5 Best Wood Stove Humidifier Kettle-Pot For Your Fireplace

Since ages people are using woodstove steamers and humidifier pots for fireplace to remove moisture from their house during winters.

Although they didn’t have any idea about how it works, they knew it well that they are in need of a device for humidifying their house and to disperse warm mist in the atmosphere to wipe out the severe coldness.

With humans getting more knowledgeable, they have already found brilliant technologies for humidifying their houses.

But to keep you cozy and comfortable in winters – wood stove humidifiers designed in a form of cast iron kettle pot are still a good option to look at, due to wide range of benefits it provide at no extra cost.

What Is A Cast Iron Humidifier?

Cast iron humidifier (also known as wood stove humidifier) is a simple to use fireplace humidifier that can rest on your stove, radiating a rustic look to fireplace while puffing out sufficient steam slowly into the room.

If you are looking for a fireplace humidifier, to get artificial moisture for your house during winters, then cast iron kettle humidifier is just the right idea.

The simple mechanism of this cast iron humidifier is that it releases steam air in the environment which is done by a wooden stove rather than any other heating system.

You can just fill it with water and place it over your fireplace to enjoy its various healing benefits.

Long lasting design and eternal in nature, these cast iron humidifiers are brilliantly equipped to handle the test of time if rightly used and cared.

5 Best Wood Stove Humidifier

Designed attractively for your fireplace, wood stove top humidifier today come in wide variety and styles.

For making it easy, to choose one among these various kettles and steamers for your wood stove we have shortlisted the best 5 models for you.

Check out our detailed reviews and guidelines so that you can pick the one that is just right for your family or friends (just in case you want to give them as a gift).

ProductWeight/ CapacityEditor Rating
1- Lattice Stovetop Steamer7 Pounds/ 2.2 QT/3.8/ 5.0
2- Dragon Wood Stove Steamer16.2 Pounds/ 2.75 QT4.4/ 5.0
3- Moose Wood Stovetop Steamer17.3 Pounds/ 3 QT4.3/ 5.0
4- Log Cabin Wood Stove Steamer12 Pounds/ 3 QT3.8/ 5.0
5- Vogelzang Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier2.17 Pounds/ 3 QT3.5/ 5.0

1- Lattice Stovetop Steamer

Classic designed lattice wood stove steamer that comes with a lattice-top is just an ideal pick if you want to buy a vintage cast iron humidifier for your fireplace.

Due to its traditional lattice work top it easily vaporizes the water into the room making the dry air more humid. You can place it directly on the stovetop or can use with a trivet.

Made up of durable cast iron with black baked enamel, this 2.2 Quarts lattice steamer teapot is available in five attractive colors (black, blue, blue black, red and green) to choose from.

Just pick the right one based on your personal preference or your room color decor.

2- Dragon Wood Stove Steamer

Dragon designed wood stove steamer by Plow & Hearth is another great decorative alternate to electric humidifiers.

Featuring a solid cast iron long lasting durable construction this is a must have for you if you want to get something unique and innovative designed for your fireplace.

Furthermore the Dragon wood stove steamer comes with a matte black finish and rust resistant body to retain heat for long and to easily withstand high temperature even when it gets empty.

Furthermore this top fill pot humidifier is easy to use and clean. Just add 2-3/4 quarts of water via its removable lid.

And within few minutes of heating, you can enjoy healthy steam puffs coming out of the dragon’s nostrils, making your dry room air more humid and comfortable.

If you wish you can also add liquid potpourri, cinnamon sticks, cloves, or nutmeg into water for enjoying a pleasant fragrance and aromatherapy session.

3- Moose Wood Stovetop Steamer

Cast Iron Moose Wood Stove Steamer is another great model manufactured by Plow & Hearth.

Designed in a shape of Moose, this decorative piece of fireplace wood stove steamer humidifier is made up of heavy duty cast iron with a porcelain enamel finish.

The rust resistant body of this Moose Wood Stove Steamer helps humidify your room by adding extra moisture into air through majestic moose’s nostrils.

Besides the “Dragon” and “Moose” designs Plow & Hearth also offers unique decorative designs like “Bear cub”, “Train” and many others for your wood stove top.

You can pick the one that suits your style best.

4- Log Cabin Wood Stove Steamer

Log cabin wood stove steamer by John Wright is a great one to have if you really love the nature’s beauty and outdoors.

