The 7 Best Humidifier for Bronchitis That Can Really Help You

Bronchitis is a kind of viral infection that is getting more common these days, due to the polluted environment we are forced to live in.

Not only the air we breathe outdoors but also the indoors, carries a high level of pollution which when breathed-in causes severe respiratory issues such as Bronchitis and others.

It is good to know that bronchial conditions may readily heal away without any direct treatment given to the sufferer.

However, if you suffer from chronic conditions you may need to get medical treatment for relieving the Bronchitis symptoms.

As such there are many different ways that can help in reducing the risk of developing chronic bronchitis.

Taking proper rest, consuming more fluids, taking throat lozenge and other over-the-counter medicines are a few ways that can help greatly in getting faster relief.


Does Humidifier for Bronchitis Help?

As mentioned, the bronchitis problem can be self-healing in most cases. With only a few precautionary steps and home remedies, you can find yourself cured within 2-3 days.

However, if you find the problem serious or troubles while sleeping you can get the help of your doctor for getting the best treatment.

In addition to a few medicines, your physician may recommend maintaining a healthy and hygienic home environment for faster recovery.

Since bronchitis causes the airways to get narrowed, breathing in a properly moisturized environment can be most helpful to relieve the respiratory tracts.

Pulmonologists, therefore, recommend using a good cool mist humidifier for bronchitis in the patient’s room.

7 Best Humidifiers for Bronchitis

Now when you know how important a humidifier is to speed up the recovery process, you may need to find out what are the best humidifier options available to buy in the market for patients.

Below are a few best models you can choose to go with…

1- Safety 1st Ultrasonic Humidifier

Designed to operate using the noiseless ultrasonic technology, this Safety 1st humidifier needs no filter to add extra comfort and convenience in the atmosphere.

Safety 1st cool mist ultrasonic humidifier can humidify the room for up to 24 hours on a low setting to ease all your respiratory symptoms – thanks to its large tank.

Some of the best-highlighted features of this Safety 1st humidifier device are:

  • Easy to clean and filter-free tank
  • Adjustable humidity level with variable mist control
  • Two mist rotate 360° outlets for complete room coverage
  • Auto shut-off and indicator light to notify refilling of the tank

Above all Safety 1st ultrasonic humidifier device also meets the federal safety standards and comes with a one-year limited warranty that ensures that your purchase is pretty safe.

2- Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ideal for small areas, this Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Humidifier is best to install if you want to get faster relief from all your bronchial problems.

The device comes with a 1.5L water tank and it works quietly to produce the moisturized air in the environment continuously for up to 16 hours.

This means you can set it up at night and get in-interrupted sleep all night without worrying about the refill.

Few additional best features that are included in the device are:

  • Easy to adjust mist direction
  • Optional night light and auto shut off
  • High and low-speed settings to fit your comfort level
  • Comes without filters and needs no filter replacement
  • 2 Years of warranty with best customer support 7 days a week

3- GENIANI Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier

GENIANI is another great brand that offers you the best humidifier for respiratory troubles.

GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier operates quietly (using ultrasonic technology) in your room or office to help you stay away from all the breathing problems.

With a 4L tank capacity, it works to produce clean fresh moisturized air for up to 24 hours without a need to refill your unit again.

As it comes with an essential oil set it lets you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at a very low cost.

Few other best features include:

  • Soothing nightlight feature to help you relax better
  • Smart led-light to show the current humidifier status
  • Easy top fill design with a built-in sensor to control humidity
  • 2-years of warranty that ensures a 100% risk-free purchase

4- Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Humidifier

Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Humidifier is designed brilliantly for large areas and can help relieve your family members best from conditions like bronchitis and cold.

It comes with a 6.4L water tank that is ideal for up to 96 hours of continuous operation.

Few additional features in the device include:

  • Easy to operate with a dual directional mist nozzle
  • Built-in humidistat for automatic humidity monitor
  • 5 Mist Silent Settings: Low, Medium, High, Supreme, Turbo
  • Comes with a permanent ceramic filter, therefore, no need for filter replacement

5- Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Type Humidifier

Honeywell is a well-known American multinational conglomerate company that is selling its products at competitive rates and is spreading fame everywhere.

If you are in need of a humidifier for bronchitis that can serve your complete apartment or building, this is one of the best to choose.

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Type Humidifier is easy to use and carries a 3-gallon capacity tank that is sure to run for up to 24 hours in a single filling.

Few interactive features that come with this machine are:

  • Adjustable humidistat to maintain desired humidity
  • 3-speed settings to adjust moisture output and sound level
  • Wicking filter to remove impurities from water – delivers clean moisture without white dust

While using a good humidifier can do a job, we recommend getting an air purifier and humidifier combo that can deliver clean fresh, and moisturized indoor air in all conditions.

A device like this can be expensive to buy but is highly beneficial for family members who are allergic to various types of allergens like pollen, pet dander, smoke, etc.

6- Tekjoy Premium Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Tekjoy offers you a premium quality ultrasonic cool mist Humidifier at a very low price.

