The 5 Best Humidifier for Dogs, Cats, Snakes, and Other Pets

best humidifier for pets

If you’re a pet lover, there’s one thing you know: Your pet is more than an animal.

She’s family.

Because of this, you’ll do anything to protect her.

From buying her top-quality food and treats to providing her with all the toys she could ask for, you’ve done a good job spoiling her.

However, if you haven’t invested in a good air humidifier, you may be missing out on providing for some of your pet’s basic needs.

If you’re wondering if you should buy a humidifier for your pets, the answer is Yes.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin.

Our comprehensive guide below will walk you through the important considerations you should consider while selecting the right humidifier for your pet.

Once it’s bought, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your pets can enjoy a better quality of life.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some considerations you should consider when making your selection.

Humidity and Pets

The right level of humidity in your house depends on the type of pets (dogs, cats, dragons, snakes, lizards, etc.) you have.

By having humidity levels that are too high or too low, you could be putting your animals at risk.

The bottom line is that your pets need a certain moisture level to stay healthy. This is especially true of certain pets, such as reptiles, where moisture is essential to health.

Other animals, such as pet tarantulas, also require specific humidity levels.

If you’re unsure how much humidity your animal needs, consider asking your vet or another professional.

Though the effects may not always be immediate, continued exposure to incorrect humidity levels can damage or even kill your pets.

And we know that no one wants that to happen.

Humidifier for pets

Why Use Humidifiers for Pets?

Once you’ve heard from your vet about the humidity level suitable for your particular pet, start taking steps to adjust the relative humidity in your house immediately.

Generally speaking, humidity levels are more important when considering exotic animals, but that doesn’t mean that other common pets are immune to humidity considerations.

You should consider the humidity levels in your house, no matter the type of animal you have.

And for this, there is no other best way other than investing in a good air humidifier brand.

5 Best Humidifiers for Cats and Dogs

If you are planning to buy an excellent humidifying device, here are a few best options for you to consider.

You may want to invest in one of them even if you have more common pets like dogs and cats.

1- Koios Top Fill Humidifier

The latest top fill humidifier by Koios is one of the best pet humidifiers you can consider installing in your home.

The device comes with an easy-to-fill tank with a water capacity of 4L. This is enough for serving 200-400 sq ft of area in your house for about 14-20 hrs.

With a portable design, the device is convenient to place in any of your rooms without any hassle.

A few additional features of this model include:

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Variable moisture output settings
  • Works quietly without disturbing the pets
  • Built-in humidistat for getting desired humidity levels

2- Everlasting Comfort Humidifier

Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier comes with a 6L water capacity that helps in adding requisite humidity to dry winter air for up to 50 hrs.

In case your pet is suffering from a cold or with any other breathing problems, this humidifier device works great to provide them with good health.

Some of the good features that come along with this device are:

  • Essential oil tray for a pleasing aroma
  • Auto shut off, filter-free and quiet operation
  • Fully adjustable 360-degree rotating nozzles for mist control

Although the device comes with an essential oil tray – so that your pets can enjoy the fresh aroma in their room – it is advised NOT to use essential oils for pets for longer periods of time.

Essential oils for pets can work wonderfully to enhance mood and release fatigue. But if not used correctly, these can be toxic for your pets.

Hence talk to your vet before you use them for your pets in a diffuser or a humidifier machine.

3- Envion FS200 Four Seasons Humidifier

Air purifiers and humidifiers are designed to serve two different purposes.

The main purpose of a humidifier is to control the moisture content in a room or a building, wherein an air purifier is designed to control the flow of polluted air in a room.

But what if we are given the possibility of having an air purifier with the humidifier attached? That is the best combination ever possible.

Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and pet areas, Envion FS200 is one of the best 4-in-1 combo devices that comes with the benefits of air purifiers, humidifiers, heater, and fan.

Since it offers varied benefits for all climatic conditions, you can use the device for your pets or other family members in all seasons.

Some of the features that come with it are:

  • True HEPA air purifier for clean air
  • Powerful fan for a cool breeze in summers
  • Ceramic heater for warmth in the winter season
  • Settings to adjust temperature and humidity for best comfort

Overall this is one of the best air purifier and humidifier combination device for making your home comfortable in all seasons.

Why not set it and make your indoors pleasing for your pets? Your dear friend will surely love you for this!

4- LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

LEVOIT warm and cool mist ultrasonic humidifier helps brilliantly in increasing the moisture levels in the air to give comfy surroundings for pets as well as humans.

Designed in California, the device is one of the best-selling on Amazon. It comes with the ability to humidify the room either with warm or a cool mist – you can choose whatever you need.

Provided with a large 1.5 gallon (6L) capacity tank, it can run for up to 36 hours to provide enough comfort and care to all.

