How Long Should A Dehumidifier Last On An Average?

how long should dehumidifier last

So, you are wondering whether or not you need a dehumidifier.

And you discover that you don’t really know how to use it or how long it should last.

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered in this article! The first thing you need to know is when it is best to install a dehumidifier in your home.

Some of the leading indicators you need such a device include:

  • Wet stains on walls or ceiling;
  • Damp air;
  • Condensation on your windows;
  • Mold;
  • Excess moisture.

If you are in one of those situations, you will most likely need to buy a dehumidifier.

This will cleanse the air of excess moisture, preventing mold or bacteria from spreading.

Read on to find out our insights on dehumidifiers and their lifespan.

Everything you need to know about this helpful device is revealed next!

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Dehumidifier?

Many homeowners firstly ask about the lifespan of their dehumidifier device.

And it is only reasonable to do so, as you will want to use your dehumidifier as long as possible.

Anyhow, you should know that the average life of a dehumidifier depends on the brand and quality of materials used for the device.

Overall, dehumidifiers were created to run continuously, similar to any other kitchen appliance, like your refrigerator.

When it comes to how long a dehumidifier lasts, you will discover that you will most likely have to change it after only five years.

After this period, your device will start breaking, and its efficiency will significantly decrease.

Of course, some dehumidifiers could last longer and may come with a longer life span than average. But you may have to pay extra for them.

Having these all things in mind, let’s take a close look at factors that influence the average lifespan of such a dehumidifier. 

What Are the Factors That Impact A Dehumidifier’s Lifespan?

So, you want to use a dehumidifier in your home to improve air quality.

And as we said above, you will want to pay close attention to some factors so that you expand the life of your device.

Here are the leading factors that directly impact how long a dehumidifier lasts.

#1 Manufacturer

The first thing you need to take into account is the manufacturer.

If you want to use your dehumidifier more often, you should avoid cheap and unknown brands.

These will most likely break down after a couple of months of usage, which in turn will lead to additional expenses.

Thus, a dehumidifier’s lifespan depends greatly on the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of materials used in its design.

Reliable manufacturers will thoroughly test their products so that they can check the effectiveness of the dehumidifier.

Also, such brands will focus on the quality of the engineering process, which can add up to the advantages of using a popular brand’s dehumidifiers. 

#2 Dimensions

Another essential factor you need to consider for expanding your dehumidifier’s lifespan is its dimensions.

As a general rule, small devices used in bigger spaces are overworked, decreasing their ability to cleanse the air.

Also, using the wrong device can significantly reduce its lifespan, making you purchase a piece of new equipment shortly after.

The correct usage of a dehumidifier determines how long it will last.

And keep in mind that positioning the device a bit farther from the wall can boost its effectiveness and life.

Don’t forget about doing maintenance, either!

A dehumidifier will require frequent emptying of the chambers, along with filter changes. 

#3 Environment

And in case you didn’t know already, your home’s environment can have a say in the lifespan of your dehumidifier.

If the room is not warm enough or if it is too hot, your dehumidifier might have issues adapting.

This will make it overwork, which will impact its ability to perform for a more extended period.

And if your room tends to reach freezing temperatures, you should always use a dehumidifier with a defrost setting.

Doing otherwise will only damage your device and prevent it from doing its job.

#4 Type of dehumidifier

As mentioned above, the type of device you opt for will impact its lifespan.

As a general rule, the dimensions of your room will determine the size of the device.

Also, the type of compressor in your dehumidifier will make a difference concerning its effectiveness in cleansing the air. 

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How to Make Your Dehumidifier Last Longer?

Now that you know what can have a direct impact on your device’s lifespan, you probably wonder whether or not there is something you can do to increase the lifespan of a dehumidifier.

Well, the next suggestions can help you make the best of your device while boosting its reliability.

1- Do frequent maintenance to your dehumidifier

The first thing you can do to extend a dehumidifier’s usage period does periodic maintenance.

Keeping your device clean can significantly boost its lifespan and effectiveness.

So, you should remove collected water regularly and ensure that water doesn’t get the chance to turn into something musty.

Also, cleaning that collection tank when you remove the water would be best.

And if your device uses filters, you should replace those as often as possible.

Filters can gather a lot of bacteria and germs, which can impact the quality of the air. 

2- Install the device as suggested by the manufacturer

So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using the dehumidifier.

This might refer to connecting your device directly into a socket and avoiding an extension cord.

Also, for the best results, you should always allow space between your device and the wall. In this way, the motor of the dehumidifier won’t overheat. 

3- Make sure you don’t overwork your device

Even though a dehumidifier is designed to work continuously, it is always best to allow it from now and then to rest.

All you have to do is decrease its speed which will enable it to work at a slower speed.

4- Consider an anti-surge device

Since a dehumidifier will function most of the time, a power surge is more than recommended.

This will prevent potentially harmful situations in case the internal circuits of your device become overheated. 

5- Make sure you understand the warranty of your dehumidifier

After learning about how to expand the lifespan of a dehumidifier, there is another thing you should take into account.

The guarantee of your device is there to help you overcome any issues you might encounter with your dehumidifier.

As such, a good warranty can aid you in covering service requirements and can even allow you to request a replacement in case of a malfunctioning situation.

Final thoughts

Having a dehumidifier can make your home more pleasant and clean.

But to achieve this, you should pay close attention to the tips mentioned above.

Overall, a good dehumidifier from a reliable manufacturer can last for several years.

But at the same time, you will have to invest some time in maintenance.

Using a dehumidifier at home can clean the air from spores or bacteria, preventing mold or moisture from forming.