It is designed filterless and comes with an optional night light option so that you can enjoy the pure mist of moisturized air the whole night without ever worrying about allergies and flu.

Few other exciting features included in the machine are:

  • Easy to use and clean
  • 3 timer settings 4h/8h/12h
  • Hassle-free handle for easy refill
  • Touch panel switch with auto shut off feature
  • 3 mist levels (low, medium, high) with 360° mist nozzle

7- Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier

Are you wondering whether to use an air purifier or humidifier for your respiratory problems?

Well if you are, then let me tell you that both these devices are important for your overall health.

Sharp Plasmacluster is a fabulous humidifier with an air purifier model that can purify your room air and at the same time maintains the proper humidity of the space.

With a capacity to humidify rooms up to 347 sq. ft. this Energy Star Compliant and AHAM Certified device comes with patented Plasmacluster ion technology and dual-stage filter system (HEPA and carbon).

With its best technology, Sharp Plasmacluster actively removes all the allergens (like germs, bacteria, pet dander, dust, mites, smoke, pollen, viruses, mold, and fungus) from the air.

If you have decided to stick to a single device that can serve both as a humidifier and air purifier, then this is a perfect choice for you.

It’s one of the must-have devices to operate all day and all night for bronchitis and asthma patients.

Factors to Consider When Picking One

Adding a cool-mist humidifier can simply help you out in dealing with bronchitis along with many other types of problems related to dry air.

But before you proceed to buy a good unit, do not forget to check the following things:

1- Size of the unit

How long you want your unit to operate should be kept in mind. No doubt that you want to get an uninterrupted healthy night sleep.

It is therefore good to pick the size that runs all night long without the need to refill.

2- Easy tank refilling

While choosing the right humidifier model, check whether the refilling water system is portable and easy.

Refill tanks or bottles of your humidifier should exactly fit into your faucets otherwise while emptying the refill tank some water may be left inside.

This is good to check if you want your teenage kids to do the necessary maintenance job themselves.

3- Humidifiers with humidistat

Humidifier with inbuilt humidistat is preferable as they keep the humidity of the room within 30 to 50 percent, thus preventing the mucus to form into molds.

Humidifiers not having a humidistat may cause excess moisture in the air, causing discomfort for those suffering from asthma or have allergenic tendencies.

Humidity should be around 30% in the winter season and not exceeding 50% during summer, and this is where the humidistat proves useful.

4- Low water indication & auto shut off

Another feature that must be considered is whether the humidifier has an indicator light for low water level or not.

This will help you know when the tank needs refilling.

A useful and effective humidifier will also be equipped with a safety shut-off feature in order to prevent it from working when the water gets over.

You can actually have peace of mind, in spite of not being in sight.

Moreover, when the unit shuts down automatically it saves you energy and lengthens the life of the unit.

5- Cleaning and maintenance needed

High humidity and standing water encourage the growth of mold and mites.

This can worsen the conditions and can also result in acute allergy problems.

Cleaning your humidifier on a regular basis is therefore important to reduce the problems anyhow.

You should hence look for a humidifier machine that is easy to care for and maintenance-free.

Models having mildew or mold protection helps in saving the cleaning time and are therefore best to opt.

Consumer FAQs

What are the causes of bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a condition where the lining of bronchial tubes (bronchi), becomes inflamed, swollen or infected.

Bronchitis is generally caused by bacteria, virus and other particles that create irritation in the bronchial tubes.

The bacterial infection can be caused due to exposure to substances like dust, air pollution, fumes, tobacco, etc. which irritates the lung greatly.

The viral infection, on the other hand, is most of the time caused due to the same viruses that cause cold and flu.

What are the common signs of bronchitis?

People who suffer from this condition often face difficulty in breathing the air from mouth and nose into their lungs.

Major symptoms of Bronchitis may include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest pain, and discomfort, etc.

Also, in certain instances, one may face difficulty caused due to the formation of heavy mucus or phlegm in their airways.

What Is The Difference Between Cough and Bronchitis?

Cough, bronchitis, and pneumonia are the few terms that are many times used in place of one another.

Although the conditions may sound to be similar to a novice, there are some basic differences between all these.

  • Cold or cough is basically a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract – it affects nose and throat
  • Bronchitis is typically a viral infection of the bronchial tubes – it affects the lungs more (rather than a nose)

During cold weather, there are high chances of getting cold and cough, even when you rest indoors most of the times.

The bad part is if left untreated this common cold may cause severe other chronic illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia and even the worse like asthma.

Can I Use Essential Oils In Humidifier For Cough And Bronchitis?

Essential oils are highly beneficial for relieving viral infections such as bronchitis.

Hence adding a drop or two occasionally in a humidifier for colds and bronchitis can help a lot to a patient.

However, since adding essential oils in a humidifier unit is not good at all times, you should try avoiding this practice unless it is needed most.

You can instead use a good aroma oil diffuser in case you want to get the benefits of healing essential oils on a regular basis.