7 Best Holmes Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

Holmes is one of the top reliable brands to look at, when you are searching for a quality ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.


In fact Holmes one touch humidifiers have created a flutter in the market due to its great performance and latest features.

In addition to manufacturing great air humidifiers for your room, the brand is also manufacturing various electrical home appliances since 1982 to suit the demand of varied users.

Some of these appliances include: fans, heaters, purifiers.

In case you are planning to buy a Holmes air humidifier, check here for the models that are highly popular and why you should one of them for your family…

Why Choose Holmes Humidifier?

The best thing about using Holmes ultrasonic cool most humidifier is it easily controls the humidity in room (as well as temperature) in a most user-friendly way.

This helps to keep your family FREE from various types of skin as well as health and respiratory issues.

According to holmesproducts.com using these devices prevents dry cough from aggravating. It fills up the inside air of the room with a cool mist that is good for the body.

Those who have already tried many practices in keeping the room comfortable for effortless breathing, but have failed to get the desired satisfaction, will surely find Holmes unit an ideal aid.

Doctors recommend Holmes cool mist humidifiers without any hesitation as they have proved to have no side effects and are compatible for any stage of allergy or asthma patients.

It is high time that you install one of these Holmes cool mist humidifiers which will not only make breathing much easier, but also will prevent symptoms of nasal congestion, sinus irritation, dry cough, cold and flu and bleeding from the nose.

Believe me, It’s like a doctor sitting at your bedside.

7 Best Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

Homes cool mist humidifiers are usually designed in two types i.e. the Ultrasonic and the Evaporative.

While the Holmes ultrasonic humidifiers are less noisy and provide a cool mist inside the room, the evaporative one is designed to create the coolness through evaporation of water.

Both of them are however beneficial to make your breathing stress free.

For your convenience we have shortlisted 7 best recommendations below.

You may check the comparison chart and detailed review below to save some time and money on your research and purchase.

ProductType/ Tank CapacityEditor Rating
1- Holmes HM1865With Filter/ 1.5 Gallon3.7/5.0
2- Holmes HM1300With Filter/ 1 Gallon3.7/5.0
3- Holmes HM495Filter-free/ 1.3 Gallon3.4/5.0
4- Holmes HM1761With Filter/ 1 Gallon3.6/5.0
5- Holmes HM5100With Filter/ 0.7 Gallon3.7/5.0
6- Holmes HM630-NUWith Filter/ 1.5 Gallon3.7/5.0
7- Holmes HM2610TUMFilter-free/ 1.2 Gallon3.5/5.0

1- Holmes Humidifier HM1865


Holmes HM1865-U Digital Cool Mist Humidifier is an exciting machine to check out if you want an advanced Holmes humidifier for your home.

This model is ideal for large sized rooms and comes with 1.5 gallon tank capacity. This capacity is good enough to run the humidifier for up to 48 hours without any break.

3 speed settings and 16 hour programmable on/off timer is an additional feature which makes the machine easy and safe to use.

Other great feature of this Holmes HM1865-U device is its digital operation and lcd display which makes it easier to operate for anyone, even those who are aged and have restricted mobility.

The filter is pre-treated with Antimicrobial Protection and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for giving the best hygienic environment free from odor.

2- Holmes Humidifier HM1300


Holmes purified cool mist humidifier is another great option for those looking at best small sized room humidifier.

If you want to improve the quality of indoor air and want to protect your family with the harsh dry air of winters, this is one of the best options for you to look at.

24 hours run time is offered with its 1 gallon tank capacity and it comes with 2 speed settings.

The filter and tank of this device is treated with arm and hammer baking soda which helps in controlling the odors.

Also an antimicrobial agent helps in avoiding the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the filters.

Additionally Holmes HM1300-NU Humidifier comes with water filtration technology which aids in removing the impurities present in the water automatically.

Also it has an aromatherapy tablet cage which helps in providing the aroma filled pleasant air with lots of therapeutic benefits.

3- Holmes Humidifier HM495


Holmes Filter-Free Ultrasonic Humidifier with Variable Mist Control, HM495 is one great unit for your home which comes with space saving attractive looking tower design.

The tank is 1.3 gallon and easily operates for whole night upon one filling.

The filter free operation and variable mist controls are the unique features that are provided with this Homes humidifier unit for providing the best optimal comfort to the users.

Also it has an auto shut off feature which makes it safe to operate. The antimicrobial protection is provided which helps in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

4- Holmes Humidifier HM1761


If you are in search for a humidifier for small space, then consider this models as this Holmes humidifier is specially designed for small sized rooms.

It comes with two speed settings which provides optimal comfort to the body. Per tank filling can run up to 24 hours and thus requires no look at when you fill the tank once.

This HM1761-NU Holmes humidifier contains an Antimicrobial Product Protection Additive which makes the device safe to use.

Additionally it comes with 1 year limited time warranty which makes your investment safe.

5- Holmes Humidifier HM5100


Holmes HM5100 is another great humidifier for small rooms which is easy to fill, clean and operate.

Easy one step to change filter allows the changing of filters much easy.

This humidifier contains no parts to assemble and thus it is very easy to operate and clean. You can even clean the device in dishwasher to save good deal of time and energy.

The tank capacity of 0.7 gal. of water allows the device to run for up to 24 hours once the tank is filled. The tank is very easy to fill from the top and you experience no spills while filling.

This also features variable speed options and one-turn option to control the humidity that is dispersed in the room.

Overall this is a humidifier which is good to have for maximum personal comfort at a low price.

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6- Holmes Humidifier HM630-NU


This Holmes Tower Humidifier is perfectly designed for medium rooms and can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water which aids the humidifier to run continuously for about 36 hours after a tank filled.

This Holmes HM630-U humidifier device comes with filter check monitor and an AccuSet Digital humidistat (for monitoring and controlling the desired humidity levels) which makes the humidifier work just awesome.

This Holmes Cool Mist Tower Humidifier is designed with great functionality and looks simply great to complement your home in a best possible way.

With this advanced Holmes humidifier unit, all you get is a refreshing invisible and cool mist of clean air which is odourless and healthy to breathe and live in.

7- Holmes Humidifier HM2610TUM


Holmes Ultrasonic Filter-Free Humidifier, HM2610-TUM is a model which is best suited for people who want a humidifier for medium sized rooms.

Its filter free operation is one of the best feature which makes the model simply great.

This Holmes humidifier device comes with variable speed settings to provide optimal comfort to the body.

And its 1.5 tank capacity is sufficient to run the device for about 24 hours without any distraction when filled once.

The unique feature of this device is its empty tank indicator for extra safety and the rotating nozzle for getting the mist in desired direction.

This is simply a great humidifier for you if you want a cheap humidifier for your room.

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Which Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier Is Best To Choose?

As seen above, wide selection is available for you to choose from – when it comes to buying Holmes cool mist humidifiers.

In addition to above popular models, Holmes humidifier models such as HM410, HM500, HM1200, HM1700, HM3500, HM1100, HM5305, and Holmes whole house humidifier are also available online to check.

However these are not much popular not highly rated. We therefore recommend you to check in detail about the features offered by them before picking one.

If you are not at all choosy and quickly want to grab a good Holmes unit that can take care of your family, you can simply go with our favorite – Holmes purified cool mist humidifier model.

This is one of the most affordable option which has good reviews and consumer ratings. We hope this will will be best suitable for your family.

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