Some of the other key features that make this device interesting are:

  • Easy to use, refill, and clean
  • Bult in aroma box to enjoy aromatherapy
  • Digital display, touch control & remote control
  • Quietly increases the humidity levels 25% quicker than other devices

5- Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Fogger/Humidifier

If you are searching for a good terrarium humidifier for your pet reptiles, amphibians, or herps, then Evergreen Reptile Fogger is a device for you.

This automatic humidifier for reptiles is perfectly safe for various pets like python snake, lizard, chameleon, turtle, tortoise, iguana, water dragon, bearded dragon, frog, gecko, toad, or hermit crab.

As it comes with an adjustable fog output control, you can rest ensured that your pets are safe and comfortable in their enclosure, vivarium, tank, cage, vision cage, aquarium, reptarium, or plastic/PVC/glass cage.

A few other exciting features that are included in this device are:

  • 2 liters of the large water tank
  • Flexible adjustable hose (1.5 – 5 feet)
  • Auto shut off when dry or tank gets emptied

In addition to the above, the Evergreen reptile fogger/humidifier comes with instructions and tips that make it easy to assemble and use for all.

With so many good features and a satisfaction guarantee coming your way, why not pick this device up online for the safety and comfort of your reptiles?

Are Humidifiers Safe for Pets?

Just like humidifiers help to breathe healthy for plants and humans, it is also good for easing the respiratory issues in pets like wheezing, collapsed trachea, and feline asthma.

According to renowned veterinarians in America, using a humidifier for dogs and cats is completely safe.

In fact, it can be a good natural way to protect them during extreme weather conditions like chilling winters when the air becomes too much dry.

Not only does it protect your furry pet from dry, itchy skin, but also various other health ailments and allergies caused due to poor quality of air.

The only thing you need to consider is picking the right kind of humidifier for them.

We recommend buying a reliable brand such as VICKS when it’s about your family’s health.

Just like other humidifiers, using a Vicks humidifier for cats and dogs is safe as long as you plan to use it without any ingredients like oils, mint, menthol, or camphor.

When it comes to choosing between Vicks steam vaporizers vs. cool mist humidifiers you should choose the one with care.

Since cool mist humidifiers do not boil the water for steaming/humidification, these tend to be entirely safe for pet animals and birds.

By choosing the best Vicks cool mist humidifier you can keep all the seasonal and environmental allergies in dogs away.

Is Vicks Vaposteam Safe for Dogs and Cats?

As mentioned above, humidifiers are safe for dogs and cats as long as you use them without any toxic ingredients like essential oils, menthol, or camphor.

Since camphor and menthol are active ingredients in Vicks Vaposteam liquid it is not safe to use them around pets.

In addition to camphor and menthol, this medicated liquid (for relieving cough and decongestion in humans) also includes ingredients like alcohol, silicone, poloxamer 124, nutmeg oil, Laureth-7, eucalyptus oil, and cedar leaf oil.

Although safe to inhale for humans, these ingredients can prove to be toxic for most pets – especially dogs.

You should hence avoid putting these agents in your pet vaporizer/humidifier.

If you feel like using them for other pet animals or exotic birds, do talk with your vet and get the recommendation if these are safe for them or not.

Do I Need A Humidifier for Birds and Reptiles?

The trend of owning different house pets (besides cats and dogs) is increasing at a breakneck pace.

According to wonderslist various other popular pets for Americans are Snakes, Birds, The Guinea Pig, Mice, Fish, Hamsters, Iguanas, and Ferrets.

Just like we humans and common pets, these creatures also need a well-hydrated environment to breathe and live comfortably.

The skin of snakes, lizards, parrots, fishes, and other animals needs proper care just like ours.

humidifier for birds and reptiles

Also, they need pure hygienic and moisturized air to live healthy without suffering from any respiratory issues.

Mainly when talking about reptiles like snakes, they are cold-blooded animals. And hence they need a proper balance of temperature and humidity around them.

While this is true for most species, the humidity and temperature range may vary greatly according to the species you have at home.

A good pet humidifier for reptile snakes and birds is therefore essential, just like cats and dogs.

You can consider adding one to their cage, tank, enclosure, or terrarium to provide the best environment and to avoid all the itchy skin problems.

Essential Tips while Using a Humidifier for Your Pet

Still wondering whether you need a humidifier for your cats, dogs, snakes, and other pet animals?

Probably so!

We recommend buying one urgently if you reside in a place with an arid climate.

Keep in mind, however, that you will want to be careful with the humidity levels in your home.

Cats, for instance, cannot sweat as humans do, so high humidity levels can sometimes prove dangerous. Make sure you’re not setting the humidity in your home any higher than it needs to be.

On the other hand, dogs require an environment with a humidity level between 50-65%.

If you have any other pets at home (like snakes, parrots, OR any other reptiles or birds), it is best to talk to your vet about the most appropriate humidity levels and temperature they need.

By using your pet humidifier to maintain appropriate levels, you can increase your pet’s comfort and overall health.

So why not take a small step to keep them healthier and happier life long?