7 Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

Health issues creates much of havoc for many of us every year.

Among many cold, allergies and flu are the most irritating sicknesses which gives you sleepless nights at most of the days, especially during winter season.

Thanks to all rounder Vicks cool mist humidifiers which can help you keep away from all these problems and health issues.

Vicks is a renowned American brand owned by Procter & Gamble.

Previously well known for its over-the-counter medications, it is today also one among the best humidifier manufacturers across the globe.

When it comes to buying a good reliable room humidifier, Vicks is a brand you can trust!

7 Best Vicks Humidifier Reviews

Vicks offers a wide range of cool mist and warm mist humidifiers, which can be chosen by families for relieving cold, congestion, dry skin and other health issues.

These are high in demand due its high quality, best features and affordable price tag. Besides the best features, Vicks humidifiers also gains the positive points for its nice attractive looks.

So if you are bit concerned about the looks of your humidifier device, then Vicks humidifying device is the most suitable option for you.

Below we list down 7 best selling models by Vicks for your convenience. The comparison chart and reviews you find below will help you understand which model is best suited for you, how these work and benefits.

You can choose from regular models that require changing of filters OR can opt for Vicks filter-free humidifier models that does not require any filter change at all.

ProductType/ Tank CapacityEditor Rating
1- Vicks Starry NightWith Filter/ 1 Gallon3.4/5.0
2- Vicks V3100With Filter/ 1 Gallon3.5/5.0
3- Vicks V5100NSWith Filter/ 1.2 Gallon3.7/5.0
4- Vicks V3500NWith Filter/ 1.1 Gallon3.4/5.0
5- Vicks V4500Filter-free/ 1 Gallon3.3/5.0
6- Vicks V4600Filter-free/ 1.2 Gallon3.8/5.0
7- Vicks VUL520Filter-free/ Mini 0.5 Gallon3.9/5.0

1- Vicks Starry Night Humidifier Review


Vicks starry night cool mist humidifier is a great unit for keeping your space healthy in all conditions.

It comes with a quiet operation and 2 speed settings which make it comfortable during the nights.

People suffering from various allergies particularly cough, cold and other relevant problems, can just install this humidifier in the room for great relief and for keeping the health problems at bay.

This particular Vicks humidifier for baby room works as a breeze (as mentioned by one of the customers on Amazon). The device comes with 2 great features that makes it unique.

  • Firstly it projects beautiful stars on to ceiling of your room which keeps on changing the color. This is a fun part which makes it attractive for kids.
  • The device comes with a scent pad heater which releases soothing vapors. This not only fills up the room with a scent but also helps in relieving congestion.

2- Vicks V3100 Cool Mist Humidifier Review


Vicks 1.0 Gallon cool mist humidifier runs automatically in the background to generate fresh moisture into the home environment.

This Vicks humidifier for cough comes with an easy to fill translucent water tank (1.0 gallon) which outputs about 1.2 gallons of moist air into the room.

This makes the device comfortable for about 18 hours on one filling. It has a special evaporative technology and wicking filters which provides comfortable moisture levels inside the room.

Further this Vicks 1.0 Gallon cool mist humidifier is very quiet and makes no noise. Hence, it is ideal for night use, especially for your kids’ room.

The 2 comfort settings, dishwasher safe tray and a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty are the added benefits which you get with this device.

3- Vicks V5100NS Ultrasonic Humidifier Review


Vicks V5100NS Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is another smartest device for your home.

Its superfine mist helps in restoring the moisture of dry indoor air and provides you the healthful living for years.

The most important purpose of this humidifier is to eliminate breathing issues, and it does the job very well. It protects you and your family members from different cold and flu symptoms.

Hence, it is a smart investment that is going to reward you for a long time.

The device is equipped with a variable cool mist control feature which allows you to control the levels of humidity inside the room for providing you the maximum comforts as per your requirement.

Its Directional Mist Outlet allows you to control the “plume” and with its Vicks VapoPads it offers a soothing menthol scenting environment for everybody in your family.

Furthermore the device is provided with a Free Protec Demineralization Cartridge which helps in removing all the minerals and other impurities from the water.

4- Vicks V3500N Cool Mist Humidifier Review


Among the many Vicks humidifiers models, this is one of the highly rated device which is gaining popularity rapidly. This device filters the air naturally and its antibacterial filter removes the minerals and pollutants from the water.

