How Do I Clean My Humidifier Filter With Vinegar?

Humidifiers are the best inventions for dry winter season. It helps to eliminate dry air in the atmosphere and thus reduces the chance of getting attacked by airborne diseases and various other ailments caused due to dry air.

However it should be noted that the device requires regular cleaning and maintenance so that you can enjoy maximum benefits out of it for long.

Mineral deposits are often seen within the device (mostly when hard water is used) after periodic usage. It becomes essential for you to clean the deposits once in a week so that your unit does not go wrong.

Humidifier in good working conditions is essential to enjoy healthy days and restful nights without any issue.

With only proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the unit you can keep your family safe from breathing problems and skin allergies that may lead to severe issue and illness in future.

How To Clean Humidifier Wick Filter With Vinegar?

For getting better air quality at home and to enjoy the longevity of your portable humidifier device (or whole house humidifier), cleaning of the wick filters is highly essential.

For this you need to disinfect the humidifier by using best liquid that promotes better function and cleanliness for a long time. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agent (due to its natural acidic properties) that can be used for this.

For cleaning humidifier filters with vinegar all you need is:

  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Towels and Rubber gloves
  • Bucket and Soft cloth for wiping clean

Step 1: Unplug the device, remove the tank and drain the water from the water tray.

Step 2: Set the water tank on a clean towel and remove the filter as per the instructions in the instruction manual. Take care and remember the steps while dissembling the filter so that you can easily assemble it again after cleaning.

Step 3: Fill water in the bucket (a large container or sink) and place the filter in it. Make sure that it is completely soaked without any top layer floating on.

Step 4: Add distilled white vinegar in the water (in a ratio 1:2). Mix it gently using your hand. Use gloves if needed.

Step 5: As you are rinsing the filters, look for any damaged or decomposed areas. You may have green molds, black or pink deposits and even mineral deposits at the corners or in the main areas. Clean them if required by little scrubbing. You can use soft brush for this.

Step 6: Allow the filter to be soaked in the solution for an 40-60 minutes. The more it is immersed in solution, better the results that are achieved.

Step 7: Now check the filters for deposits or any dirt settled on it. Place it back in solution if required for some more time.

Step 8: Now remove the humidifier filter and rinse it thoroughly in clean and cool water, let it dry for sometime. Drying your filters is important before you place it back in the humidifier machine.

Step 9: Empty out the left vinegar solution and clean the water tray/tank with soapy hot water, repeat the method with clean water.

Step 10: Fill the tank and place the filters back in their position to let it function in a normal way.

This process of cleaning the filters in vinegar solution should be followed every week or month, based upon the usage and rate of deposits that builds up on filter. Besides this, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to accomplish safer cleaning.

How to Clean a Humidifier Without Vinegar?

In case you do not want to use vinegar or you do not have it available, you can clean the humidifier filters just by rinsing with plain tap water. Remember, this is not a recommended method for cleaning and sterilizing the filters completely.

Instead using a bleach in place of vinegar is often recommended as a best way to sanitize them completely.

You need to follow all the steps as discussed above, just by using bleach instead of vinegar. Use lukewarm water (not hot) for better cleaning results. And make sure that there are no other things within your working area that can get damaged due to the bleach being spilled by mistake.

Be aware, as bleach is more powerful than vinegar, you will be making a solution with higher concentration of water – adding a teaspoon of bleach in every gallon of water will do the task.

Using bleach can be much effective for sanitizing humidifier filters with excessive mold and mildews. It sterilizes the filters completely, making it free from germs and other harmful microorganisms.

After drying your filters and machine, you can just fill the humidifier tank with pure water and resume your safe regular usage like before.

Warning Tips and Advice

Cleaning the filters, whether furnace humidifier or a portable room humidifier, is a task which should be done with proper care. Here are few important points you should care for:

-> Using formulated solutions (other than vinegar or bleach) for disinfecting the humidifier air filters can progressively worsen out the synthetic material of the filters and should be therefore avoided.

-> Make a note that if your humidifier filters are too dirty to be cleaned, do not waste the time and energy for cleaning them. These stubborn filters may seem to be clean after a regular cleaning, but may contain various viruses and bacteria left behind. These may be highly dangerous for your family, especially for babies.

As filters of most popular humidifier models are readily available online at a most affordable price, you can check and buy a new humidifier filter for your particular model, before trying to clean them.

I personally recommend that you should go for cleaning the moldy air filter ONLY if you find that it is not available in the market, for your machine type and model.

If available, throwing the old one and buying new is the best option.

Check online, buy and get it replaced in an easy way; just to ensure that your family enjoys the best hygienically clean mist of air all the time in all seasons.

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