Does Using A Cool Mist Humidifier After Tonsillectomy Help?

Can Humidifier help in tonsils and tonsillectomy? Before we answer this question let us know some essential facts about tonsils, how it is caused and what can actually help.

Everybody is aware with the word Tonsils. But most of us who suffer from this problem do not have an idea about on which part of the throat it is caused and how this is treated or removed.


Primarily, tonsillectomy is the surgical process to remove tonsils, which are a clump of tissue in the form of oval shaped pads behind the nasal passage.

It is a common procedure which is mainly performed to treat inflammation and infection of tonsillitis. Presently this is performed for treating sleep disordered breathing and other rare diseases related to tonsils.

The most common reason to perform tonsillectomy is the repeated infections in the throat, which makes swallowing of food painful and difficult.

Those who are suffering with sleep apnea are often diagnosed with tonsils, which lead to breathing problems during the sleep.

Symptoms of Tonsils

Tonsils are most commonly seen in children and adults which are caused due to the viral or bacterial infections. Mainly, Tonsils swell when they are infected.

If you look into your child’s throat (with the use of a flashlight) you will find red tonsils, which are swollen and are covered with yellow or white coating. Few of the symptoms of tonsils are:

  • Pain when swallowing food or drinking water
  • Sore throat and fever
  • Headache and bad breathe
  • Runny nose and nasal congestion
  • Bleeding pieces on the tonsils
  • Loss of appetite and ear pain
  • Huskiness or loss of voice
  • Ulcers or painful blisters on the throat
  • Lymph nodes in the neck

And in children the symptoms may also include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea and
  • Abdominal pain

After knowing the tonsil symptoms, it is essential to get diagnosed and treat the tonsil problem before it gets enlarged or infected to cause severe blockage of the airways.

Tips For How To Treat Swollen Tonsils

As such there is no certain treatment for swollen tonsils available. But these can be easily treated with few tonsils home remedies. Use of antibiotics or even surgery is based upon the condition and severity of illness.

In addition to these, there are number of other things which can help to reduce the painful symptoms of swollen tonsils. You may check them below and follow to get the relief from your problem.

Self Help and Home Remedies

  • Self help is more related to tonsils home remedies. You can get relief by taking lots of rest and by speaking as softly as possible.
  • Using honey, hot lemon and sugar acts as a best home remedy for treating tonsils. It provides an instant relief from the throat pain caused due to swollen tonsils.
  • Drinking water in more quantity is recommended as it prevents dehydration or dryness of the throat.
  • Gargling with salty water and spitting it out also provides instant relieves from sore throat and swollen tonsils.

Medicines and Surgical Procedure

Antibiotics are majorly prescribed by doctors to treat tonsillitis as they are effective against viral infections and bacteria to a certain limit.

If you decide to take antibiotics, it is advised to take the course for 10 days as the symptoms may be reduced within 5 days but complete problem may take few more days to get treated.

Surgery for tonsillitis (Tonsillectomy) is considered the best and is recommended by most of the surgeons to stop and relieve from the tonsillitis symptoms, that last for more than a year.

However this should be tried after you have tried all the other methods and treatments for tonsils. Mainly tonsillitis are treated with:

  • Diathermy
  • Cold steel surgery
  • Cols ablation
  • Lasers or Ultrasound

Does A Humidifier Help After Tonsillectomy?

Most of the times surgeons recommend using best humidifier post tonsillectomy for getting the relief from the surgery pain and discomfort.

The main task of humidifier is to humidify the dry air. If you were suffering with tonsillitis and have undergone tonsillectomy treatment then adding a good humidifier can help a lot.

It not only moisturizes the dry air to keep you safe from dry throat issues but also it relieves the discomfort caused after tonsillectomy.

Humidifiers are recommended and used by thousands of people all over the world as it greatly reduces the discomfort in the throat, provides good sleep and gives relief from cough and headache.

As you have different types of humidifiers available, you can choose the best portable humidifier for your room which is easy to carry from one room to other.

Top Brands such as Vicks, Sunbeam, Optimus, Homedics are available for you in the market to choose. In case if you do not have one in your home, you should definitely get one for you and your family.