What Is A Humidistat And How It Works?

Healthy air is most important to live healthily. And to make the surrounding air healthy for breathing, it is important to take all necessary steps that can make it clean, fresh and humid.

It is a known fact that humidity level should be less than 40-50% relative humidity. If your home lacks proper humidity levels it is recommended to install a humidifier to increase the level of humidity.

When the temperature or climate turns to be extremely vulnerable, it becomes important for you to ensure that humidity levels are maintained at a certain level which is most comfortable and healthy.

Fortunately a humidifier can now be installed with one or more devices so as to know that humidity has reached up to a certain level!

When it comes to measuring and analyzing, you can go ahead with just installing a hygrometer in your room. However if you want to control the levels in an automated way, installing a Humidistat is an ultimate solution.

You can install these devices with your humidifier for knowing about how the humidity levels are changing before and after the usage of humidifying device.

What Is A Humidistat?

Humidistat is a small gadget that can be incorporated and fitted into a humidifier without many efforts.

It is usually made of two components – sensing element and relay amplifier. The sensing element is made to fit into a flat plate and contains metal conductors. The relay amplifier is attached to the sensing unit and functions to read the signals send out by the sensing elements.

Once this is installed, the humidifier can get an actual measure of humidity levels to control it in a better way. Humidistat is actually beneficial when it becomes important to maintain a particular desired humidity level.

For example certain rooms are more sensitive towards humidity and may even result in the formation of mildew. In case you wish to control the humidity levels of your bathroom then you can do so by easily fitting a humidistat to the ventilation in your bathroom.

How Does A Humidistat Work?

Humidistat employs a simple working pattern. The conductor sets that are mounted on the sensing element will face an electrical resistance once there is a fall or variations in the moisture content.

The alternative metal conductors can eventually predict the quantity of electrical resistance by taking into account the relative humidity. The relay amplifier will then measure the resistance.

If the resistance has not reached the required levels, then the humidifier with humidistat is automatically turned on and in case if electrical resistance has already reached an optimum level then the humidifier is simply turned off.

Humidistat is used to adjust the valves, dampers or other switches of the HVAC system. It helps in ensuring an effective management of humidity in the atmosphere. Other than HVAC system, humidistats are also used in stand along humidifier or dehumidifiers.

In recent times, many people employ digital humidistat. In case of a digital humidistat, it is programmed and helps to get current and real time update about the level of humidity in a specific location. The humidifier is then put to use depending on the readings generated by a digital humidistat.

Most humidistat installed in various applications works perfect even on 24v or 110v. Also, dehumidistats can be used to operate fans so as to provide proper ventilation and also to control humidity levels.

Difference Between A Humidistat and Hygrometer

Humidistat is many times confused with hygrometer. It is therefore important to know about the basic difference between the both, before you use one or both of them for maintaining proper humidity.

  • Hygrometer in general is an instrument which is used to measure or monitor the humidity levels in the atmosphere. Its only function is to provide a digital or manual reading of the moisture level inside the room.
  • Whereas Humidistat is a device which is built into an appliance used to control the humidity levels of the room. These are usually a built-in controlling device which is designed into an appliance.

While differentiating between the both, it is to be remembered that a hygrometer can be used for to know whether or not you need a humidifier or a dehumidifier in your home.

Humidistat on the other hand, when combined with a humidifier or a dehumidifier helps in controlling the levels of moisture in your home to keep it at a desired level.

Overall, installing a humidistat or a humidifier with humidistat is surely a great way to control the humidity in your rooms all year long. Although these can cost you bit more, these are worth investing as not having it can lead to problems like too low humidity OR too high humidity.

Do not ignore adding it, if you want to give your family the best health via optimum humidity.

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