How to Use Relion Cool Mist Humidifier Instructions?

If you are a regular user of humidifiers, then you already know the difference between cool and warm mist humidifiers.

ReliOn offers a range of cool and warm mist humidifier which is available for you to keep the room temperature warm and cool in different desired situations.

Mainly, cool mist models cool and freshen up the room by moistening the dry air.

There is an interior ReliOn Humidifier filter provided in the unit that traps minerals and bacteria from the air to make the environment fresh and cool.

ReliOn ultrasonic humidifier consists of a water tank, powerbase, and removable tray.

You need to activate the unit by going through the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer for setting up and using this unique device in your room.

Instructions to Set Up and Use ReliOn Cool Mist Humidifier

For using ReliOn humidifiers, you need to know about a few important steps. These are as follows:

  • Position the humidifier on a flat surface away from stoves, radiators, and heaters. The surface needs to be water-resistant as this ensures proper circulation of air.
  • Catch the handle and lift it to take away the water tank.
  • Remove the filter out of the base and position it in a bowl of water. Permit it to soak when you are filling the humidifier to reduce the mineral upsurge in it.
  • Repeat it whenever you are filling the humidifier in the future.
  • Now rotate the tank upside down and unscrew the cap on the base.
  • Fill the water tank with cool water and replace the cap. Avoid hot water.
  • Set back the filter into the detachable tray and place the tank back at the base.
  • In case of use, plug the humidifier into a channel.
  • Move the control settings knob from the Off position to the high standard settings as high settings are suitable for higher humidity levels and standard for quiet humidity levels.
  • Yet it does not pump out much of the water mist.
  • Fill the tank once again before the humidifier gets dry.
  • Always turn the machine off or unplug it before removing the water tank.
  • Finally, before restoring the water tank, drain the base tray.

If you are excited to have one for your home, then you can know about the ReliOn humidifier price online before you buy it.

The cool mist humidifier device by ReliOn has been rated 2.9 stars out of 5 on Therefore it is not one of the best products that may suit your family’s requirements.

But if you want to have an excellent cheap device for just a few uses in a year, you can definitely consider this.

Before buying, you may check more about the ReliOn cool mist humidifier reviews and cleaning instructions which will be helpful for you.

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How To Clean ReliOn Humidifier?

No matter whether you are using a cool-mist or a warm mist ultrasonic humidifier, it should have the same parts as that of other manufacturers or brands.

Just like other models, you require to clean your ReliOn humidifier parts (like water tank, reservoir, and filter) regularly to remove the deposited bacteria, viruses, and minerals.

The basic steps you need to follow are:

Step 1 (Cleaning the Tank)

  • Turn off and unplug the unit from the electric socket
  • Remove the water tank and empty it down into a sink
  • Remove the filter cartridge (if any is present in your model)
  • Now take a jug filled with clean water (about 1 gallon)
  • Add 2 tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide or your household bleach to water
  • After mixing it properly, pour two cups of the solution into the water tank
  • Shake the solution in the tank for about 30 seconds and then empty the solution
  • Now refill the tank with clean tap water and shake it again for 30 seconds
  • Pour out the water and repeat the step if you feel there is still the smell (of bleach) left
  • After rinsing it properly, keep the water tank aside to let it air dry naturally

Step 2 (Cleaning the Surface and Filter)

After you have cleaned the water tank, it’s now time to clean the filter and outer body of your humidifier.

  • Take 2 cups of water in a jog/jar and add 2 tbsp. distilled white vinegar into it
  • Take a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth and soak it in the solution
  • Gently wipe out all the surfaces of the humidifier (including the reservoir)
  • Now rinse away the vinegar again with a damp cloth soaked in clean water
  • Repeat the wiping with fresh, clean water if you see deposited mineral residues left
  • If there is a washable filter present in your unit, take it out and rinse under running tap water
  • After rising the dust, soak the filter in the vinegar-water solution for about 3-5 minutes and rinse again

After all the parts are air-dried, reassemble your unit carefully. Plugin in the electric socket and turn it on to check whether it’s working fine.

In the end, as the ReliOn humidifier is an affordable device, it helps to change the complete environment of your home in a much more cost-effective way.