Is Water Collected from a Dehumidifier Safe to Drink?

is dehumidifier water safe to drink

An average-sized dehumidifier can produce a significant amount of water, which might make you wonder what to do with it so you won’t waste it.

If this is your case, too, you would be glad to know that there are different ways out there by which you can use this water collected from your dehumidifier.

Like, you can use it to water the plants, in your humidifier machine, etc.

Since the water from your dehumidifier device is spotless, you can use it for drinking purposes.

How safe it is to drink water from a dehumidifier will, however, depend on how clean and hygienic you keep your water tank.

Plus, it will also depend on how long the water collected from the dehumidifier machine has been sitting around.

What Is Dehumidifier Water?

To answer this question, you need to get a deeper understanding of how a dehumidifier functions.

Such a device is created to extract water vapor in a humid room or from several rooms at one time.

This water vapor is moved through a condensing process, which might offer you distilled water, technically speaking.

Keep in mind that the water your device produces might have different levels of quality depending on whether or not your dehumidifier has a filter or a UV light.

Thus, some devices don’t come with these functional purifying components, which might decrease the quality of water achieved.

And some scientific evidence suggests that a dehumidifier is not entirely able to produce sage distilled water meant for personal intake, such as drinking.

This might happen because your device cannot remove microscopic particles from the water or kill harmful microorganisms. 

Where Does the Collected Water from a Dehumidifier Come From?

Water is all around us in the air, no matter if we are inside or outside our homes.

And if you own a fish tank, that can too add to the humidity levels in your home.

Well, the quantity of water inside a house can differ and can be influenced by activities like showering or cooking.

In general, if you have high humidity and are using a dehumidifier, this will extract all the extra water content from the air around you.

This gets collected into the unit over time. You may either drain it out or use it for various purposes.

But you should know, based on your home’s environment, some spores, mold, or other microorganisms might not get cleared from the water.

And this is why in most cases, specialists don’t advise drinking such water. If you ingest those, you might end up having health issues. 

What Is the Difference Between Dehumidifier Water and The Actual Distillation Process of Potable Water?

So, now that you know that an essential dehumidifier can’t produce authentic potable water, you need to understand what pure distillation means.

In distillation, the water is heated to the point it becomes vapor so that any harmful particle or microorganism is eliminated.

Furthermore, the temperature is kept high to make sure water is vaporizing without the risk of contamination.

And when that vapor is gathered and redirected into a condenser, it will get cooled down into the state of pure water.

As a result, the initial container will feature only microorganisms and impurities. In contrast, the new container in which the water is collected will be free of bacteria, spores, or any other harmful elements.

But a dehumidifier is limited, so it can’t replicate this process entirely. The water from such a device goes through either refrigeration or absorption.

Still, neither of those systems can clean and transform water into vapor, while almost all dehumidifiers don’t separate water in different containers.

This is the main reason why people ask whether or not water collected from a dehumidifier is safe to drink. 

How to Use Water Collected from a Dehumidifier?

Many people turn to dehumidifier help due to issues such as damp air or condensation in their homes.

Well, these devices, no matter their size, can do wonders for the environment inside.

But at the same time, many don’t know how to manage the water a dehumidifier catches from the air.

There are quite a few ideas that might inspire you when it comes to using the water collected by your dehumidifier.

Some of the situations in which you can use the water from your dehumidifier might include:

  • Using it in the humidifier tank
  • Adding it to your car’s radiator or washing tank
  • Adding it to your iron if it comes with a steam option
  • Adding it to the irrigation system of your trees or plants
  • Adding it to your toilet’s tank to use the water for flushing
  • Mixing it with detergents or bleach to clean your house’s flooring or other areas
  • Watering your plants with it, if you are sure your home’s air is cleaner than the outside 

To Drink or Not to Drink the Water from A Dehumidifier? What Should You Do?

There is no simple answer to this question; as we mentioned above that the device you purchase to dehumidify your home can make a difference in the quality of the water obtained.

Of course, water collected from a dehumidifier can be safe for some purposes, while others are not recommended.

The general idea here is that this type of water is not recommended for drinking because it doesn’t follow the standard distilled water process.

As such, there is the risk of having bacteria or spores in it, which can pose health risks.

Remember that a dehumidifier cannot remove pollutants usually present in the air, which might expose you to heavy metal poisoning.

But before you throw it away, you should know that dehumidifier water can be great for several other household appliances.

Even though such water is harmful to humans and pets, you might still reuse it in your home for several purposes.

Final thoughts

If you purchase a highly performant dehumidifier with different filters and UV protection, you might achieve somewhat drinkable water.

But the general idea is that it is not recommended to drink water collected from a dehumidifier, as it lacks the assurances of the process through which distilled water goes through.

The water obtained in dehumidifier tanks is known as condensate, meaning it is an excellent solution for watering plants or using for cleaning your household.

Keep in mind that your pets shouldn’t drink it either since it can make them ill, too.

Therefore, the bottom line is that water collected from a dehumidifier can have various purposes in your household, even though it is not drinkable.

And based on the type of dehumidifier you have and the amount of water it collects, using this water might turn out to be extremely helpful for you.