About Us

Hello, I am Meen Smith.

Are you planning to buy a good humidifier and been puzzled about which one to buy?

Or even worse, bought a new humidifier for your home only to find out that it’s not the just-right fit for all your family’s needs?

Well, I have already gone through the same situation and that’s why I came up to start CoolMistHumidifier.org.

CoolMistHumidifier.org is a website that provides high-quality information on modern-day humidifier devices, its various types, benefits and latest product reviews that can help choose the right one for your family.

We have taken a step to provide you a complete resourceful guide for choosing your very first humidifier.

And we hope that based on our comparative reviews you can easily figure out what can be the best option that suits your specific needs and budget.

Why You Should Believe Us?

We are passionate about lifestyle and healthy living. And for this reason, we try our best to provide our valued readers the most genuine reviews and ratings to help them choose the most reliable unit that lasts for long.

We completely understand that there is no one-size-fits-all device when it comes to buying a humidifier.

Hence by keeping in mind that each person’s requirement is unique – we rate particular humidifier brands and products that are bestselling, most recommended and highly rated by other users who have already used them before.

Basically our selection process starts by looking around for hundreds of competing products on the market and choosing only a few handful options (usually 5 to 7) in a specific category.

Our job does not end here, as we try our level best to make frequent updates to keep you updated with the latest upcoming models that are hot in the market.

We also focus on discussing with our health care provider just to ensure whether or not a particular product is the right fit for seasonal allergies, skin and other health issues.

In the end, our ultimate goal is to provide you with enriched information through our reviews and articles which is informative and complete.

Keep in mind that – while using a humidifier can prove to be helpful in many circumstances, it should not be taken as a real treatment option for relieving your symptoms and ultimate disease.

We wish you the best of luck towards your journey to choosing a brand and product that can prove highly beneficial!


Meen Smith