“How” and How Often Should You Change Humidifier Filter?

Replacement humidifier filter is an important thing that you should keep in mind when you are really concerned about the working and efficiency of your humidifier device at home.

You should buy a new one as per the brand and model you have so that you can easily use it while getting the maintenance done.

Most of the time, you get an original humidifier filter along with a new humidifier when you buy the whole equipment online; and no wonder as it is provided by the manufacturer it is of best quality.

However, when you use the device for one or two years, you will need to replace the old humidifier filter with a new one, as it has been blocked by dust and other dirt particles hence, having the efficiency diminished.

How to Change Humidifier Filter?

If you are changing your humidifier filter for the first time and are bit nervous, then worry not as it is quite simple and takes less than a minute.

You need not have any technical or mechanical knowledge about the same as the process is just simple as changing your remote battery.

No matter whether you use a Vicks, Honeywell, Crane or any other branded humidifier model, the basic steps involved are nearly the same.

=> Remove the filter cover form your humidifier device which can be done by just applying some pressure or pressing the button provided.

=> Now remove the old filters and enclosure slowly and carefully.

=> Now replace the new one ensuring that you put it in the same way as the old one is attached.

=> Double check the enclosure, water panel and replaced filter and replace the cover you removed.

How Often To Change Humidifier Filter?

Most of the people who want to get the long term health benefits of their humidifier device often ask about when to change humidifier filter, or how often they should change the humidifier’s filter.

Well, The time of replacement of humidifier filter depends on the period of use of the unit as well as the quality of water (like presence of salt in it and hardness of water).

Most of the humidifier manufacturers recommend changing their humidifier’s filters after 2-3 months, if you are using it regular basis.

The filter you use in your humidifier device gets cold and invites microorganisms to thrive on it when the unit humidifies the air inside the room.

And for this very reason you need to replace your humidifier’s filter often when it gets blocked by dust particles and  microorganisms. This is to ensure the best performance and longevity of the humidifier unit.

As the filter that is full of impurities and dirt will finally go into the atmosphere of your home and can affect your health adversely, you are required to check the humidifier filter at regular intervals to ensure that it is clean.

Tips for Making Humidifier Filter ‎Last Longer

Basically, Humidifiers take in air from its surrounding atmosphere, add in some water content and sends it out as cool or warm mist (depending on the type of humidifier) through an air filter.

If you want to keep your humidifier running smooth for long, you need to check the filters on a regular basis. And with few techniques you can make your humidifier filters to last longer.

Here’s how you can make sure the filters in them last significantly longer than they usually do. This will help you avoid changing your humidifier’s filter frequently.

1) Dust: Dust particles present are arrested at the filter, making sure they do not re-enter the room. Over time, accumulated dust can clog the filter which makes the humidifier work many times harder to provide an output.

This can lead to becoming a costly affair‎. In turn, regular dusting of the house, having kept away the humidifier can greatly help dodge such a possible outcome.

2) Pets: No offense pet lovers, but they shed fur. They have the same effects as dust particles do, which is to clog the filter after a while.

Vacuum cleaning the room every once in a while could do well, if restricting the pet’s entry into the room where the humidifier is kept becomes an issue.

3) Smoke: Smoke particles can also be deemed a cause for concern if you smoke inside the house on a regular basis.

If yes, make it a routine to step out of the house or at least away from the humidifier unit before smoking. Running exhaust fans to carry smoke out of the house could be beneficial.

4) Water Quality: Similarly, hard water mineral deposits could also pose a problem unless water to the humidifier is from a fresh water tank or from a water filtering system.

Usage of Distilled water is advised albeit being expensive.

‎Although manufacturers recommend changing filters from anywhere between 30 to 90 days, these pointers if followed properly could help use the average filters to an entirety of 90 days.

What Happen If Humidifier Filters Are Not Changed On Time?

Not changing your humidifier filter can carry several associated risks to you as well as your climate control system.

Particles that stay on the filters stay wet creating an ideal environment for molds and bacteria to flourish further.

Moreover when the filters are clogged it puts higher pressure on the motor of fans, thus leading your humidifier unit to work much harder.

Reduced performance is one of the most prominent and noticeable thing which you need to face when you do not change your unit’s filter on time.

In short when you do not change your humidifier’s filter on time, you should get ready to face issues such as:

  • Mold and bacteria growth
  • Reduced performance of the unit
  • Mechanical failure and even unit breakdown

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There are today humidifier filters which are equipped with antimicrobial product protection to ensure no algae thrives on the filter surface.

You may consider getting the filters which are best suited and comes with maximum protection.

As a better option to this, you can also consider getting those highly rated humidifier units that comes without filter.

These are advanced filter-less humidifiers that are available in the market for risk free and hassle free usage.

Very few evoporative type cool mist humidifiers are also available with features like automatic filter check indicator. With this feature you can easily access the condition and efficiency of the filter very easily.

These types of humidifiers monitor the condition of the filter regularly and let you know about the exact time when it needs to be changed.