Vicks Natural Mist Humidifier V3500N works with an evaporative action which spreads a mist of cool and healthful air in the environment. Unlike other few humidifiers its invisible vapor leaves no white dust in the air.

Furthermore it is whisper-quiet unit which does not disturbs while sleeping. The other few exiting features includes:

  • 1.2-gallon capacity
  • two-speed control
  • 12 hours of operation per filling
  • removable tank for easy filling
  • large opening with an easy-to-grip cap
  • comes with a 3 years warranty

Overall this is a nice humidifier device that suits all ages and is energy efficient as well.

While using Vicks humidifiers it is important for a user to keep their humidifier in a good working condition, by replacing the Vicks cool mist humidifier filters from time to time.

Filter replacement is important to ensure proper hygiene and health in a room while the machine is working.

If you think cleaning or replacing the filters can be a tedious job for you, Vicks also offer filter-free models for your convenience.

Although these come at an additional cost, these are worth buying as the hassle you will face will be less.

Let us check some of the best Vicks filter free cool mist humidifier models below…

5- Vicks V4500 FilterFree Humidifier Review


However there are many good options for you to buy, Vicks V4500 filter free humidifier is a great option to look at which offers unmatchable features and benefits.

Believe me with this humidifier you NEEDNOT have to buy or replace the filters ever in your life.

Looking at its features, it has an easy to clean large tank which is also easy to refill. It also has an adjustable mist intensity and comes with a Vicks Vapor Therapy feature which is provided through the scent pad heater.

This humidifier is Protec Ball compatible and works quietly in your room without anyone noticing.

Just compare it with other options in your checklist and you will find that this is a good have for you to get when you are in the online market to shop for best filterfree humidifiers.

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6- Vicks V4600 FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier Review


Vicks V4600 FilterFree Humidifier is the 3rd great option in our list of best filterfree humidifiers by Vicks.

With this humidifier you can enjoy up to 30 hours of operation on one fill up.

The 1.2 gallon capacity of this filter free humidifier comes with the variable humidity controls and there is absolutely no need of buying the filters for you – ever.

The unit works great with distilled water and holds up to 2 Vicks VapoPads for soothing comfortable environment, especially for those who suffer from breathing problems.

7- Vicks Mini Filterfree Cool Mist Humidifier Vul520w Review


Vicks Vul520w Filter-free Cool Mist Humidifier (Mini) is another great filter free humidifier which do not ever need to replace or buy filters.

Moreover this is an easy to clean device which comes with variable humidity controls for extra comfort.

The unit is small and compact which means it requires much lesser space as compared to other Vicks humidifiers. Thus it is a great option for you if you are looking for a best humidifier for small size rooms.

This device also has an integrated scent pad heater which helps you to get the benefits offered by Vicks VapoPads.

Soothing visible mist provides you the temporary relief from cough and congestion and is therefore better for relieving breathing problems.

You can choose this device (0.5 gallon capacity) for up to 10 hours of continuous operation after one filling. The unit shuts off automatically when the tank gets empty.

The ultra-quiet operation of this humidifier ensures that you get the most comfortable sleep without any disturbance.

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Few Additional Models

Besides above models, V3900 Cool Mist Germfree Humidifier is also a great unit to look at. It kills the germs, bacteria, mold and fungi in the water up to 99.9%.

Germfree cool mist humidifier is no doubt a quality product which can keep your house germ free and healthy always.

Vicks cool mist humidifier V3100 is another perfect choice for the ones who are looking out for a quality humidifier at an affordable price. This model also suites the requirement of people of all ages.

As clear from the above reviews, there are many models and choices in Vicks humidifier brand to choose from.

You have to keep the size of the room (in your home or office) in mind as well as the features you want when buying a Vicks product.

The best part of choosing the Vicks humidifiers is it’s affordable and reliable. As Vicks products do not drain your pocket you can ensure that your home is always fresh without costing you a fortune.

No matter what model you choose, if it is a Vicks product, your kids and complete family is definitely going to have a sound sleep.

Online shopping is a wise idea if you want to buy Vicks humidifier at low-cost rates. People all over the world prefer this safer, easier and time saving platform for shopping goods in their day to day life.

So why not go online and shop for the product at reliable sites such as Amazon and Walmart. You and your family will surely love these lovely products out.