10 Best Portable Travel Humidifiers [For Cars, Hotel and Vacation]

best travel humidifier

Traveling and going on a vacation is one of the most pleasing experiences in one’s life.

However, the mood can be spoiled and the situation can become very hard if you suffer from any kind of allergy or health issue during your vacation.

During these times, you may need to tackle the unexpected health issues instead of enjoying the time with your family or friends.

Travel humidifiers come to rescue at these times and should be a must-have in your travel packing list…

What Is A Travel Humidifier?

A travel humidifier is a specially designed portable humidifier that can be carried when you are traveling.

Best portable humidifiers for travel are compact sized and can be placed in a water bottle or a cup filled with water which can be then operated through a:

  • USB port
  • Battery or
  • AC adapter

These devices are so compact and discrete that you can easily carry it in your coat pocket or in your luggage bag while traveling.

10 Best Travel-Size Humidifier

No matter you are traveling with your family, friends or alone (for a business tour), you will find a personal portable travel humidifier really useful.

Here in our travel humidifier reviews, we list down the 10 best models you may consider buying while you are planning for a healthy vacation.

Opt for the one and make your travel experience healthiest…

1- JZK Humidifier

JZK Humidifier is a portable USB type travel humidifier that is just perfect for traveling, home or office use.

It is portable and easy to carry along with you to provide breathing comfort as and when required.

As this offers the dual advantage of cool as well as warm mist, this is a must-have for you when you are traveling to a cold climate place or at a place that has too dry summer conditions.

This travel size humidifier by JZK features the ultrasonic technology which allows an ultra-quiet operation.

The item is reliable and durable making it even better to gift to someone on a special occasion.

This portable humidifier for travel is safe to be operated on the floor too. No need to take any extra effort for mounting this humidifier on to a raised place or platform.

So the next time you are on vacation with your family or friends, do not forget taking this small compact humidifier.

2- Crane Travel Humidifier

This super-compact Crane travel humidifier is a powerful machine which produces a soft, cool and mild mist of air to soothe your senses while you are traveling.

Those who suffer from sleeping disorders find this product amazing to get sleep and enjoy the fresh morning.

An added advantage of this humidifier is that it helps to prevent the bacteria and mold formation due to Clean Control Antimicrobial Material.

It is easy in maintenance as well!

3- Satechi Humidifier Mini

The Satechi Humidifier for travel works both as a Humidifier and an aroma diffuser.

Satechi mini humidifier is a universal bottle USB humidifier model that fits suitably with most of the water bottles with narrow openings, thereby preventing any leaks and spills while working.

It starts working instantly as you plug in the device into a USB port. No worries if the unplugging part is forgotten as it automatically turns off after 8 hours.

To use it as an aroma diffuser, you can add the essential oil or liquid fragrances to the water and create a soothing environment at home, car, office, hotel room or even while traveling.

4- Fancii Personal Humidifier

Fancii personal humidifier is a compact-sized multipurpose cordless humidifier which can be used for travel, office desktop, car, baby room, etc.

With this Fancii humidifier in your hotel room, you need not worry about the refilling of the water tank as you can simply use this with a bottle of water.

You can use the cable and plug it into a USB port or use batteries for operating this device wirelessly.

With a touch of a button, it starts working and disperses the cool mist of humidified air around you.

Above all, this wireless personal humidifier comes backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And it’s available in an attractive white color which blends into any environment.

So why not get one now before you pack your bags for travel!

5- Canary Products Travel Humidifier

The uniqueness of the Mini Travel/Car Humidifier is that it not only has a USB adapter but also an adapter that can be plugged into the car.

It can be attached easily to the vent of the air conditioner in the car so that when the air starts blowing, the air gets moisturized and there won’t be any room for dryness.

This smart travel humidifier can also be taken anywhere as it is quite portable. It can be taken to a hotel room or any other room and can be plugged into the wall.

This humidifier makes sure that comfort and moisture never leave the place where it is turned on. It also has replaceable filters which make sure that the air will be always fresh.

6- BONECO Travel Humidifier (Bottle)

The BONECO Travel Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is another great compact and portable travel humidifier that easily fits into your travel bag.

Wherever you turn it on, it ensures that the humidity is just as it should be with the help of Ultrasonic Technology.

Ultrasonic technology uses effective high-frequency vibrations to generate micro-fine cool mist which immediately evaporates when blown into the room.

The exchangeable plugs and transcontinental AC adapter make this mini travel humidifier useful all over the world.

You can use it in your hotel room or at a desk while working. Just make sure that it should be placed on a stable, flat surface that is at least 3 feet high from the ground.

Note: As this personal humidifier with a water bottle may overflow, water bottles above the standard 16 FL OZ are not suggested to be used.

7- Sunpentown Portable Humidifier (Bottle)

A Supentown travel size humidifier with ultrasonic technology is the best to have and enjoy the cool mist.

Use a water bottle turned over the unit to let the humidifier function instead of a water tank.

