10 Best Humidifier for Guitar Room and Case | Reviews & Buying

Guitars are played for various reasons and have entertained the world with its amazing tones.

If you are one like me who loves playing guitar, you will not deny to the fact that it is one of the greatest thing in life, you can do to relax yourself.

At least for me, it soothes my moments when I feel bit depressed 🙂

Guitar has come a long way and is getting fancier day by day.

With numerous varieties available these days it has dramatically transformed into a great technological gadget for many.

Guitars are today classified into 2 major categories – Acoustic and Electric.

Out of these acoustic pieces are made up of wood whereas electric ones are made up of metals.

While electric guitars are top favorite for many, to get that enriched and enchanting tone acoustic guitars made up of wood are most preferred even today.

It is the magical effect of the wood, which when crafted into a guitar, enables you to play your favorite music that is soothing, enjoying and most relaxing.

However to maintain your wooden instruments – like acoustic guitar – in a good working condition, it is important to store them at a place with optimum temperature and humidity.

Humidifier for guitar room comes as a best remedy for those who live at places with arid climate and dry air.

In fact adding a best guitar room humidifier device is most important, if you want to preserve the quality of your instrument and its good sound for long.

Why To Use A Humidifier for Guitars?

humidifier for guitar room
Guitar room

Most of the musical instruments (like pianos, guitars, violins, ukulele, mandolin, flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, etc.) are made up of wood or have wooden parts inside.

These are hence susceptible to getting damaged due to lack of proper humidity levels during arid climates, dry winters as well as summers.

For most of the hobbyists and professionals, it becomes quiet challenging to protect their musical instruments from extreme temperatures and climate change.

Lack of humidity can even affect your musical instruments severely making them damaged completely.

Installing a good humidifier in your guitar room will not only save your instruments from getting shrinks, warps or cracks; but also it help you perform best when you need them most.

No matter whether you are just practicing, playing your favorite music track OR want to store your instrument safely for next usage – a guitar humidifier is a must have for you.

Especially if you are a professional with lots of musical instruments or varied types of guitars in your guitar room or studio, maintaining proper humidity (40-50%) should be your top concern.

After all you don’t want your priceless instrument and investment go wasted!

10 Best Humidifier for Guitar Reviews

The market is swamped with various kinds of guitar room humidifiers. While buying you need to keep in mind your basic requirement and type of humidifier you need for your instruments.

For making it easier, we have listed down the best acoustic guitar room humidifiers that are highly rated by consumers.

You can check them in detail before making your final purchase online.

5 Best Humidifier for Guitar Room

1- Air Innovations Humidifier

If you are looking for a great large capacity humidifier for your music studio or guitar room this is a great one to have with remote.

This Air Innovations cool mist humidifier comes with a built-in aromatherapy tray to enjoy most blissful aroma around you along with humidity.

This also comes with a permanent ceramic filter (that needs no replacement), removable extension nozzle, 5 mist settings and auto shut off feature for enhanced and easy humidity in a room.

Overall this stylishly designed humidifier for your music room is a great one to have if you want proper functioning along with great looks.

2- Opolar Digital Humidifier

OPOLAR digital cool mist humidifier is another great device for musicians and music room.

As it eliminates the arid and insensitive air by maintaining the optimum level of moisture in air it makes the best comfortable feel for you all the time when you are practicing.

As this OPOLAR humidifier require very less space to accommodate it is well suited for many who have small or medium sized music rooms.

With all these best benefits it offers, this OPOLAR ultrasonic humidifier should be on your top priority list when you are about to buy one for your guitars, ukulele or other music instruments.

3- AIRCARE Console Humidifier

AIRCARE console humidifier is best to have in case you are planning to buy a good large capacity humidifier for your whole house or music studio.

This AIRCARE Console type evoporative humidifier (with evoporative wick to trap the minerals) comes with a capacity to humidify the area of upto 3600 square feet.

Also it features built in humidistat, digital controls and customizable humidity settings for maintaining the desired moisture level in your room in an automated way.

4- TaoTronics Evaporative Humidifier

TaoTronics Evaporative Humidifier for Guitar Room is basically a top fill model which makes water refilling very easy.

Evaporative technology of this TaoTronics humidifier helps in keeping the most appropriate humidity in the room without you worrying about shrinking wood and static electricity.

With its efficient wick filter not only it provides properly moisturized atmosphere but also the purified air making you enjoy your time healthily while practicing.

Also it features 2.5 L tank and easy to use control knobs making the machine most suitable for your instruments and music room.

5- Venta 2-in-1 Humidifier with Air Washer

Venta 2-in-1 humidifier with air washer is a perfect option for guitar room if you want to enjoy humid and safe air indoors.

With its built-in air washer this Venta 2-in-1 humidifier works to remove harmful pollutants and allergens.

This no filter technology (water acts as a washer and filter) creates a pleasant purified air inside your room to gift you with a healthy and comfortable surrounding atmosphere.

The device is user friendly to use and comes with ten years of warranty, therefore very safe for your investment as well.

5 Best Humidifier for Guitar Case

Well, enough of those guitar room humidifier that may cost heavier on pockets!

If you are on budget and want a very compact size humidifier for protecting your acoustic guitar, then buying a simple sound hole or guitar case humidifier can do a job for you at a very low cost.

Here are 5 best options you can check for…

6- D’addario Humidifier

D’Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier is specially designed for acoustic lovers and is a must have for them.

This can humidify and protect your guitar without damaging the finishing of your instrument.

Just suspend this D’Addario Guitar Humidifier by the strings and it does its job very well without even touching or scratching the guitar body.

