How Guitar Humidifier Keeps Your Musical Instrument In Shape?

Guitars are usually classified into 2 categories – Acoustic and Electric. Out of these acoustic pieces are made up of wood whereas electric ones are made up of metals.

To get that enriched and enchanting tone, is the magical effect of the wood which when crafted into a guitar enables you to play your favorite music.

Guitars are played for various reasons and have entertained the world with its amazing tones.

If you are one like me who loves playing guitar, you will not deny to the fact that it is one of the greatest thing in life, you can do to relax yourself.

At least for me, it soothes my moments when I feel bit depressed :).

Guitar has come a long way and is getting fancier day by day with numerous varieties it has dramatically transformed into, with changing technology. If you are planning to purchase a new guitar, these are widely sold at online stores these days.

Along with it, you can also find several accessories that are available online for its easy maintenance and care. You should definitely not neglect them while making a purchase.

Here we will be talking about one such accessory which is most important for caring your guitar (Its: A Guitar Humidifier)

What Is A Guitar Humidifier?

A guitar humidifier is basically a device that is used to maintain the humidity levels within a guitar at an optimum limit ensuring that the material of the guitar (usually wood) does not wreck due to changing weather.

Guitar humidifiers may sound an alien but it is a vital device in keeping up your acoustic guitar in good condition for long term.

Why Humidifier for An Acoustic Guitar Is Important?

Traditionally the base of a guitar is made up of wood (however some of the contemporary versions also use different materials).

Especially for Acoustic guitars, which are purely made up of wood and have been in trend since many years, the sound and playability mainly depend on how well its maintained.

It has been seen that changing of climate can have devastating effects on acoustic guitars. At times of dry winters as well as at extreme temperatures, there is lack of humidity and moisture in the air. This creates an ill impact on your guitar.

Proper steps if not taken on time can make the conditions even worse for your guitar affecting its overall performance and sound.

Not only it increases the performance and longevity of the instrument but also the resale money value for your investment, in case you are planning to sell your instrument at some day in future.

Do You Need A Humidifier for Your Electric Guitar?

As such electric guitars do not need a humidifier as it is mostly made up of metal and not wood. But in case your electric guitar has certain parts made up of wood, you should certainly think of getting a good electric guitar humidifier.

Even a good humidifier is needed if you carry your expensive electric guitar in a wooden case. You can then insert a good humidifier inside your guitar case to make its wooden body parts last longer.

How Guitar Humidifier Work To Keep Them In Best Shape?

Best humidifiers for guitar and guitar cabinet balances the overall temperature and humidity in the air.

These humidifiers can be easily hanged to a guitar case OR inserted in between the strings of guitar which keeps the wooden base well-moistened even in the extreme conditions thus saving it from warping and cracking.

These humidifiers usually include a long thing sponge within a plastic. For using, it can be easily moistened with a tap water and placed inside the guitar (or guitar case). Finding an appropriate humidity levels, your guitar remains best in shape for long.

For DIYers like me, homemade guitar humidifier can also be used for humidifying the guitars. You can just use a damp rag and place it in a small plastic bag. Poke few holes in the bag and place it in your guitar case. The moisture is then released slowly into the cabinet making an optimum humid environment for your guitar. As it releases very low humidity, it can be a perfect solution for your electric guitars which have very few wooden parts.

Different kinds of wood reacts differently to the climate causing the varied warping and cracking affects in the guitar. If you have just purchased a new guitar invest some time to learn about its maintenance in a proper way. After all you don’t want your priceless instrument and investment go wasted!

Investing in a cheap guitar humidifieryou can actually expect your instrument to play brilliantly for long without incurring major expenses. It hardly requires a single refill in a month, hence if you are worrying about the expenses it is next to minimal.

How To Use A Guitar Humidifier?

Using Room Humidifier for Your Guitars and Other Musical Instruments

For musical hobbyists and professionals, it is often challenging to protect their musical instruments from extreme temperatures and climate change. As most the musical instruments (like pianos, guitars, violins, etc.) are fully or partially made up of wood, these are susceptible to getting damaged due to lack of proper humidity levels in the room.

If you are a professional with lots of musical instruments or varied types of guitars in your guitar room or studio, maintaining proper humidity should be your top concern. This will not only save your instruments from getting shrinks, warps or cracks.

According to experts 40-50% is the optimum humidity level which should be maintained for your room. You can therefore get a best room humidifier for your collection of guitars and musical instruments which is capable enough to satisfy the requirement.

Placing a hygrometer (a device to measure humidity) in your guitar room is often recommended as it can help you in monitoring the indoor humidity levels. This will ensure that your humidifier maintains the humidity at best desired levels (neither low nor high) for your musical instruments, thus saving them from probable damage and ill shape.

Things To Check Before Buying A Good Guitar Humidifier

Guitar without a humidifier can easily lose their base, leaving you with the sand dune tones. You have paid heftily to get your dream instrument and leaving it in such condition will be like you are wasting on the cash spend.

Here are few important things you need to check before buying a good guitar humidifier (for guitars or for studio room):

The ideal humidity level for your guitar should be 45-55%. So make sure that your guitar humidifier is not low on releasing the humidity.

As is the dry conditions risky for your instrument, so is the over-humidifying. Make sure that the guitar humidifier you choose is best for your guitar type so that it does not over humidify the wood.

If you are residing in a dry climatic conditions, you can use the humidifier for fairly longer period of times. But if you are at place with damper or cooler climate you may not need to have a guitar humidifier.

Unknowingly if you place it for long period, mold can grow on wooden parts leaving it damaged and soft. Overall it again affects the playibility and sound of your guitar adversely.

Overall, perfect balance of humidity is what your guitar needs. With the correct humidity you can well protect the sound quality of your guitar in long term. Guitar humidifier help prevents the damages associated with the pricey expenditures and at times the replacement costs.

The market is swamped with various kinds of guitar humidifiers. There are the ones that hang on your instrument and the other types which needs to be placed inside the case.

For making it easy to buy, we have listed down the best guitar humidifiers that are highly rated by consumers on Amazon. You can check them in detail to read the reviews before making your final purchase.

Best Guitar Humidifier Review

Kyser Classical Guitar Humidifier

A simple to fit humidifier for your guitar. Available (with 4.1/5 Ratings) on Amazon for easy shopping.

Oasis Guitar Humidifier

One of the best humidifiers for keeping your acoustic guitar safe and sound. Available (with 4.1/5 Ratings) on Amazon for easy shopping.

Martin Guitar Humidifier

A Great humidifier for your expensive guitar that prevents the cracks and wear on acoustic guitar due to extreme temperatures. Available (with 3.7/5 Ratings) on Amazon for easy shopping.

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

D'Addario Guitar Humidifier makes it easy to properly and safely humidify your guitar. Available (with 4.1/5 Ratings) on Amazon for easy shopping.
Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier with Digital Humidity & Temperature sensor

Complete Kit to monitor and properly humidify your acoustic guitar. Available (with 3.2/5 Ratings) on Amazon for easy shopping.