Provided with adjustable humidity and good operations, no need to worry about energy consumption as the product is ideal to use with less energy and enjoy all the benefits which a large size and an expensive humidifier do.

No problem, you spend most of the time in the nursery or in your workplace, place this Sunpentown personal humidifier near you and enjoy the fresh mist and feel energetic all the time.

8- Ostad Portable Humidifier for Car & Travel

Ostad has come up with this personal ultrasonic cool mist travel humidifier which allows the one-touch silent operation whenever you need it.

This USB travel humidifier is efficient enough to provide you good relief from cold, flu, dry skin, dry eyes, chapped lips, and various other symptoms by adding sufficient moisture in the car or hotel you are residing in.

It comes with no hassles of cleaning and is best to have in your car or for travel. And as it’s very compact in size, you can take it with you wherever you go.

9- URPOWER Diffuser with Humidifier

URPOWER humidifier diffuser is your best companion when you want to enjoy aromatherapy while traveling.

You just need to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water to start feeling energetic, active, and fresh.

This mini-sized portable humidifier with a diffuser comes with a 100ml water capacity that can operate for about 6 hours. You can set the unit for different time intervals as it comes with 6 timer settings.

The most attractive part of this URPOWER humidifier device is its LED light feature.

You can use the 7 colorful light settings along with the brightness of the light which can be controlled easily as per your need.

You can use the dim night light or mood light to relieve the stress. Or keep it close to your nightstand as it glows in dark emitting a cool light.

Furthermore the auto shut off feature makes the unit shut down when the water dries up. This protects the device from any damage that can be caused due to overheating.

Overall, if you need a humidifier with an aroma diffuser that can function both in your office or while your journey, then URPOWER humidifier with an essential oil diffuser is the best option to look at.

10- GX·Diffuser with USB Cool Mist Humidifier

This portable ultrasonic travel diffuser humidifier is an ideal companion to take with your while traveling.

It comes with a color-changing LED night light and small-sized tank that can easily make your car, hotel room, or office smell wonderful for about 4 hours.

Many of the diffuser with the humidifier model operates with a disturbing noise making it unfriendly for night use.

But this is not the case with this GX-Diffuser humidifier as it is known for its zero noise functionality.

There is also a 1-year manufacturer warranty being provided which makes it easier to trust the product’s long life.

So why not get this now for your next vacation to make it really refreshing!

Although the above models are the best to have, there are a few other models you can check. These include Homedics and Air O Swiss travel humidifier.

Pros and Cons of  Travel Humidifier

Portable, easy to use and clean
Lack of features like shut off
No complicated controls or featuresNot available in a warm mist mode
Energy efficient and much quieterLower humidity output and less powerful
More affordable than standard room humidifiersNot as durable as standard humidifiers

The Advantages

Just like your normal room humidifier, benefits offered by personal travel humidifiers are many.

Taking a travel humidifier while you’re camping, hunting, traveling, or just enjoying a weekend trip with your friends can help you keep away from various health issues, which may otherwise spoil your journey.

Especially when you are moving to an arid region for a vacation, your body starts responding negatively to the dryness.

And if you are a victim of certain respiratory troubles, allergy problems or traveling with a baby – you should consider packing a portable travel humidifier in your bag to avoid these uncertainties.

Not only can these smart ultrasonic travel humidifiers help in avoiding your health conditions getting worse, but also they help by providing a glowing soft supple skin during a vacation.

No matter whether you are resting in your hotel room or moving in a car – you can easily use these humidifiers for car and travel, anywhere you want.

These act as a portable therapy for you wherever you go!

Few Disadvantages

Like with any other thing, travel humidifiers also come with few drawbacks.

First of all, since many of these best water bottle humidifiers make use of disposable bottled water, these are not environment-friendly.

Secondly, since these are small in size these are not meant to condition the whole room. You can feel the moisture just around the place where it has been kept.

Furthermore, these discrete humidifiers need to be cleaned often to avoid the mineral deposits and growth of bacteria or other microorganisms.

If not cleaned for long it can contaminate the device or can even make the device leaking or not working.

Well, after knowing about the best travel-size humidifier models available in the market and their pros and cons, it might be helpful for you to know about a few important questions users have in their mind while buying these devices.

Let’s check them out here in our buyer’s guide section…

How to Use A Travel Humidifier Properly?

Every portable humidifier comes with different functionality and hence operates differently.

You should, therefore, read and follow the specific instructions provided in the user’s manual before using it.

However, there are a few basic steps you may use for setting up and operating your personal humidifier for travel.

  • First of all, if you are using a humidifier stick, fill a glass of distilled water and place it inside.
  • If using a travel humidifier that utilizes a disposable water bottle, screw the bottle or the device into its base.

While using a water bottle make sure that you do not spill the water onto the base of the unit or plug.

After setting up your device properly press the ON button and enjoy the cool mist within seconds.

While using your portable traveling humidifier make sure that you place it on a flat rigid surface or else it can tumble down over the floor.

