15 Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Rooms | Our Top Picks, Buying Guide & Tips

History of Aromatherapy and essential oils dates back to about 4000 BC. And since then, oil diffusers have come a long way.

Over the years, these devices are presenting innovative ways to cure various health problems in addition to improving your senses naturally.

If you want to add fragrance to your living environment without using those traditional candles and reeds, then electronic diffuser devices are best to use in your living rooms.

By just switching the unit ON in your living room or bedroom, a pure mist of fragrance oil and smell (that makes the room complete pro-healthy for users) is released making the whole environment soothing.

Why Specialized Diffuser for Large Rooms?

Aromatherapy diffuser for large rooms are most preferred due to the fact that these are able to spread the mist of refreshed fragrance to a wider area.

With their robust capacity and powerful motor these can make your whole house scenting, without the need of placing individual diffusers in every room.

The most exciting thing about using these large room oil diffusers is it comes with a built-in cool mist ultrasonic humidifier.

Therefore at places where pollution, allergens, chilly weather along with dry air is common, these devices can also be used as a humidifier-diffuser combo.

These humidifier and diffuser combo devices not only provides great aroma but also the refreshed air with proper moisture all around to relieve all the allergic symptoms of dry air.

You can use these extra large ultrasonic aromatherapy devices just to rest assure that everyone in your family (including pets and kids) remains healthy and free from any type of breathing disorders all-round the year.

15 Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

Without any further delay, if you are planning to buy an awesome oil diffuser for large room, below are some of the best models and brands you may consider.

Unlike the heating type oil diffusers, these electronic ultrasonic devices are safer to use as there is no smoke developed.

Also these come with large water capacity which makes these extra large aromatherapy diffusers much in demand.

1- URPOWER Oil Diffuser


Portable and small, this little gem is sophisticated enough to compliment any décor.

This URPOWER diffuser with humidifier model is perfect for use in living rooms and even in the bedroom, where it can operate throughout the night without disturbing your sleep.

You can keep this best aroma oil diffuser by your bedside to wake up feeling more alert and better rested, with more energy to get up and tackle the day ahead.

Some of the key features that come with this large room diffuser model are:

  • Large 500ml water tank to operate for about 10 hrs with one filling
  • 3-in-1 device that functions as: Diffuser, humidifier and LED night light
  • Ultrasonic diffusing technology that offers noiseless aromatherapy benefits
  • Comes with auto shut-off feature, 4 timer settings, 45 days money back and 12 months warranty

2- VicTsing Oil Diffuser

3- Aromacare Oil Diffuser

4- Levoit Oil Diffuser

5- ASAKUKI Oil Diffuser

6- Signstek Oil Diffuser

7- PureSpa XL Diffuser

8- Homasy Aroma Diffuser

9- TaoTronics Oil Diffuser

10- InnoGear Diffuser

11- Samyo Diffuser

12- Sofia Diffuser

13- SimpleTaste Diffuser

14- OliveTech Diffuser

15- GuruNanda Oil Diffuser

How To Use Aroma Oil Diffuser?

To get the most out of your electric aromatherapy diffuser for large room, all you require is to use it properly with all the care and affection. Here are few steps you need to follow:

Choose appropriate location: After selecting the room place your device on a flat solid surface, tabletop, solid shelf or a nightstand.

It is good to locate a power outlet and if possible place it near the centre of your room so that the scent is distributed evenly around the area.

In general you should avoid the place which gets direct exposure to the sunlight or is near to fan.

Since you are using water in your device for humidification, it is good to place a towel underneath. This will prevent the surface from getting damaged due to stagnant water (if any).

Fill the water: Once you have placed your device right, it’s now time to fill it with water. You can bring the reservoir close to the tap and fill it with clean room temperature water.

If you are unsure about the quantity, you can refer the user manual that may have provided you with details on how much water to use.

Make sure that you do not overfill the water, failing which may leave your device non-functional.

Add your favourite essential oil: Now it’s time to add few drops (5-10) of pure essential oils. You can either choose to have a single oil or can try an essential oil blend of your choice.

For me, 5-6 drops are enough to get a refreshing scent in my room. But if your room is large or in case you want the stronger smell, you can try adding few extra drops.

Turn On the device: After you have filled your device with water and essential oils, it’s now ready to get started. Place back the cap of the diffuser and plugin the device to turn on.

If you have settings on your device (like timer, LED lights, etc.), just set the features based on your needs.

Within few seconds you can start enjoying the fresh feel in your room, even when it not ventilated with windows.

What Essential Oils to Use with Diffuser for Stress?

Now when you have chosen your favorite diffuser model, it is good to know about some of the best smelling aromatic essential oils that can be used with the machine safely.

As pure organic aroma oils are expensive to buy and not all of them are safe to use in diffuser machine, you should do proper research before buying them online.

Here is a list of 10 essential oils that can be safely used with your room scent diffuser. These are best smelling and are also helpful in relieving your stress and depression.

