Using Cool Mist Humidifier In Home

A cool mist humidifier is basically a small machine that includes a water reservoir, a drum and a spout to emit the water vapor generated by the spinning disk into the room. This machine is used to put moisture into the air for decreasing a person’s discomfort when bearing high respiratory distress or nasal congestion.

Children’s room finds to be good with these machines as it relieves symptoms related to the common cold and other respiratory infections in babies which are caused due to cold climatic conditions. Unlike steam vaporizers, a cool mist humidifier does not cause risks of burns on children. However, people should use only purified water to do away with the emission of minerals into the air.

Cool Mist HumidifierWhy to use a cool mist humidifier?

Cool mist humidifiers are used to measure the air quality in your home. These machines do control the moisture content in the air and also help in relieving other health related issues. These devices are effective enough and can:

  • Relieve skin issues,
  • kill the bacteria causing allergies,
  • distill the airborne illnesses and
  • enhance indoor plant growing

Thus, these humidifiers play an important role in both dry and hot seasons. They add valuable moisture in the air and thus, quickly alleviate the health complications such as respiratory issues, dry nose, dry skin and other infections.

Usage of cool mist humidifiers in home

As stated earlier, there are different kinds of cool mist humidifiers to choose from. The cooling effect these machines gives has great role in purifying the air, decreasing static electricity and alleviating different health issues. These machines are available in different sizes; portable small size models are even available to choose from. These are remarkably safe machines to use in home.

When the air is moisture enough, occupants become able to easily breathe and soothe the respiratory system. Thus, cooling effects helps occupants’ body to relax and refresh. Moreover, these machines are affordably priced and use very little power.

A Must Have for your Kids and Infants

Often moms (especially new moms) find it difficult to cope up with their kids health issues in winters. Fortunately the technology available with these cool mist humidifiers helps the moms in taking care of their kids health.

Infections such as cold, sneeze, sinus, breathing problems, snoring, ear infection, etc. can be well relieved just by using these humidifiers in your room.

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Difference between cool mist humidifier & warm mist humidifier

Warm mist humidifiers are somewhat quieter than cook mist humidifier. The former one is being sold in small portable units and need more regular cleaning as they use warm water which increases bacterial growth in the device. Moreover, some people find warm mist humidifiers are more prone to the risks of injury, because the hot water and heating components used in the device causes risks of burning.

Benefits of a cool mist humidifier

Using a cool mist humidifier is a great idea to alleviate people suffering from allergies, sinusitis or other common conditions related with dry indoor air. People prefer a these excellent and smart devices at their kids’ room as the water in the humidifier is not heated and so, no risks of burning to children. Basically there are 3 models of cool mist humidifiers – the impeller, the evaporation wick and the ultrasonic model. Each of the models has its own advantages and benefits to choose from.

The evaporation wick model employs a wick to take up the water in the humidifier. A fan equipped in the machine evaporate the water and thus, producing a mist in the air. Though the mist could increase chances of mold growth in your home, you should give right care and maintenance to the machine, and this in the short run will decrease the mold growth.

The impeller model employs a spinning disk to generate the mist. It is more advanced and better than the evaporation wick. Since they come in small sizes, you can take them from one room to another. Moreover, they don’t employ much electricity.

Last but not the least; the Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier employs sound waves to vacillate the water to generate the mist. Many people employ a filter to catch minerals from the water earlier it is discharged into the air.

People are advised to clean the reservoir and other equipment of any type of humidifier in order to rule out the risk of spreading bacteria into the air. You can use soap and water to clean the reservoir fillings thoroughly.


In all these humidifiers are simple yet smart device which you should have in your home. You may find some of the best brands online and can order them at the best reliable websites such as Amazon.

Here you will find that these humidifiers are available in various attractive designs resembling birds and animals including cow, dog, penguin, owl, duck, elephant and various other models. Each one of these devices are finished with attractive colors to enhance the décor of the room.

Go and find out the finest brand new cool mist humidifier in the market to use in your home. Do follow the instructions given in the brochure while placing and functioning the device.

Top 3 Models That We Recommend

Making a best decision can be really a tough job when you are planning to buy a good cool mist humidifier for your personal use. And for this reason we have made it simpler for you. We have narrowed down your search to the top 3 models which we recommend here.

You may check them out and compare the features in the below chart. This may help you to make a wise decision.

Top 3 Brands
Pricing & Image

Customer Reviews3085 Reviews
295 Reviews
315 Reviews
Relieves Cold and FluYesYesYes
Discount/ Stylish ColorsYes/ 5Yes/ NoYes/ No
Filter RequirementNoYesYes
Product PackagingFrustration-Free Packaging/ Gift-wrap availableNo InfoGift-wrap available
Free Shipping AvailableYesYesYes
Quiet/ Auto shut offYes/ YesYes/ YesYes/ Yes
WarrantyLimited TimeNo info3 Years

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