7 Best BONECO | Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

BONECO Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier

BONECO healthy air is a new powerful brand that has been developed strongly with an amalgamation of Air-O-Swiss and Boneco.

(AIR-O-SWISS + BONECO is now –> BONECO healthy air)

BONECO healthy air (previously Air-O-Swiss) is known for its excellent quality air treatment systems that are built with expertise and an immeasurable wealth of experience of more than 50 years.

The main focus of the brand is to provide Healthy Air to their customers because they believe – healthy air is a commodity that will be even more important, scarce, and sought-after in the future.

Why Boneco Humidifiers?

BONECO is an international brand that is well known for the production of high-quality humidifiers.

According to recent consumer reviews, it stands among the best few when it comes to buying humidifiers for your home or office.

Most of the BONECO humidifier models are bestselling and high in demand as these are available with dual benefits of both (warm and cool mist).

If you want to have the dual benefits of both, these are the best to have.

7 Best Boneco Humidifier Reviews

Searching for humidifiers and comparing different models can be hectic and time-consuming.

But if you act wisely and buy a good original branded product online, you can get them at the best affordable price.

Check below the detailed reviews on Boneco humidifier models to make a wiser buying decision for yourself and your family.

1- BONECO U200

BONECO Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier U200 is yet another powerful cool mist humidifier that can well suit your requirements.

It can produce 1.8 gallons of humid air per 24 hours which can efficiently humidify 430 sq ft of area in your home.

So if you need a tremendous cool mist humidifier for your small or medium rooms, this is a good option for you to check.

Convenient to use dial control knob and LED night light for great relaxing ambiance are the added unique benefits that can be enjoyed.

This Boneco U200 humidifier can also expel a good scent through the air it gives out.

This is made possible because of the fragrance tray integrated within this humidifier, where you can add your favorite essential oil.

Above all, the model comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. However, although it is a bit expensive (as compared to other cool mist humidifiers), it is worth investing in due to its ability to enjoy the great fragrance.

Just go for it, and you will not regret your decision.

2- BONECO U350

Boneco U350 Digital Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is an easy-to-use top-fill humidifier that allows you to fill your humidifier tank on the spot just by lifting the lid.

This innovatively designed Boneco U350 humidifier device has an LED display and an AUTO mode that humidifies and maintains the relative humidity in the room air to 45%.

However, if you wish to change the humidity settings, you can set this to your desired levels by using a built-in adjustable hygrostat.

Efficient to benefit in all seasons (summer as well as winters), you can even use this device to refresh your room by using fragrances and essential oils.

3- BONECO 7135

If you are having trouble breathing comfortably inside your home during summers or winters, you must bring BONECO 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier to your home.

This is a lifesaver tool featuring a safe and simple solution to enable comfortable breathing inside the home.

This Boneco Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier generates either cool mist or warm mist to add comfort and a soothing ambiance to the environment.

The device creates micro-fine mist while using high-frequency vibrations and can moisturize a room of around 650 square feet comfortably. Other important features of the product include:

  • Changes the cold tap water into a cool mist
  • whisper-quiet, straightforward operation without any hissing or bubbling
  • Humidity level-up to 3.5 gallons per 24 hours
  • Easy refilling and carries a good amount of water to stay wet overnight
  • Comes with digital controls and programmable hygrostat
  • Auto shut off after eight hours when in sleep mode

It has been seen that various humidifiers spread microbes, molds, and bacteria into the air.

But using Boneco 7135 humidifier model is entirely safe and helps in avoiding this issue. With its best technology, it keeps control of the growth of bacteria and microbes and thus prevents contamination.

Above all, Boneco 7135 ultrasonic humidifier makes use of high-quality parts and filters which need less maintenance.

The completely replaceable cartridges of the machine deliver the pure, hygienic water mist with no mineral or limescale residue.

So why wait for? Buy this sophisticated humidifier model online and enjoy a comfortable breathing experience inside your home in all seasons.

4- BONECO 7142

BONECO Humidifier 7142 is a tower-design warm or cool mist ultrasonic humidifier that is highly portable and easy to place anywhere you like.

The device is fully automated and can be controlled easily through its multifunctional digital display. The unit works whisper quiet and is good enough to humidify a room of up to 860 sq ft.

BONECO Humidifier 7142 device also features ‘Sleep Mode, which ensures that it works with very low noise during the night.

