How Long Does It Take for Ozone to Dissipate?

Are you using an Ozone generator in your home? It need not be precisely the ozone generator; even when you use a humidifier/mister/air-conditioner, ozone dissipates into your room atmosphere. You don’t think about or use misters or humidifiers unless necessary, but when you do, the only thing that comes to your mind is good air … Read more

The 3 Best WiFi Thermostat With Built-In Humidistat

Thermostat with Humdistat

With technology advancing in the home, using smart thermostats to control indoor temperature is more popular than ever. It’s not surprising that home security systems, refrigerators with control buttons on the outside, and voice-control options for lighting are also becoming more popular. But with the push for even greater control of the indoor environment, one … Read more

The 5 Best Hygrometer for Home Use

Digital Hygrometer

Optimum humidity in the house or at the workplace creates a balanced atmosphere and ambiance for better productivity. This can rightly be done when you have a device that can measure or monitor the relative humidity levels near your surroundings. Here comes the importance of humidity measurement and a humidity monitoring device – called a … Read more