Here’s Why Most Plants Like Essential Oil Diffusers!


Most of us who have plants in our homes, indoors or outdoor, want them to thrive. And in an effort, many of us wonder whether using essential oils and diffusers is safe for plants or not. In simple terms, pure essential oils aren’t harmful to plants when used correctly. Since most of the essential oils … Read more

How to Make a DIY Reed Diffuser [Step-by-Step]


Making a homemade room diffuser like a reed diffuser is pretty simple. These are also inexpensive to make since you can make them easily by using a few essential oils and rattan reeds at home. Things you will need to make a homemade reed diffuser are: Water Essential oils 5-10 Rattan reeds A container or … Read more

How to Use a Fragrance Oil Burner – Tips for Warming Oils


Electric aroma lamps, fragrance oil burners, essential oil warmers, whatever you call them, all serve the same purpose – to diffuse essential oils into the air to enjoy their benefits. When used carefully, they have the power to drive you away to a different place, magically transport you back in time or soothe and relax … Read more

15 Best Portable Oil Diffuser [For Cars, Office & Desktop]

best car diffuser

Are you worried about the stinking smell inside that welcomes you every morning and evening, either at your home, office, or car? Then, your ideal solution is to get hold of a portable mini-sized aroma oil diffuser for a car that can effectively function for you to provide a comforting feel. Available in the form … Read more