The sponge (can be moistened again for reuse) inside this Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier releases the moisture slowly and evenly to keep your wooden guitar body moisturized.

D’addario Humidipak by D’Addario Accessories is also a great one to check which offers two-way humidification system for your guitars.

It makes sure that the humidity for your guitars is neither too low nor too high.

7- Music Nomad Humidifier

Music Nomad humidifier is another best humidifier for guitar that is long lasting and low on maintenance.

It includes an innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge that can easily hold water up to ten times of its own weight.

The material of the sponge in this Music Nomad humidifier is of high quality and comes with anti-drip no mess properties.

This simply means you can rely on this great guitar humidifier without any need of extra monitoring on your part.

Just rehydrate the sponge when it becomes dry and hang it again from the strings to release the moisture safely for your acoustic instrument.

8- Martin Guitar Humidifier

The Martin humidifier for guitars is yet another great humidifying tool that can easily take care of your expensive instrument without any hassle or worries.

The water suction stem present in this Martin humidifier can also absorb water up to ten times its weight.

Made up of finest material, this humidifier emits the moisture slowly (through the sound hole of your acoustic guitar) thus preventing it from any possible cracks and wear due to extreme temperature and dry weather.

9- Dampit Guitar Humidifier Super

Dampit Guitar Humidifier Super is a great easy to use humidifying tool especially for large guitars.

Just place this Dampit Humidifier inside your guitar and it works automatically to release the moisture slowly and evenly your keep your acoustic instrument well protected.

Furthermore Dampit comes with an indicator to maintain optimal humidity inside your guitar.

Not only it helps in making your guitar sound better (by humidifying the wood better and eliminating dry air issues) but also it helps in enhancing the life of your instrument.

10- Oasis Guitar Case Humidifier OH-6

Oaiss guitar humidifier for guitar case is yet another appealing most humidifying system that can safely humidify your instruments for long without any fuss.

This Oaiss guitar case humidifier comes with two levels of leak protection and therefore you need not worry about water leakage or overfilling.

Refiling this humidifier in a controlled manner is made easy with a provided syringe.

Also it comes with useful magnets, belt and clip so that you can easily place it in a variety of locations within your guitar’s case.

Not only you can use this humidifier for guitar case but also for other musical instrument’s cases to keep them humidified, safe and in good sounding condition.

What Type of Humidifier Is Best For Acoustic Guitar?

Guitar humidifiers may sound an alien but it is a vital device in keeping up your acoustic guitar in good condition for long term.

In general there are 3 types of humidifier that can be used for protecting your guitars from harsh and dry climatic conditions.

1- Sound Hole Humidifiers: These humidifiers can be easily hanged to a guitar case OR inserted in between the strings of guitar.

This keeps the wooden base of the guitar well-moistened even in the extreme conditions thus saving it from warping and cracking.

These humidifiers usually include a long thing sponge within a plastic. For using, it can be easily moistened with a tap water and placed inside the guitar (or guitar case).

Finding an appropriate humidity levels, your guitar remains best in shape for long.

2- Guitar Case Humidifiers​: Although a guitar case is meant to provide the needed protection to your guitar, it may prove ineffective at times when there is severe dryness or cold experienced in the air.

Humidifiers for guitar case are the ones which needs to be placed inside the case for humidifying your instrument well in all the environmental conditions.

These types of humidifying devices for guitar case or cabinet works by balancing the overall environment around the instrument, thus keeping it safe from the adverse effects of dry air.

3- Guitar Room Humidifiers: This type of humidifier is basically a device that is used to maintain the humidity levels within a room (where your guitar is placed).

By maintaining the relative humidity at an optimum limit it ensures that the material of the guitar (usually wood) does not wreck due to the change of weather.

No matter what type of humidifier you choose for your guitars, placing a hygrometer in your guitar room is often recommended.

This is a device to measure humidity and can help you in monitoring and maintaining the indoor humidity levels at best desired levels (neither low nor high).

Overall it saves your wooden musical instruments from getting damaged and ill shaped.

Things To Check When Buying A Humidifier for Guitar Room

The ideal humidity level around your musical instruments should be 40-50%. So make sure that you use a guitar humidifier that is good on releasing proper humidity.

But before you proceed for buying best humidifier for musical instruments, here are few important things you need to check:

Type of Humidifier: As discussed above, your guitar may need three basic types of humidifiers.

You need to check about your requirement carefully and choose the one that is best suited for your guitar type and its condition.

Size of Your Guitar Room: Unless you are a professional guitarist or an avid guitar collector, you may not need to buy a very large room or studio humidifier or whole house humidifier just to preserve your instruments.

For beginners or hobbyists who love playing guitar in their room, an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that comes with regular tank is sufficient.

Humidifier with Humidistat: As is the dry conditions risky for your instrument, so is the over-humidifying.

Make sure that the guitar room humidifier you choose comes with built-in humidistat (to control the humidity) and is best for your guitar type so that it does not over humidify the wood.

If you are residing in a dry climatic conditions, you can use the humidifier for fairly longer period of times.

But if you are at place with damper or cooler climate you may not need to keep your humidifier On for longer period of time.

Unknowingly if you place it for long period, mold can grow on wooden parts leaving it damaged. This also affects the playibility and sound of your guitar adversely.

Overall, perfect balance of humidity and temperature is what your ukulele/guitar needs all the time.

With the correct humidity you can well protect the sound quality of your guitar in long term.

Guitar without a humidifier can easily lose its base, leaving you with the sand dune tones.

You have already paid heftily to get your dream instrument and leaving it in such condition will be like you are wasting on the cash spend.

So why not invest a bit in a best guitar room humidifier, to keep growing your passion and never leave all the fun behind!