How to Make a DIY Reed Diffuser [Step-by-Step]


Making a homemade room diffuser like a reed diffuser is pretty simple. These are also inexpensive to make since you can make them easily by using a few essential oils and rattan reeds at home. Things you will need to make a homemade reed diffuser are: Water Essential oils 5-10 Rattan reeds A container or … Read more

How to Put Humidifier on Oxygen Concentrator?

For those who need to use an oxygen concentrator, humidifiers are a tool that is there for comfort. If you bought your oxygen concentrator without a humidifier, you might notice that your throat and nasal passages get pretty dry when using it. Many of the larger portable oxygen concentrators have a humidifier built in since … Read more

Dehumidifier Coils Icing Up – Here’s How to Fix?

Before trying to fix your freezing dehumidifier, it is essential to first understand how it works as well as what makes it freeze in the first place. A standard dehumidifier has a fan, warm condenser coils, cold evaporator coils, and a reservoir or drains meant to hold water. It also features a humidistat that works … Read more

Dehumidifier Leaking Refrigerant – Common Causes & Fixes

Most dehumidifiers use a simple refrigeration system that collects moisture from the surrounding environment until it is discarded. The collected water will drain from a hose, effectively moving the water out of the air. This process requires using a refrigerant like freon. If you notice that the dehumidifier is losing refrigerant, you’ll also quickly see … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Ozone to Dissipate?

Are you using an Ozone generator in your home? It need not be precisely the ozone generator; even when you use a humidifier/mister/air-conditioner, ozone dissipates into your room atmosphere. You don’t think about or use misters or humidifiers unless there is a necessity for it, but when you do, the only thing that comes to … Read more

Are Small Dehumidifiers any Good? Should You Buy Them?


Dehumidifiers are a necessity for any home. They filter moisture out of the air to keep your room at an appropriate moisture level to avoid mold and mildew. This helps prevent the slew of health issues that mold and mildew bring, protects your walls and flooring from looking horrendously ugly, and stops your house from … Read more