Lavender Oil: Pure Lavender oil is my top favorite as it not only helps in relaxing and unwinding but can also help to sleep well.

This oil is the most common and highly used oil to treat nervous disorders. When you inhale this, it breaks down the fast brain wave (which causes anxiety) and replaces it with a slow brain wave.

When buying make sure that you purchase only good quality Lavender oil (one which is high in esters and low in cineol).

Bergamot: This oil helps in releasing all the negative feelings that could lead to depression, insomnia, etc if not released.

It has a fruity fragrance that calms the hypothalamus, directs your nerve energy away from addictive, unproductive behavior and helps you relax. It can be applied to the neck, back and feet.

Rose Geranium: This oil’s floral aroma gives a pleasant and enhanced relaxation feeling and helps balance your hormonal levels.

It stimulates the lymphatic system and relieves you from anxiety, depression and stress.

Clary Sage: This oil is best for nervous disorders like depression and anxiety.

Only using this oil cannot cure you completely but it can help a lot while you are under treatment for such nervous disorders.

Jasmine: This oil calms the nerves and gives a wonderful, relaxed feeling, quite similar to the drug valium.

It increases the GABA activity in your brain and regulates the emotions of depression, anxiety and excitement.

Sweet Marjoram: This oil gives you a relaxed feeling by regulating blood circulation and also helps treat insomnia.

It can be combined with other oils for better effect.

Wild Orange: This oil effectively helps in lifting your mood by improving blood circulation and detoxifying the gallbladder and liver.

Rub it on your neck, back or feet to relieve your from anxiety and panic.

Roman Chamomile: This oil smells sweet to fruity and is effective in treating diseases like insomnia, vomiting, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and restlessness.

Frankincense: It is considered highly valuable in treating anxiety, stress, fear, tension and nervousness.

Patchouli: It stabilizes, grounds and harmonizes your mind to treat depression, anxiety, exhaustion, nervous stress and other stress related conditions.

These oils which when used with aroma diffusers effectively work on the right part of the brain and help diminish anxiety, stress, depression and other related issues.

What to Look for When Buying a Room Diffuser Online?

No matter how much stressed, bad in mood and tired you are; essential oils with the art of diffusion can easily calm your mind, body and mood.

In case you are already planning to buy a great aromatherapy diffuser for your bedroom, living room or whole house; here are few essential things you need to look for in them…

Type: When shopping for a scent diffuser for large room, you may come across various different types that offers varied features.

While most of the large room diffusers utilize water for scenting and humidifying the air, few are there that do not use water or heat.

These come at an additional cost and can offer few additional health benefits. Depending upon your budget and personal preference you can choose the one that is most suitable for your family.

Reservoir: As you are looking to buy a perfume mist diffuser for large room, you should essentially check for the reservoir or tank capacity of the unit you are buying.

A large reservoir in the machine (with 300ml or more) will allow you to get the mist of fragrance for longer period of time and is therefore good to buy.

Timer and Mist: An inbuilt timer in your device actually allows you to set for how long your diffuser should run, before it gets switched off automatically.

For instance if you want to diffuse the aroma oils in your bedroom all night while sleeping, you can set it accordingly with a low misting option.

This will slowly diffuse the fragrance (at a slow mist rate) to help sleep you better without worrying about your sleeping problems.

With a slow or high misting levels you can also set your machine to produce high or low aroma, which should depend on where you keep the unit in your home.

LED and Night Light: This is another good feature that you may not want to miss out when buying a diffuser for your large king size bedroom or living room.

Many people prefer having a dim light to get a soothing affect in bedroom at night.

As colorful LED lights in your machine makes it act as a night light, you never have to use additional lights in your room for sleeping.

Especially if you have children at home, you will find these oil diffuser for nursery helpful.

And the best thing is, being completely adjustable you can set the brightness of the lights according to your liking or can even switch them off completely.

✓ Noise Level and Auto Shut Off: Annoying noise that distracts your mind (while working or while sleeping) is a problem with many cheaper quality oil diffusing machines.

Hence the level of noise the device produces while working should also be taken into account while buying.

Additionally, it’s also important that your unit comes with all the safety features like auto shut-off.

This allows the machine to shut down automatically when they run out of water. This feature also ensures that your device doesn’t burn out or waste any electricity.

✓ In addition to all the above important factors in your diffuser model, it is also important that you choose a best reliable store for buying one.

Although most of the aroma diffuser dealers or manufacturers have their own official website, I personally prefer buying at stores like Amazon as they offer various discounts and coupons for making an affordable purchase.

The room fragrance diffuser machine they sell are not only branded, high quality and affordable but also comes with proper warranty.

I have recently bought a URPOWER diffuser here and am feeling in love with it. This not only works great but also looks beautiful in my room!

In case you are not interested in doing much research you can consider this machine without any second thought.