Humidifier And Air-Purifier Difference: What To Choose For Maximum Comfort?

Healthy, clean air is an essential most thing that every living creature needs for survival.

Not only our body needs fresh clean air to breathe, but also it needs proper humidity and moisture which should be present in the air for efficient working of our body organs.

Today with the help of modern inventions we can easily control the quality of air and humidity in the atmosphere we breathe and live.

Humidifier and Air Purifier are among the two most common used devices in our homes as well as at work places.

Both of these work equally and smartly to make the atmosphere healthy, hygienic and comfortable.

In this article we will talk about the basic difference between air purifier and humidifiers.

How these help and which one among the two you should opt – for enjoying the maximum comfort…

Air Humidifier Vs Air Purifier

Both an air humidifier and an air purifier works hard to keep improve your indoor air and to keep it comfortable.

And for this reason lots of people today use these devices in their room.

Even tough many people know that they need to use both for ultimate comfort, they use only one of these due to varied reasons they have.

If its difficult to understand and decide between the two, lets look at some of the basic differences between both through a comparison chart below…

CriterionHumidifierAir Purifier
The Use: What It Removes?By adding moisture into the indoor atmosphere it removes dry air and related problems (like various health and skin issues). Removes the dust, smoke, allergens, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants (like harmful bacteria and viruses) from the indoor air.
Most Common TypesUltrasonic, Evaporative, Central, Impeller, Steam VaporizersHEPA Filter, Negative Ions/Ionizing, Ozone Generators, Adsorbents, UV
To Whom It Benefits?Beneficial for people suffering from dry air problems like dry skin, skin irritation, irritated respiratory tracts, etc. Beneficial for people suffering from allergies and airborne health issues.
Recommended forFamilies that have baby or allergy sufferers at home. Families that have asthmatics and active smokers.
Suggested SettingHumidity levels set to: 30% to 50%N/A

Air Humidifier

The moisture level refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air. And for healthy body it is quite essential for us to live in a surrounding which has proper humidity.

Humidifier is a device that helps to maintain the moisture level in the room space for healthy skin and body.

These are of mainly of two kinds namely warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers.

These devices are recommended most by physicians for easy breathing of their patients suffering from respiratory issues due to dry air.

Humidifiers can also be beneficial in dry climatic condition which cause dryness of skin and lips, damage to wooden articles, etc.

The device consists of a reservoir tank to store water, a wick and a fan. The wick absorbs water into the surface and the fan is blown to enhance the evaporation of water from the wick.

The evaporated water particles stay suspended in the atmosphere that help maintain the desired moisture level in the room.

Many of these device can be connected directly to the HVAC duct that supplies the conditioned air into the space.

Humidifiers are now available in different sizes, which suits the purpose for a single room to a large building. These are absolutely safe to use.

Air Purifier

Air around us gets regulalry polluted by the interference of harmful smokes, chemicals, dust particles and other particulate contaminants.

This polluted air upon breathing cause many breathing problems like eosinophilia, asthma and other allergies.

Fortunately the quality of air can now be improved to remove these types of discomforts and health issues by using an Air Purifier.

Air purifier removes small microbes like dust mites, pollen particles, pet dander, etc. to improve the quality of air we breathe.

Air purifier can now be incorporated with your HVAC system or Air Handling Unit of large buildings to maintain good and fresh air.

If you don’t have a HVAC system installed you can use a small portable air purifier for rooms in your home.

Depending upon the process effectiveness and particulate matter, number of different techniques are available for purification process of air using an air purifier. This include:

  • Ultraviolet germ irradiation which uses the ultraviolet light for killing the germs and microbes
  • Activated carbon which is a highly purified form of charcoal which remove the particles on a chemical basis
  • Filters to remove solid particles which may vary in various filter sizes for different particle sizes
  • Polarized media electronic filters which incorporates the help of electricity for the purification process
  • Photo catalytic oxidation use the chemical processes for the removal of contaminants
  • Ionizer purifier incorporates electrically charged particles to attract small particles to it which can be absorbed on the charge absorber and are commonly known as electrostatic precipitators
  • Ozone generators find another solution for air purification as ozone is a good reactant against poisonous particles.

Air purifier is therefore a device, which is most essential to install in every home and office for leading healthier life.

Basic Difference

As clear from the above reading, we can see that an air purifier is a device which is only meant for purifying the air to make it healthy, hygienic and clean to breathe.

Whereas a humidifier is a device which is meant for improving the quality of air we breathe in by making it more humid, especially at times when the air is dry.

Buyers should not confuse themselves between these two devices while making a purchase.

Make a well informed wise decision and be most careful about the requirement you have!

What To Choose And Why?

✔ Basically, if you are living in a bit polluted atmosphere you should first consider purchasing an air purifier.

This will help remove all the unwanted household odors which may be caused due to cooking, smoke, pets at home, or mold.

✔ An air humidifier may only prove useful for you if you live at a place with arid climate or where there is a lack of proper humidity.

As both of these devices have different functionalities and usage, at times you may need to have both of them – for providing ultimate comfort to your family members.

We therefore recommend to choose a Combo of both these devices for your home.

Although a combo machine (which provides the benefit of both air humidifier and air purifier) comes at an additional cost, it is worth the investment and hassle you face.

But if you are on a tight budget and want to purchase only one of them, you should first decide your requirements carefully and choose the one that is required urgently.

# Users FAQs #

Air Purifier Vs Humidifier For Baby?

If you have a baby at home, we highly recommend to use both the devices.

While an air purifier will provide a cleaner air to breathe, a humidifier on the other hand will add and maintain optimum humidity in the room so that your baby can relax comfortably.

Can I Use Air Purifier And Humidifier In Same Room?

As mentioned before, it is always a good idea to use both these devices simultaneously in a same room – and there is absolutely no harm in it.

In fact using both these devices will help you live healthily and hygienically without worrying about all the health issues you face due to poor air quality.

Air Purifier Or Humidifier: What For Asthma and Allergies?

For an asthmatic or an allergic person we highly recommend using an air purifier. This is most essential for them to remove all the common triggers that can make their problems worse.

However as an air humidifier adds a mist of pleasant cool moisture in the dry air, it should definitely be considered in a room where an asthmatic or allergic person resides in.

Humidifier relieves and relaxes the respiratory tracts by adding proper moisture into the dry air – which is again a common trigger for asthma and allergies for many.