When Should You Use A Humidifier (Summer or Winter)?

dry season

The dry summer season is the year when there is deficient rainfall in the tropics.

During this time, the air feels hot, watering holes and rivers dries up, and the humidity levels drop considerably in many parts of the world.

Although it is impossible to control outdoor humidity levels, we can take control within the house by installing a good cool mist humidifier.

Using these summer humidifiers inside our home is safer as it produces a mist of cool humidified air into the indoor environment.

Also, these help by treating various problems caused due to increasing dry air in hot summers.

When Should Humidifiers Be Used?

People who are new to using a humidifier often ask me lots times –

What is the right time and season to use a humidifier in their room?

Is it Summer, or is it Winter?

Well, let me tell you, there is no straightforward answer to this question.

In general, a cool-mist humidifier is recommended for the winter season when the air is arid.

In winters, when we use a room heater, we tend to make the air even drier, which needs to be humidified to breathe comfortably.

Infections such as cold, sneeze, sinus, breathing problems, snoring, ear infection, etc., can also be well managed by using these humidifiers in our rooms during winters.

During the hot summer season – when the air feels sticky – using a humidifier can prove beneficial, too, as it helps in controlling the humidity in the room.

Especially when our AC is on and making the air dry, a good room humidifier is recommended to maintain optimum humidity levels.

When to Use a Humidifier?

I personally love using my unit all year round and for good reason.

In fact, I recommend not to pack up your humidifier unit after the winter season.

It can prove pretty much beneficial during spring, fall as well as in the rainy season when the pollen is floating in the air and there are high chances of getting suffered from allergies.

Why Use A Humidifier In The Summer?

During the hot summer months, when we start using air conditioners in our home, the moisture is removed slowly from the air, and dry air is produced throughout the house.

This dry, warm air in the home – is the main culprit that causes nasal complications (such as inflamed and swollen sinuses and snoring) along with problems like itchy skin, itchy eyes, throat infection, and many other seasonal allergies in the dry summer season.

Not only to your skin and body, but dry air is also harmful to wood furniture and paints in your house – causing it to get damaged soon than expected.

Using a cool-mist humidifier with an air conditioner is a life savior and can help you avoid all these problems hassle-free.

Please be ensured that you use only a cool-mist humidifier and not a warm mist humidifier in summer – as it can make the air warmer, making you feel uncomfortable.

Why It’s Important for Babies In Summer?

Often moms find it challenging to cope with their kid’s health and skin issues during the dry summer and spring months.

Fortunately, the technology available with the best cool mist humidifier helps the moms in taking care of their kid’s health and skin significantly.

If you are concerned about how to take proper care of your baby’s sensitive skin in summer, let me tell you running a cooling mist humidifier during summer can do wonders for them.

As it maintains the proper humidity levels (between 35-50 percent) in the air, it provides a better atmosphere to nourish your baby’s skin by preventing it from getting dry.

Additionally, it also avoids the chances of getting your baby sick during this season.

Some of these humidifying devices also come with added features like a built-in air purifier and aromatherapy diffusers which can be availed at an extra cost.

In short, using the best humidifier in summer for a baby can benefit by:

  • Distilling the airborne illnesses
  • Killing the allergy-causing bacteria
  • Relieving dry skin problems like chapped lips in the hot season
  • Enhancing the natural growth of indoor plants
  • Preventing the furniture and wall paint damage

Does A Cool Mist Humidifier Make The Room Cold?

Although using cold mist humidifiers does not raise (or lower) the overall temperature in a room, there are users who claim that their humidifier has helped to make their room feel a bit cooler.

Well, this can be an advantage for you in summer as you can then avoid using your air conditioner and can lower your energy bills drastically.

Although the ultrasonic technology used in the modern-day cool mist humidifiers does not help cool down a room significantly, it can help make the air bit more relaxed and more comfortable.

What Should Be A Good Humidifier Setting In Summer?

Remember that a just-right humidifier setting in summer and winter can keep your home cool in summers and warm in winters.

Keeping good humidifier settings is, therefore, necessary if you want to relax on those scorching hot sunny days.

In general, the most comfortable relative humidity range for most of the homes is – between 30 percent and 45 percent.

Setting your humidifier in this range can help keep your rooms and family comfortable throughout the summer, spring, and fall.

However, in winters (when the temperature is below 10 degrees), you should change the humidifier setting to 20-30 percent.

Winter may require lower than 40% relative humidity to avoid condensation on your windows.

✅ Note: If you are using a whole-house humidifier in your home, do not forget to turn off your whole-house humidifier in summer.

If not, this can release extra humidity in your home, causing your AC to work harder.

Few Tips for Safe Usage:

✓ Humidifiers are today available in different shapes, sizes, and brands. These vary according to their water capacity; the area served, size, features, and functionality.

Choosing a good brand, after considering all your requirements, is essential so that you get the maximum possible benefits out of it.

✓ If you have kids, pets, or elders at home, you need to make sure that the humidifiers are safe to use for them and do not pose any health threats to them.

Usually, the manufacturers publish the guidelines and instructions about the usage. Do not forget to read the manual before you use the device for the very first time.

✓ Installing a cool-mist humidifier or a whole-house humidifier in your home surely eliminates health problems by keeping in check the humid levels within the house – all around the year.

No matter what model or brand you choose, ensure that you carefully check the right humidifier setting in summer and in winter to ensure that you get the best benefits with your humidifier in all seasons.