Made up of cast iron this high duty designer fireplace humidifier comes with a durable porcelain finish inside and out to avoid any rusting and chipping.

By adding a great vintage look to your fireplace, this high-quality Log Cabin Steamer humidifier can perfectly add extra moisture to your room.

You can add 3 quarts of water into it (with potpourri if you want) to enjoy pleasant fragrance and humid steam coming out of the chimney.

5- Vogelzang Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier

Vogelzang is well known US Stove Company that has been keeping America warm since 1869.

Vogelzang Wood Stove Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier is therefore a good option to check if you want to buy a affordable most cast iron steam kettle.

This 3-quart capacity half kettle for wood stove comes with a chrome spring handle which is cool to touch.

Care that, though Vogelzang cast iron kettle is good for steaming hot water and adding humidity in the dry air it should not be used for cooking or human consumption.

Uniflame cast iron humidifier is also a similar type of cast iron kettle for wood burning stoves which can be considered for humidifying your room.

How To Use Cast Iron Humidifier?

Using a fireplace humidifier is quite simple. All you need to do is pour water in the unit and just place the pot over your wood stove fireplace.

Keep it there for some time and as the water gets heated turning to steam, moisture is released in the atmosphere automatically.

Some of the important things to follow while using your cast iron humidifiers, wood stove steamers and trivets are:

  1. Do not carry the pot bare handed. Use hand protector
  2. Make sure you check the steamer regularly to find out the level of water
  3. Do not cover the opening of the steam because this is place where the steam passes from while humidifying the house

Make sure that you use your diy wood stove humidifier with care so that it does not prove to be risky.

Why To Use A Stove Top Humidifier?

Dry air in winter leads to dry skin, chapped lips and nasal congestion which may also cause exacerbating breathing issues for many.

Thanks to home appliances like ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, it is now very easy to balance the humidity within your house, no matter how acute the outdoor climate is.

Today you have various different types of humidifiers available in the market. Right from the traditional ones to the modern ones.

But rather than going for heavy appliances which needs electricity to operate, you may now consider a simple to use traditional cast iron humidifier that can help restore the humidity balance of your house naturally.

Without using bulky humidifiers that can cost you heavy energy bills, using these DIY wood stove humidifier can help you greatly by releasing required moisture into the dry air.

Additionally you can add some wood stove steamer scents and potpourri to spice up your wood stove humidifier unit and to refresh your home with pleasing aroma all around.

Pros and Cons of Using Fireplace Humidifier

Some of the pros and cons of using a fireplace humidifier are:


You have a lot of advantages of using it, some of them are:

  1. It is simple to clean and use
  2. It is comparatively very cheap to acquire
  3. It uses wooden stove and other heating apparatus to power itself
  4. It releases warm air which drives out the cool air leaving the room filled with warmness


  1. It should be kept away from the reach of the kids
  2. It needs a wooden stove running to get sufficient power
  3. As they are made of iron, you may burn your hands if you touch it with bare hands
  4. The poor quality humidifier may get rusty quickly. Thus, getting good quality is important

How To Care For A Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier?

Although cast iron kettle humidifier or woodstove humidifier comes with lots of benefits, you need to take good care of it once it is used.

This is important for you so that you can regularly enjoy its maximum benefits.

Steps for cleaning your steamer pot are as follows:

  1. Empty the water from the utensil after using it
  2. Clean the kettle with soapy water and rinse it well. Make use of a bristled brush for places where your hands do not reach
  3. Keep it upside down or wipe it with a towel for complete dryness
  4. If you find rust on the cast iron humidifier, then clean it with a piece of sandpaper
  5. Now clean it again under running water and dry via soft towel

Re-seasoning your seasoned cast iron humidifier pot is also important after the rust is removed.

You can re-season your cast iron stove once in a week by wiping out the unit with food grade cooking oil.

  • Just pour some cooking oil in the humidifier and close the lid
  • Now keep the kettle at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes
  • After heating it for about 30 minutes, keep your humidifier in a cool place with its lid removed
  • Keep some paper towels to allow it absorb all the humidity which may accumulate

All in all, the stove steamer pots and humidifiers are quite a good option for all those who are looking for a moist air and warm room temperature without using an electrically operated humidifier.

If you are thinking one to purchase for your home use, you have already taken a wise decision, just get the right one for your needs, use it carefully and handle it in the right way to enjoy its benefits for long.