Most of the devices come with auto shut off feature which shuts down the device as soon as the water gets emptied.

If you do not have this feature, pay attention to the amount of water left to refill if needed.

Cleaning up your personal humidifier and its filter is equally important if you want to enjoy the clean and humidified air from your unit.

So make sure that you empty the water and wipe them thoroughly after every use.

Why You Need A USB Travel Humidifier In A Car?

Most of the portable sized air humidifier for the car is designed ideally to fit into cars’ cup holders.

These type of car humidifier majorly prove helpful for drivers and travelers who suffer from allergies like dry skin, sinuses, sore throat, etc.

Adding one in winters as well as in summers can help you travel comfortably in your car, especially when going long distances.

Mini humidifier for a car not only helps you in driving your car without feeling fatigued and stressed but also helps in removing all the bad odor and allergens (like dust mites, molds, and mildew) from your vehicle.

Additionally, singers who travel a lot for attending various singing events also find these compact car humidifiers a great relief.

Installing one in their car can make sure that their vocals are hydrated and protected so that they can keep their voices healthy.

Not only in the car, but you can use these best discrete humidifiers even in the plane or a train to avoid getting your nose and skin getting dry.

Since the humidity levels drop significantly inside an airplane, your skin and nose can dry out quickly.

A dry nose can even lead to a dry throat making your normal breathing difficult.

Fortunately, a Humidifier on your side can help in avoiding all these problems inside the flight.

Why You Need A Portable Humidifier In A Hotel Room?

There are many who love traveling around the world. But although they are financially sound, they keep themselves away from traveling only because of their health and allergic conditions.

Residing in a hotel room (or at any other place other than their bedroom) may sound to be difficult for these people.

All thanks to compact-sized USB travel humidifier – that can now be carried along with you in your hotel room to relieve your allergic conditions.

If you are suffering from dry air issues (such as dry skin, sinus allergies, sore throat, etc.) and are fearful about the AC in a hotel room that can make your condition worse, you can now take these best portable travel humidifier with you to sleep comfortably.

Besides the travel humidifier with a diffuser, you can also find travel CPAP humidifier which can be highly beneficial for you when you suffer from sleep problems such as sleep apnea and snoring.

Factors To Consider When Picking A Traveling Humidifier?

When buying the best car humidifier for traveling there are a few important features you may need to consider.

Before picking one check whether the model comes with these features or not. Some of these include:

Size and Weight

Obviously, the size and the weight of the unit will judge how portable your unit is. The smaller the device you choose, the easier will it be for you to carry it anywhere you go.

However, do remember that when you choose a small portable unit for your car or small hotel room you will be restricted from the amount of humidity you can get with them.

So it’s best to get a balance of both in terms of portability and efficiency after all your main purpose is to get some refreshed moisture.

Power Source

This is again an important feature to look at in your travel humidifier. What sets some portable humidifiers apart from the competition is their ability to run on batteries.

You won’t be getting a wall socket/outlet everywhere you travel.

And at someplace (like in European) even when there is one it’s different than what your device needs. This can hamper the functionality of the device.

The best type of travel humidifier you should choose to get is, therefore, a device that is battery-powered or can be powered with different options like USB.

Filters and Noise Level

While many of the humidifiers do not need replacing the filters too often you may need to get them cleaned once in a while.

Depending on the product you choose it may have one or not.

However, when buying you need to choose the device that comes with a filter that is easy to clean and maintain.

Low noise level is also a factor you need to consider most when buying a good traveling humidifier.

After a tiring trip, all you need is a peaceful sleep in your hotel room. And if your device is too noisy it may obviously impact your resting hours.

Personal Water Bottle Humidifier: Are These Safe On-The-Go?

A water bottle humidifier or a bottled water humidifier is specially designed for portability. Which means you can easily carry them with you while zipping around.

To work, these devices make use of bottled water and can easily fit a wide variety of bottles available.

These water bottles act much like a reservoir tank we have in our standard room humidifiers.

People who are always busy and need to travel for work constantly find these devices very useful.

However, the thing you need to care about is to handle them carefully or else the bottles involved in these units may get troublesome very soon.

Particularly if you are using non-traditional bottles (light bottles or the bottles with too much water weight) they may run the risk of leaking during operation.

As a result, you may find them damaging for the hardwood floors you may have in your hotel room.

For avoiding these nuisances, you need to be sure that you get a proper water bottle, set it right and follow all the instructions carefully.

Overall, we can clearly say that carrying the best portable travel humidifier within your backpack while vacationing can be very helpful as it can help you enjoy your journey in the healthiest manner.

Especially when you are planning for a vacation at a place with the cold dry climate you need not worry about health issues like cold, flu, running nose, etc.

As it moisturizes the respiratory system by moisturizing the air in the hotel room, it helps in avoiding various health & skin problems while traveling.

So why not consider buying one while shopping for your vacation. You will surely find it useful!