Importance of Healthy Air You Breathe and How It Keeps The Body Healthy

Leading a hectic lifestyle, people often forget about the importance of spending the time outside. Most of us ignore the value of taking vacation and relaxing outstations.

Most importantly we underestimate the health benefits provided by breathing healthy indoor air…

If you are spending more than considerable time indoors within a congested environment your immune system is surely going down. You are forcing your body to breathe in a stale air and along with that it tags along various health issues.

We think that air pollution is often witnessed outdoors – smoke, haze hanging in the air, ozone etc. However, the truth is our inside offices, homes and time spend indoors could be more polluted than the air outside.

The healthy indoor air (which we think so) is often more polluted as it carries lots of dirt/dust particles, fire retardants, volatile chemicals, radon, and fragrances used in cleaners.

Some of these pollutants are tracked in the home itself, whereas some arrives through furniture, new mattresses, wall paints, carpet cleaners etc.

healthy indoor air

There are also lot of allergen plus heaps of mold and pet dander that affect the healthy indoor air. People suffering from breathing problems such as asthma are more affected, breathing the same air by residing indoors.

Sometime if you are presently healthy, you are not able to notice the suffering in your health. But Beware! As it might appear later in years but remember it has somewhere started affecting your health.

Indoor irritants and allergens have increased drastically in the recent years and numerous have been affected due to the same.

The more we spend time indoor the more we lose our immune system. Since, modern homes are air tight the chances are more to catch any kind of air borne allergy.

So what does this mean, DO we not live inside our homes? No I don’t mean this at all…

Instead I want to just focus on the importance of healthy indoor air, we used to breathe in.

We should sometimes find some extra time to relax ourselves and to breathe healthy and fresh air. And most importantly sort out few ways by which we can make our indoors healthier.

Importance of Healthy Indoor Air for Our Body

The importance of healthy air are endless and always beneficial, there is no second doubt in it. Here are some lime-lights of how healthy air benefits to make a healthy body:

  1. Breathing in a healthy air improves your heart rate and blood pressure
  2. It cleans your lungs, you gain more energy and will have sharper minds
  3. Healthy indoor air is also proved beneficial for improving the digestion
  4. It is a mood enhancer; you are happy and feel positive when you breathe healthy air
  5. And most importantly, healthy indoor air strengthen our immune system and we begin to live healthier

The above mentioned are the most important health benefits that one can get breathing a healthier air in our indoors.

Apart from the above mentioned there are lots of ways by which a person can get benefited breathing healthier air.

But this works only if he/she is willing to move out, spend some time outdoors, in whatever activity that he/she finds interesting.

It could be anything either just walking to a nearby supermarket or playing tennis or playing with kids in the backyard etc.

5 Tips for How To Keep The Air Clean and Healthy In Home

Just because you are staying indoors, you should not think that you are safe from the harsh climate outside. The indoor air is not that pure as you think it is.

The air inside your home is invisible but carries potential impact on the family’s health. The environmental pollutants that can affect your health are moisture levels and air circulation.

To make healthy home it is foremost important to take care of your indoor air. The most effective ways to keep your indoor air free from pollutants is keeping the things out of the home that pollutes the air such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, excess moisture, etc.

Another significant strategy is to ventilate the dangerous pollutants. This can be done by having maximum ventilation within your house for the free flow of the indoor air.

Read on further for the 5 substantial tips that will be helpful in keeping your air clean and healthy at home.

1- Don’t Allow Smoking Indoors

There is no safe level of secondhand smoke; you can ask smokers to smoke outside for the sake of health of family and yours.

2- Dry Cleaning Chemicals Are Toxic

The dry cleaning elements are toxic when you breathe. You can shift your washing machine/dry cleaner on the outer area of your home to prevent the air from entering your house.

3- Say No To Toxic Household Products

Art and hobby supplies, cleaning agents, nail and hair products carry an increased level of VOC in home.

These elements are harmful to the health creating worst eyes and skin irritation. Try not to encourage these kinds of purchases.

4- Do Not Let The Ideal Car Sit In The Garage

Car has some level of carbon monoxide which leads to various dangerous health problems like nausea, weakness, and unconsciousness.

The ideal sitting of the car in your garage also releases chemical fumes which is again bad for your indoors and overall health. As it pollutes the indoor air it can easily make you and your family members sick.

5- Clean Your Humidifiers and Air-conditions On Routine Basis

High humidity and standing water encourages the growing of mold and mites. This can worsen the asthma conditions and can also result in acute skin allergy problems.

Cleaning them on routine basis will reduce the pollution in the indoor air.

For majority of the air pollutants you have a control over to reduce and sometime completely avoiding them from entering.

But it needs routine cleaning and keeping up to date your AC and humidifying devices. Anything junk is not tolerable especially when you have kids in home.

How Humidifiers for Indoors Can Solve All your Breathing Problems?

Today there are high quality automatic humidifiers for complete health care available which not only helps in controlling the indoor humidity but also helps in purifying the indoor air.

These air purifier humidifier combo are one of the most important devices at home for those who have breathing problem. Also you should MUST have this in your home if you have small kids or pets.

Installing a good high quality branded humidifier in your home has always worked and has cured many ailments right from various respiratory problems to skin allergies.

Let your body know what it is getting and soon it will give you back the fruition of the benefits breathing a healthy indoor air.