What Is The Difference Between Humidifier And Air Purifier?

Air is the most essential thing that every living creature need for its survival. Breathing is possible only with the availability of fresh air and no doubt, the quality of air is an important aspect among the matters regarding the air.

Not only our body needs fresh air to breathe but also it needs proper humidity which should be present in the air for efficient working of our body organs.

Today with the help of modern inventions, which include devices for providing comfort to our body, we can easily control the quality of air and humidity level of the atmosphere we live in.

Devices such as air conditioner, humidifiers, air purifier, diffusers, etc. are commonly used in our homes and work places to make the atmosphere healthy, hygienic and comfortable.

In this article we will talk about air purifier and humidifiers. This will help you understand about the basic difference between the two. 

Air Purifier: For Purifying the Air you Breathe

Air get polluted by the interference of harmful smokes, chemicals, dust particles and other particulate contaminants. This polluted air upon breathing cause many breathing problems like eosinophilia, asthma and other allergies.

The quality of air can be improved to remove these types of discomforts and health issues. Air purifier can be used to improve the quality of air we breathe.

Air purifier removes the particulate contaminates, dusts, smoke particles, small microbes like dust mites, pollen particles etc.

Air purifier is thus a device which is most essential to install in every home for leading healthier life. This is a device which removes the contaminants and impure particles in the air making it pure, healthy and hygienic for breathing.

Air purifier can be incorporated with your HVAC system or Air Handling Unit of large buildings to maintain good and fresh air.

One can also use a small portable air purifier for rooms if you don’t have a HVAC system installed. Depending upon the process effectiveness and particulate matter, number of other techniques are available for purification process of air using the air purifier. This include:

  • Ultraviolet germ irradiation which uses the ultraviolet light for killing the germs and microbes
  • Activated carbon which is a highly purified form of charcoal which remove the particles on a chemical basis
  • Filters to remove solid particles which may vary in various filter sizes for different particle sizes
  • Polarized media electronic filters which incorporates the help of electricity for the purification process
  • Photo catalytic oxidation use the chemical processes for the removal of contaminants
  • Ionizer purifier incorporates electrically charged particles to attract small particles to it which can be absorbed on the charge absorber and are commonly known as electrostatic precipitators
  • Ozone generators find another solution for air purification as ozone is a good reactant against poisonous particles.

Humidifier: For Deciding Moisture Level of Surrounding Air

The moisture level refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air. And for healthy body it is quite essential for us to live in a surrounding which has proper humidity.

Humidifier is a device that helps to maintain the moisture level in the room space for healthy skin and body. These are of mainly of two kinds namely warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers.

These devices are recommended by physicians for easy breathe for their patients and humidifiers can be beneficial in dry climatic condition which cause dryness of skin and lips, damage of wooden articles etc.

This device consists of a reservoir tank to store water, a wick and a fan. The wick absorbs water into the surface and the fan is blown to enhance the evaporation of water from the wick.

The evaporated water particles stay suspended in the atmosphere that maintains the desired moisture level. The humidifiers thus are self-regulating devices.

These device can be connected to the HVAC duct that supplies the conditioned air into the space. Humidifiers are now available in different sizes, which suits the purpose for a single room to a large building.

Basic Difference Between The Two Devices:

As clear from the above reading, we can see that an air purifier is a device which is only meant for purifying the air to make it healthy, hygienic and clean to breathe.

Whereas a humidifier is a device which is meant for improving the quality of air we breathe in by making it more humid at times when the air is dry.

Buyers should not confuse themselves between these two devices while making a purchase. Make a wise decision and be most careful about the requirement you have.

What You Should Choose Among The Two?

As a matter of fact you should choose both of these devices for your room as both of these have different functionalities and usage. But if you are on a tight budget and want to purchase one of them at first, you should decide your requirements.

If you feel that you are living in a polluted atmosphere you should first go for purchasing an air purifier and then later on buy a humidifier. On the other hand if you live at a place where there is a lack of proper humidity you should consider getting a good humidifier for your family.

Why not check both of these devices online as you can get good discounts and deals on sites such as Amazon which are easy to shop. You can easily save good deal of money and on shipping charges when you buy in bulk.

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