How to Clean Your Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Better Hygiene?

How to clean a cool mist humidifier?” is a major concern when one buys a humidifier device for the very first time.

The major reason for this doubtful question, among most of the users is – the fear about the bacterial and fungal growth that occurs in their room humidifiers, specially when these are continuously run for hours and days.

Typically when you leave the water stagnant (in the water tank) for few days, it may become highly dangerous for your family as it provides a healthy platform for molds, mildews, germs, viruses and bacteria to grow.

Keeping your ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers unclean for a longer duration can even lead to clogging of the unit making it damaged forever.

You therefore need to take proper steps for getting them cleaned regularly so that you can enjoy its best healing benefits all round the season for long.

How Often You Need To Clean Your Humidifier?

No matter what brand or model you are using (Vicks, Holmes, Honeywell, Crane, TaoTronics, Boneco, etc.), cleaning a cool mist humidifier requires some basic steps and maintenance.

In general, the maintenance of your humidifier unit can be done in three different ways.

Each one of them are equally important and you can consider doing them on regular basis so that your appliance works efficiently all the time.

1- Daily maintenance and cleaning: This involves just replacing of water in the humidifier. Drain out all the remaining water in the sink after you have used the unit.

Fill it with fresh filtered water to make it ready for next usage.

2- Weekly maintenance and cleaning: This involves certain specific things and steps that need to be followed at least once in a week for disinfecting all the parts of your humidifier machine.

For detailed procedure of the cleaning steps please read the steps below.

3- End of Season maintenance and cleaning: This also involves the same procedure as you do weekly.

Just make sure that you completely dry up all the parts and tank of humidifier before storing it for the next usage season.

Important Things You Need For Cleaning

Few major things that are needed for effective cleaning of a cool mist humidifier are:

  • Household bleaching liquid or powder,
  • Vinegar preferably white,
  • 1 spray bottle,
  • 1 large size saucepan,
  • 1 brush with soft and fine bristles,
  • Water in enough quantity for cleaning, etc.

What Are The Steps and Procedure Involved?

Mix the water and white vinegar properly and keep the mixture in the spray bottle. This should be kept ready for instant cleaning purpose.

Steps to be followed for cleaning are:

  • Unplug the electrical circuit and start removing the parts of humidifier for cleaning
  • Try to make sure that the water tank is completely separated from the device, mainly from the filter and the base
  • Remove the motor housing unit completely and place it aside
  • Now open the lid and fill the water tank with enough water and add a few tablespoons of bleaching liquid or powder. Then place the lid on the tank and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Now take the large saucepan and fill it with 2 cups of white vinegar and water. After making this mixture let soak the humidifier filters in the pan containing water and vinegar combination. Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes of white vinegar cleaning, pour 1 spoon full of bleach into the base of your humidifier machine for every gallon of water for disinfection purpose. This procedure should rest for 30 minutes.
  • Gently clean the other parts of the device with the help of the instant mixture available in the spray bottle.
  • Finally wipe the parts of your humidifier unit using a soft sponge scrub brush or a cloth. Fix the parts back into its proper position.

Your humidifier unit is now clean and free from all types of bacteria, viruses and germs. You can relax and start using it by refilling the tank with cool filtered water.

Hopefully these simple steps for cleaning your humidifier prove helpful to you.

With these easy to follow steps you can now keep your humidifier unit safe, clean and hygienic for better health of your family without imposing any risks to them.

What To Put In Humidifier To Prevent Mold?

To maintain and run your humidifier unit risk-free, you need to know few important things that can be used while operating your device.

These can be added in humidifier to avoid mold, bacteria growth and foul smell.

Distilled or Demineralized Water: Filling your humidifier tank simply with regular tap water can bring lot many issues for you. If possible you should add distilled or demineralized water as it contains lesser mineral contents.

Using filtered or distilled water actually helps in preventing white mineral dust to expel out into your indoors, which is obviously seen when you use regular tap water.

White dust when formed and expelled regularly can prove harmful for your lungs (as you will most likely inhale some) as well as expensive furniture.

Natural White Distilled Vinegar: White distilled vinegar can be added into the water while you are planning to operate the device.

This acts as a natural disinfectant, sterilizer as well as deodorizer that helps in a minimizing the mineral build-up and disinfection. Especially for people who are suffering from any kind of  respiratory issues, this can prove much helpful.

Protec Humidifier Cleaner: Protec humidifier cleaning fish is one of the most wonderful product that I love using.

Compatible with most of the brands and humidifier models, this offers easy humidifier tank cleaning in an automated way.

This is also effective enough to reduce up to 99% of mold and algae growth along with bacteria that causes odor.

Humidifier tank cleaning cartridge like Protec humidifier cleaning ball can also be used for enjoying safe and nontoxic humid air.

Natural Cleansing Solution: Regular cleaning of the device using harsh chemicals can impose certain risks for users, especially when you are suffering from allergies such as asthma.

As an alternate you can add vinegar to humidifier water and run for half an hour before cleaning your device thoroughly.

How to clean a humidifier?

How to Prevent Mold in you Humidifier?