How To Clean My Humidifier Wick Filter With Vinegar?

Humidifiers are the best inventions for the dry winter season. It helps to eliminate dry air in the atmosphere and thus reduces the chance of getting attacked by airborne diseases and various other ailments caused due to dry air. However, it should be noted that the device requires regular cleaning and maintenance after periodic usage … Read more

5 Reasons Not to Add Essential Oils in Your Humidifier

can you put essential oils in your humidifier

In winters, when the humidity drops to around 10-20% severe health problems, like drying out nose and throat lining, respiratory distress and many others can be caused. It can also adversely affect wooden furniture, cracking its pieces, causing its shrinkage or loosening the joints. Also at times when there is very low humidity; papers, books, … Read more

What Kind of Water is Best to Use in Humidifier?

water in humidifier

Humidifiers are generally used at homes to get rid of dryness in the air. By monitoring and improving the quality of indoor air, it helps in preventing problems like skin irritation, respiratory disorders, winter allergies, and many other similar issues. However, humidifiers, if not used properly, may cause various additional health problems instead of solving … Read more

Do Humidifiers Help with Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

humidifier for sleep apnea

Can humidifiers help in controlling sleep apnea and snoring? Before we answer this question let us know: how humidity does affect your sleep? Unbelievable but true – excessively HIGH as well as LOW humidity levels in your room play an important role in controlling your sleeping patterns. High humidity in your bedroom can be a … Read more