Why To Use Filtered Purified Water In A Humidifier?

When we consume medicines, we expect that it cure us. But some of them cures the disease and some of them when taken leaves behind various side effects. Due to these side effects, we take some other additional doses of various other medicines and the chain continues…

A similar situation can be observed when we use humidifiers. These are generally used with a motive to get rid of dryness in air.

We use these devices in our room with a hope to get its therapeutic moisturizing effect without any risks imposed.

The air from the humidifier (that comes out in the humid form) moisten the mucous membrane in our nose and thereby helps by avoiding health issues such as asthma, sinus or other similar breathing problems.

Additionally it also helps to prevent itching, irritation and dryness of the skin.

As a matter of fact it is the water which we use in our humidifier machine, that gets in contact with our external skin as well as internal body parts to provide the relief. And for this reason it is essential to care for the quality of water we use in our humidifier machine.

Be Aware! Your humidifier or a diffuser can turn out to be dangerous and risky, if not maintained properly, not cleaned well or operated with an impure water

What Kind of Water Should Be Used In A Humidifier?

The scope of using a humidifier is very high. It is one of the fastest spreading technologies which is becoming essential for making our homes more comfortable, healthy and hygienic to love in.

However if not used properly health problems may arise tremendously.

Right ways of using a humidifier therefore needs to be propagated. And the wrong use has to be banned so that we can use it efficiently for the well-being of ourselves without risking our lives and the people that live around us.

People often ask about, what kind of water should be used in a humidifier to prevent all the risks associated.

Well, quality of water you use inside a humidifier plays an important role in providing clean, moist air to breathe in. So the water you use in your humidifier should always be filtered or distilled; you should avoid using regular tap water.

Distilled or Tap Water In Humidifier?

The regular tap water may contain germs, bacteria and other harmful viruses. These can prove to be risky for our body, when gets in contact through humidification.

All these elements need to be thrown out from the hard water before it is being used in the humidifier or diffuser machine. This can be done by distilling or purifying the water at home.

In short, the very reason of buying the humidifier will be lost when you use regular tap water in your humidifier machine. Use distilled water instead to enjoy the best benefits of humidifier machine. This is considered best as compared to other forms of purified water.

Can I Use Boiled Water In Humidifier?

Boiled water and distilled water are two different forms and should not be confused with one another.

Distilled water do not have any impurities present in it so it doesn’t leave behind any dust or salt in a humidifier tank to be cleaned.

On the other hand, boiling tap water actually concentrate the impurities without actually removing them. It may therefore have lots of minerals and impurities present which may be left behind (as a mineral build up) in the humidifying machine and needs to be cleaned after each usage.

Boiled water in humidifier is only recommended when you do not have any other option to get distilled water. This also sometimes depend on the place you live in and the quality of water you are getting there.

Can I Use Brita Water In Humidifier?

Brita filters are one of the most used water filter brands in US. These filters can be either attached directly to your water source/sink tap OR can be put into a specially designed Brita filter pitcher to filter your water as you pour it down for use.

Brita water is generally a purified form of water which is free from all sort of salts (chlorine, magnesium, lead, etc.) and impurities present in it. Although it does not work to remove 100% impurities, it is far better than normal tap water.

As such Brita water holds no health benefits when consumed directly. But when used in a humidifier it can help in preventing all types of risks which comes into effect when you use normal tap water.

It is therefore better to use Brita water in humidifier if you do not have access to distilled water. However if you can, you should definitely try using distilled water which is free from all types of impurities and salts.

How to Make Water for Humidifier?

From the above discussion it is made clear that hard or salt water in humidifier should be strictly avoided. As such there are many ways to make pure distilled water (from regular tap water) for humidifier machine.

So instead of worrying about – where to buy distilled water for humidifier, why not try these methods at home and get pure distilled water for your humidifier machine fast.

In case you are eager to know about how to make distilled water for humidifier machine in an easy DIY way, here are few of them:

Distilling The Water

This is a process in which water is boiled over the boiling point and is converted into its vapor form. Then the same water vapor is condensed and collected in another container to get pure water. During this process, the impurities (if any) will be left behind in the first container in which the water was kept.

Still some impurities might be present in this distilled water which can be removed by double distilling method. The water produced as a result of double distillation will be much better to use than as compared to water produced by single distillation process.

Demineralising Water

Demineralised water is a special form of purified water from which most of the minerals and salts ions are removed.

In this process the ionized particles are exchanged to form water that is the cation and anion in the water are exchanged with OH (Hydroxide) and H (Hydrogen), which when fused becomes water (H2O). But in this case the ionized impurities are eliminated and the unionized particles (and also biological impurities) remains in the water.

To get rid of it again, this water has to go through a demineralisation process and the resultant water will thus be a product of double deionized water. This water is much pure than the water undergone through deionising or demineralising process only once.

Reverse Osmosis

In this process, semi permeable membrane is used to remove large particles from the water. In this method it is made sure that most of the solute is not allowed to pass through the membrane used in the RO process and the solvent only passes through the membrane.

To be really effective, the membrane must have holes or pores which are big enough only to pass the solvent and not any solutes. This is one of the most effective process by which we can get pure filtered and distilled water for using in our humidifier device.

In case you do not have a water purification system in your home OR you want to replace your old water distiller, you should definitely consider getting a new one ASAP that is most suitable for your family.