Self-Cleaning Humidifiers: Does It Really Work?

self cleaning humidifier

Humidifiers have become quite common in homes around the world. They provide much-needed moisture in the air, which helps those living or working inside to breathe easier.

While the most familiar humidifiers need to be regularly maintained, there is a relatively new line of self-cleaning humidifiers that are catching the attention of the general public.

Yes, we are talking here about those so-called – Self-Cleaning Humidifiers!

What is a Self-Cleaning Humidifier?

Humidifiers generally use tap water which contains minerals that may create limescale deposits or, worse, help bacteria, germs, and mold to form inside the unit.

It is the addition of minerals to the water that provides the breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms that spread when the humidifier is in use.

That is why it is recommended you clean humidifiers regularly using a bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution.

A self-cleaning humidifier, on the other hand, is a specially designed unit that manages to do all the cleaning tasks by itself.

These include special filters and cartridges designed to filter out the minerals which prevent microorganisms from finding a foothold.

With nothing to cling onto, a microorganism would not survive in water for very long.

– How Does It Work?

Well, before you plan to buy them, it is important to know how these work and it is worth your investment and time.

In my opinion, a self-cleaning humidifier is a term that is a bit misleading.

It is better to say that these are humidifiers with filters that remove the minerals from the water before turning them into the mist.

By removing the minerals, microorganisms, and other contaminants, the water remains clean.

However, the self-cleaning humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly, just like a standard humidifier, but not as often.

Some may require that you wash out the filter at regular times to ensure that it does not become clogged. Other types may have you change out the filter every so often.

Advantages of Using Self-Cleaning Humidifiers?

If you are considering purchasing a humidifier, there are some advantages to choosing a self-cleaning version.

1- Less Cleaning:

Arguably the main reason to choose this type of humidifier is that you do not have to clean it as often.

That is certainly implied in the name of the device. However, you still have to clean it regularly.

You should follow the instructions and use the right product to clean the humidifier so that it continues to work properly.

2- Safer:

A self-cleaning humidifier removes the minerals, which provide a platform for microorganisms to develop.

This means that they are safe to use in the home because, unlike standard humidifiers, there are filters that will catch microorganisms when the device is in operation.

If you forget to clean a standard humidifier, the growth process will be considerably more advanced than the self-cleaning versions.

Which Is The Best Self-Cleaning Humidifier In The Market?

BONECO / AIR-O-SWISS U700 is one of the best on the market that claims to offer you this auto-cleaning mode technology.

Serving the whole of North America since 2001, they develop home appliances and products with the most advanced features and superior technology to make your home more comfortable and cozy in all seasons.

If you are passionate about this new technology and are ready to pay a bit extra for it, the newly designed AOS U700 (on Amazon) can be a good self-cleaning device for your family.

Honeywell is another well-known brand that manufactures the most reliable humidifier devices that are easy to care for (not self-cleaning).

I love using them in my home due to the less hassle they have.

You can check both of these brands and compare their features, pricing, and other details before making your final decision.

In the end,

A self-cleaning humidifier offers advantages over standard versions that may make them a better investment.

You spend less time cleaning and worry less about whether the mist is contaminated with unwanted microorganisms.

However, they tend to be more expensive, and you still have to clean them, although not as frequently.

It can be said that a self-cleaning humidifier has definite benefits that should be considered. It is a good option for those who do not love cleaning their machines more often.

However, in making the best-informed decision about whether to purchase a self-cleaning humidifier, you should understand the advantages, disadvantages, and how often you intend to maintain the device.

Put all that together and make your final decision. After all, it’s about caring for your family!