How to Put Humidifier on Oxygen Concentrator?

For those who need to use an oxygen concentrator, humidifiers are a tool that is there for comfort. If you bought your oxygen concentrator without a humidifier, you may notice that your throat and nasal passages get quite dry when using it. Many of the larger portable oxygen concentrators come with a humidifier built in … Read more

What to Put in Humidifier to Prevent the Mold?


Ultrasonic room humidifiers need regular cleaning and maintenance so that you enjoy their great benefits day after day. The good thing is you can do all the cleaning yourself without any professional help. Just clean them once or twice a week, depending on the usage, and you are good to go. To maintain and run … Read more

Can I Use Humidifier and AC Together at The Same Time?

Most of us use air conditioners with humidifiers in our homes for getting a more comfortable home environment and to eliminate exceedingly dry air. In fact, many homeowners have both these devices installed in the whole house permanently and they keep them running together all day and night. Where an air-conditioner will work to remove … Read more