5 Best Mini Portable USB Humidifier Reviews [For Your Desktop]

Office Humidifier today comes in various kinds, designs and styles. Presently these are also made handy for personal usage, so that more people can use it comfortably where ever they want.

Here in this article we are going to have a look on portable USB ultrasonic humidifier (that works with USB ports and USB cables connected to your laptop, computer or tablet).

Most of these devices for desktop office use are available in cute exciting shapes, sizes & colors to choose from.

Since these look awesome (as a decorative piece on your desk or working station) you should definitely try them out for getting increased moisture levels and enhanced working experience.

USB Humidifier

5 Best Portable USB Humidifier Reviews

Planning to buy a USB mini humidifier for your desktop? But are concerned about whether does desk humidifiers work or not?

Well, let me tell you in short that it works like a charm 🙂

In fact USB humidifiers for office table are most preferred by professionals who need to work long hours in front of their laptop or computer.

Also these are found suitable to be used in bedroom, office, car, cafe, etc.

To make life easier by picking one, we have provided some of the best options and reviews below.

You can read more about these best portable USB humidifiers in detail and choose the one that is most suitable as per your requirement.

We are sure that these best office humidifier can serve you for long…

1- Satechi USB Humidifier

Satechi USB portable humidifier is one of the most deserving USB humidifier device for your desktop or working station.

To use this best desktop humidifier for work, you can just place it into a narrow opening of water bottle OR a wider opening of a cup, mug, vase, etc, filled with pure water.

Now get this regular Satechi USB humidifier plugged into a USB port to get the cool mist of humidifying air during the dry arid weather.

While placing your Satechi humidifier in a water container or bottle, make sure that the filter is submerged completely.

The best thing about this USB air humidifier (powered by USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) is that you can add the essential oil or a fragrance oil to the water which provides a soothing and relaxing environment all around.

2- Fancii USB Humidifier

Fancii Portable Mini USB Humidifier is a high quality best personal humidifier, you will love to use anywhere and everywhere you go.

The Fancii USB humidifier works quietly and operate efficiently for providing you the refreshing relief from the dry air problems whole year round.

This adorable designed small sized usb humidifier can be used with USB port or with 3 AA size batteries. And as it looks formal to suit your office environment ideally, you can use it while working an office or at home.

This desktop humidifier for work is made portable, compact and light weight which also makes it ideal to use while you are traveling in a car or in a hotel room.

For added safety, this best battery operated humidifier shuts off automatically through a preset adjustable timer (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours) or when the water gets emptied.

3- Cowboy Cap Humidifier

Cowboy Cap USB Mini Portable Humidifier by Kangvo fits easily into your pocket or laptop bag to carry it wherever you go.

This Cowboy Cap USB Humidifier is available in a smart trendy design with various color options like blue, brown, pink, white and black.

The cowboy cap humidifier package includes an absorbent cotton stick which can be submerged in a water filled cup or a glass to enjoy mist of cool air.

As you can reuse the water bottles with this best USB humidifier, it is environment friendly to use.

The low power output of just 5 watts helps further in lowering down your energy bills while making your desktop moisture rich.

4- HoMedics USB Humidifier

HoMedics personal humidifier is a smart desktop humidifier device that works extremely well for professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, college students, etc.

This USB enabled HoMedics portable humidifier is hassle free which can be simply plugged into the nearest USB power source.

By producing cool mist humidified air in your working space, this lightweight mini humidifier model helps in alleviating all the problems related to allergies, skin dryness, irritated eyes, cold, flu, etc.

With this versatile HoMedics personal portable humidifier, that comes with 200ml water tank, you need not get frustrated finding the right water bottle that can fit.

This best desktop humidifier package includes an AC adaptor, USB adaptor, three FREE BONUS wick filters and a user’s manual.

Also this best compact humidifier for eyes and skin comes backed with one year limited warranty to make your purchase risk free.

5- POHO USB Desk Humidifier

POHO offers mini sized portable USB humidifier which offers cool mist through ultrasonic technology.

This USB ultrasonic humidifier device by POHO works silently without any disturbance and shuts off automatically for safe use.

The device is compact small and can be plugged into any USB power source including portable phone chargers, computers, cars, power banks, etc for operating and charging.

It comes with 180ml water capacity, an adjustable mist mode and 7 colors LED night light. And is therefore one of the best USB cool mist humidifier for small rooms and offices.

5 Benefits Of Using USB Desktop Humidifier

USB enabled portable humidifiers can be used when working at your workplace.

You can also carry these mini gadgets while on go (during vacations or business tours) to use them where you CANNOT go along carrying your normal room humidifier.

Some of the other best advantages of using a personal desk humidifier are:

1- Ease of Use: The best advantage of using these USB personal humidifier or battery operated humidifier is its easy usage.

USB powered humidifier works automatically with a connection to a USB port (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) present at your working area or room.

Just plug in your USB air humidifier and get ready to enjoy fresh clean air with increased level of moisture around your working desk.

2- Healthy Skin, Eyes and Body: Portable sized USB mini humidifier are in demand due to its benefits it provides to you in a healthy way.

Since an air humidifier is a good remedy for relieving symptoms (like cough, cold, flu, nasal congestion, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, dry skin, etc.) you should have this in your must have gadgets list.

Especially if you are a regular computer user (who works in all seasons), you should definitely have an office humidifier for dry eyes on your desktop.

This helps in getting rid of eye irritation due to long computer use by providing you the best soothing moisturized air in winters as well as in summers.

3- Can Be Used for Aromatherapy: One of the most exciting benefits of using these mini USB humidifiers on your working table is you can enjoy the healing aroma of essential oils, when little is mixed in water placed in humidifier.

Just keep them ON near you, and while you are busy working on your laptop or PC, it automatically provides you with refreshed and healthier atmosphere.

4- Available in Attractive Designs: Many of these best USB humidifiers are available in beautiful designs (like flowers, birds and many more) and can be installed easily at your working table at home or office.

Due to enhanced moisture, nice aroma, and beautiful design these also help in enhancing your mood, concentration and productivity.

5- Consumes Very Less Power and Are Noiseless: These small portable humidifying machines can also save much on energy bills as its powered by battery or USB enabled (which consumes very less power).

As these portable USB humidifier produces no sound at the time of working, you can use these gadgets personally on your table without disturbing anyone.

Caring and Maintenance Tips for Your USB Humidifier

While using these cool mist ultrasonic USB home humidifier it is essential to know about its cleaning and storage tips so that you can efficiently use them for long.

âś“ First of all to get the best results out of your USB air humidifier it is advised to use pure distilled water for your device.

As your tap water may contain high content of minerals that can harm the machine soon you should avoid using them.

âś“ After using your device, care that you clean the deposited mineral and water on the device.

The maintenance of the unit just require cleaning of the humidifier’s nozzle with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar.

This can be done every 2 weeks of the usage and will remove any dirt and minerals that have been accumulated.

âś“ After cleaning the device, care that you completely dry the unit before you store it for next usage.

This will avoid getting your gadget jammed in case there is water or minerals left in the device.

Overall, the best portable USB humidifier devices mentioned above are brilliant to use for anyone.

Brands such as Deneve, Kbaybo Ecvision, InnoGear, and many more are also offered in various designs that can be checked online if you want to compare more models.

No matter which brand or make you choose, just check that it is made up of high quality material and comes with proper warranty.

This will enable you to witness the magical humidity and aroma it spreads for long!

How To Use USB Humidifier?