What is The Difference Between Aromatherapy Diffusers and Humidifiers?

diffuser vs humidifier
Diffuser and Humidifier

Every one of us desires to get a nice comfortable ambiance at home when we return after a hard day of work!

Especially on those dry wintry evenings when the temperature outdoors is chilling, we want a relaxing environment indoors.

Thanks to technology, we now have a range of appliances available that can make our home most comfortable than ever before.

Two such valuable devices for the home are Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier.

The basic difference between an essential oil diffuser and a humidifier lies in the results they produce.

While a humidifier is meant to produce more moisture content in your room (or entire home), a diffuser is designed to produce a fragrance.

Most diffusers are not a suitable device for increasing moisture content as they can only hold a limited amount of water into their tank.

Oil Diffuser vs. Humidifier

By making the surrounding indoor air scented and moisturized, not only can they make your place most comforting and relaxing but also healthy and hygienic.

The reason why people prefer using these devices at home is due to their ability to alleviate varying health issues such as stress, depression, allergies, and many more.

These devices when installed in your room can also treat your dry skin in winters, making it glowing and healthier.

Well, when it comes to buying one of these machines, it becomes very confusing for a novice to understand the difference between them.

Although an aroma oil diffuser and a humidifier work brilliantly for making the surrounding air comfortable and pleasing, there are some basic differences between the working and features of both.

And for this reason, many of us may have questions in mind like:

  • What is the real difference between both?
  • Should I buy an oil diffuser or a humidifier?
  • Whether there is a device that can provide the benefit of both?

Worry not; we will try to answer all these questions in detail below so that you can make the wisest possible decision when buying…

Oil Diffuser: How Does It Help?

Enhances Your Mood and Psychological Well Being

In simple terms, an aroma oil diffuser is a device that helps in diffusing the organic essential oils in the living area.

By spreading the fragrance and therapeutic benefits of essential oils, it works to stimulate the functions of the nervous system, which then heals the body and overall well-being.

As essential oils are also known for their antibacterial and antidepressant properties, it also helps soothe your senses and mood.

Overall relieves you from daily stress, fatigue, and depression.

Air Humidifier: How Does It Help?

Helps Make your Living Area More Humid, Healthy, and Comfortable

A room humidifier is a device that helps increase the humidity in the environment by emitting a mist of water vapor in the dry air.

It is known that imbalanced humidity in the air, caused due to climatic changes, can bring havoc to human health.

Placing a good humidifier in your living room or bedroom is therefore essential.

Making your home moisturized in dry conditions makes it a comfortable and healthy place indoors to live in.

Especially if you have tiny babies and kids at home, you need this device to help them breathe comfortably without worrying about colds and allergies.

As too much humidity also causes various problems, most of these modern-day devices also limit the emission of humid vapors automatically.

By monitoring the relative humidity level in the air, they provide you with the desired levels of humidity efficiently.

CriterionOil DiffuserAir Humidifier
The Use and Mist TypeAdd a refreshing scented mist of air to make the environment pleasingAdd a cool or warm mist of moisture into the atmosphere to make the air hydrated
To Whom It Benefits?Beneficial for people suffering from congestion, allergies, etc.Beneficial for people suffering from dry air problems like dry skin, skin irritation, irritated respiratory tracts, etc.
Most Common TypesUltrasonic, Heat, NebulizerUltrasonic, Warm Mist, Cool Mist
MaintenanceNeeds regular cleaning: Can be hard to cleanNeeds regular cleaning: Comparatively easy to clean

Diffuser OR Humidifier: What To Choose?

Now when you have understood the difference between an aromatherapy diffuser and a humidifier, you need to use both of them.

If, however, you need to choose one of them, your decision on which one to choose will generally depend on your requirements and the climatic condition of the place where you live.

✅ If you live in a place where the air is too dry, you will need to have a good room humidifier or a whole-house humidifier for your family

✅ If you live in a place with moderate climatic conditions but want to enjoy the benefits of all-natural essential oils, you may need to get an aroma oil diffuser

Care that if you need to choose a device for your baby’s room, pick a good room humidifier rather than an aroma diffuser.

Is There Any Combo Available? Is It Good To Buy?

Yes, there are, and these are good to buy for your home.

Especially if you want to enjoy the benefits of both from one single device, these combo units are worth your investment.

Modern humidifiers and diffuser combo devices are entirely technological.

These are smart enough to not only control the low/high humidity levels in the air automatically but also to make the room fragranced.

You can add water and essential oils to these devices to enjoy a cool refreshing mist of air that is adequately moisturized and scented.

Overall, if you are planning to buy one, we recommend buying them at shopping malls such as Amazon.com where these are available at a great discounted price.

Whichever device you choose to buy, do consider its features, warranty, ease of use, and maintenance in detail.

This way, you can keep your family members away from dust and allergies, giving them a good atmosphere and air to breathe at home.