Although the unit can be set at an Auto Mode to enjoy optimum humidity, its built-in integrated hygrostat allows you to manually set the levels.

Above all, this humidifier device comes with all the essential water maintenance accessories such as Hydro Cell, Demineralization cartridge, and EZCal, which does cleaning and maintains the unit quite easily and efficiently.

5- BONECO 7144

Like Boneco 7135 model, this is also another tremendous ultrasonic humidifier that enables you to enjoy the benefits of both warm and cool mist.

Boneco 7144 is an automatic humidifier model that controls the humidity in the atmosphere on its own without any adjustments.

The output of 3.5 gallons is compelling enough so that you can enjoy moist air for up to 24 hours. The unit is lightweight and shuts off automatically when the water gets emptied.

This warm and cool mist humidifier by Boneco is best suited for small to medium-sized rooms. It is one of the top choices for those who are looking for the quietest and most high-quality room humidifiers at an affordable price tag.

Get this humidifier for your place and stay healthy by enjoying clean, moist air in your environment. This can also enhance work productivity when you set this unit in your office.

6- BONECO 7146

Boneco travels cool mist ultrasonic humidifier 7146 is one of the best-known travel humidifier models in the present market.

It is an extraordinarily compact model humidifier that easily fits into your travel bag so that you can comfortably carry it to any destination.

With the help of high-frequency vibrations, this humidifier produces micro-fine cool mist, which evaporates as soon as it is blown into the room so that the room will be kept cool constantly.

The central plus point in this Boneco 7146 travel humidifier model is that for the water input, you can easily install your own normal water bottle and plug in the device to enjoy the moist, fresh air inside your hotel room.

While operating Boneco Portable Travel Humidifier 7146 it is important to check that you keep the unit on a flat, stable surface that is at least 3 feet above the ground.

Also, you mustn’t use the water bottles above the standard 16 FL OZ as this can overflow the unit. One should also refer to the provided instruction manual before operating the device so as to avoid any risk.

The ultimate welcoming feature of this humidifier is that it is totally a noise-free model. The machine comes with 110-240V AC/DC adapter and interchangeable power plugs, which makes it easily assessable throughout the globe.

Besides the other benefits, it contains a water refilling indicator which is an important concern. When the device is on, it shows soothing blue light, and when the water gets empty, it shows red-colored light.

With this feature, you can easily refill the water by seeing this automatic indicator without any difficulty.

7- BONECO 7147

Boneco 7147 humidifier model is again a warm and cool mist humidifier that you can consider buying for your room to get moist air in all seasons.

This model carries features that are much identical to the 7135 model. The only difference is its attractive black model instead of blue.

If you are worried about the matching indoor colors, you will surely be going to love this black color humidifier.

Overall, Boneco 7147 humidifier is a great attractive device that offers the most hygienic air humidification for your home in all seasons.

Few Other Models and Recommendations

In addition to the above most popular models few other Boneco humidifiers that are worth checking are:

  • Boneco S450 (Steam)
  • Boneco U300 (Cool Mist)
  • Boneco U700 (Warm or Cool Mist)
  • Boneco AOS U650 (Warm or Cool Mist)

If you are interested in buying a Boneco Cool Mist Humidifier, we recommend going with a BONECO Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier U200.

However, if you can invest a few bucks extra, we recommend going with a BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7135 as it comes at a great price to offer you dual benefits of warm as well as cool moisture.

While purchasing your Boneco humidifier online, you are provided with the manual for easy operation, maintenance, and caring tips for your device.

Moreover, Boneco humidifier parts like demineralization cartridges and cleaning kits are also easily available for you to buy online. You can get them at shops such as Amazon at the most discounted price.

You should consider online shopping to enjoy great festive season discount offerings and fast delivery mode to your doorstep.

How To Clean Boneco Humidifier?

Although Boneco humidifiers can help with many health problems, they can quickly turn out harmful for you if you do not provide the system with regular maintenance and cleaning.

You need to practice some maintenance tips to ensure that your machine will not become a hazard in the home.

Regular unit cleaning is necessary to keep bacteria and other germs from assembling inside the system.

Empty the water left behind in the tank daily and clean it using white vinegar and fresh water solution. This is to disinfect the humidifier.

Check here for detailed steps on cleaning your humidifier.

Make sure that you let it dry before storage so that it gets ready for the subsequent use.