though above 5 models are best to look at, if you want to do further research you can check brands such as Envion, New Comfort and few others that manufactures these sort of combos.

As our top recommendation, you may consider picking Sharp KC-860U Plasma cluster as it works great in all conditions.

By making the right balance between air purification and humidification, it can work wonders for you family.

We bet, you will never regret buying this smartest and most valuable machine for your healthy indoors!

In case you have further questions or doubts regarding these devices, you can check below some common questions (and answers) asked by the users.

5 Important Things to Consider While Buying

Now if you have make up your mind to buy an air purifier humidifier combo unit for improving your indoor air quality, it is important to check out few important things.

Checking these factors can help you buy the best machine your family deserves:

1- Your Need: As air purifier and humidifier works differently to address two very different problems, you should carefully check whether you need a combination of both these functions or just one.

If your main purpose is to remove the harmful bacteria and viruses from the air simply buy a good air purifier.

However if you want to add extra humidity to the air buy a humidifier. In case you want both – go for a combo.

2- Your Budget: Buying a good air purifier for your home can cost you anywhere from $75 to $1000. And if you also need to buy a humidifier you may need to invest additional.

Taking care of your pocket and money you want to invest is therefore important. If you do not want to invest heavily on both these devices choosing a good combo unit is a solution.

Again as these combo units come with varied features and at various different price tags, you need to be careful about the features you are getting for the price you are paying.

3- Space in Your Room: This can be a major factor to look at, especially if you live in a small apartment.

We recommend buying a unit that is best capable of purifying and humidifying the square foot area you have.

Checking your room/home size and buying a machine based on that can also help save you good money as the larger unit you purchase the more you need to pay for it.

4- Maintenance Required: Be ensured that buying the two devices separately means that you need to do proper maintenance work for both.

But if you but one single unit (with both the features) the maintenance task you need to perform will also be halved.

Also when checking the best combo unit online, you should check the maintenance and care it needs.

While models like Dreval D-950 can be high on maintenance (due to filters that need to be cleaned/replaced), models like Venta LW15 may require very less of your time as these are filter-less.

5- Power Consumption: Now this can be of great concern, especially for people who want their unit to work for whole day and whole night.

If you want your appliance to be energy efficient, always pick the one that comes labeled with ENERGY STAR Certification as these consumes lesser amount of energy (as compared to the standard consumption).

Instead of checking the energy consumption rating for each model you can simply choose ENERGY STAR Certified Appliance to assure that you are buying a good efficient device that will consume less power in long run.

# Users FAQs #

Does Combination System Really Work?

In short, Yes!

Due to the fact that these combo models comes at an extra price, the features and technology you will be getting will be just awesome.

Most of these modern day hi-tech air purifier (or air washer) devices come with built-in humidifying feature that allows you to get purest form of the air for breathing – that is also enriched with optimum humidity required to stay healthy and beautiful.

Should I Choose A Combo OR Two Separate Units?

Well, as said above this will depend on the type of performance you want to get with your machine.

While the concept of purifying and humidifying the air at the same time can be appealing, it is worth nothing that if you are expecting this device to work excellently – just like a separate air purifier and a humidifier – you may then go wrong.

However if you are in need of a good 2-in-1 machine that can take best care of your family’s health in all seasons, without spending much of your time energy and money, this is a device to go with.

In fact if you feel that you do not need one of these features (air purifier or humidifier), you should then get a solo HEPA air purifier OR a humidifier device.

✓ Remember, buying the two individual machines may cost you more initially. And also you may need to invest heavily in long run as the time and price you pay for maintenance (of running them separately) can be significantly higher.

Pros and Cons of Air Purifier-Humidifier Combo Units

Before you go on for picking the best air purifier and humidifier all in one device, lets check some of the advantages and disadvantages that comes with these.


  • Convenient to use and manage
  • Help address more health issues for complete family
  • Cost effective (as compared to buying 2 different units)


  • Few models can be high in maintenance
  • Comes at extra price and can be expensive
  • Not as effective (as compared to individual devices)

What is The Difference between Air Purifier and Air Washer?

✓ An “air purifier” is basically a device that helps in removing the pollutants present in the air by filtering it through a specialised mechanical or electrical filter (like HEPA, carbon, ionizer or UV filters).

As these are particularly designed for purifying the air, it does its job perfectly well.

✓ On the other hand an “air washer” is an air purifying device that comes with a built-in humidifier to freshen up and humidify the air as well.

Or we can say that these are the humidifier devices that are also marketed as air purifiers.

These devices generally does not include a specialized filter but it purifies the air using water as a natural filter.

Additionally, as the humidifying feature is just an added bonus feature these does not come with a large water tank capacity (as compared to actual humidifiers).

Overall, seasonal changes along with increasing pollution is taking a toll on the lives of everyone in our family.

While this cannot be avoided completely, we can of course take proper measures to address most of these health issues and discomfort caused due to low quality air around us.

If you are looking to purchase a great air purifier and humidifier combination, opt from the one among the above mentioned devices.

These already come from reputed brands with proper warranty and has the reputation of running efficiently for a long time without any risk.