What is the Difference between Nebulizers, Vaporizers and Diffusers?

Nebulizers, vaporizers and diffusers are the three different devices which are used by people for medication purposes. Each of them has its unique properties and delivers different features to the users through which they benefits most.

For some, these three terms seems to be same and they think that these are names of one and the same device that do not have much difference.

But actually this is not true!

These are 3 different devices that are completely different to each other and are used for different purposes. Let us check in detail about all these 3 devices and the differences it has.

Nebulizers Vaporizers and Diffusers

What Is A Nebulizer?

A Nebulizer is a drug delivery tool or a device that is used in administering medication in the form of inhaled mist into your lungs. The nebulizer is mainly used to diagnose and treat asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD and various respiratory diseases.

People with serious breathing problems use nebulizers instead of using any other devices. Nebulizers have lower operational cost. As such there are two categories of a nebulizer, electrical and mechanical.

  • Mechanical devices includes: Homemade inhaler, Soft mist inhaler, Human powered nebulizer
  • Electrical devices includes: Jet nebulizer, Vibrating mesh technology, Ultrasonic wave nebulizer or atomizers

What Is A Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are well known device that is used to vaporize active ingredients including plant material, essential oils, etc.

This is basically a type of diffuser which lets you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by using inhalation or olfaction methods. This type of diffuser is often made up of ceramic, glass or metal.

It contains the glass or ceramic container which is placed at the top in which essential oil is placed and heated. As the essential oil is vaporized and diffused it is available for inhaling purpose.

These vaporizers can be of different types and can work with electricity or heating/ burning methods.

What Is A Diffuser?

Diffusers are mostly common these days and are known to be used in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy diffusers are small devices that are well used for getting the best benefits of aromatherapy. It helps in dispersing essential oils for the scent to enter the surrounding air.

There are various types of diffusers including the fan diffusers, passive diffusers, heat diffusers, mist diffusers, nebulizing diffuser, ultrasonic diffuser, humidifying diffuser, evaporative diffuser and more.

However there are three major diffusers with three different purposes which are commonly used. The following diffusers can be explained as follows:-

  • Fan diffusers – devices that are used as small fans that create airflow, on a pad with the wick that has essential oils that are dispersed into the air.
  • Heat diffusers – heat diffusers include lamp rings, electric heat diffuser, lamp rings, candle diffuser that heats the oil to be diffused into the room. This promotes diffusion in the room.
  • Mist diffusers – they are a combination of water and essential oils that are compiled together to enter the surrounding air.

Diffusers with a built in humidifier can provide therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and are known to benefit the patients who are suffering from asthma or any other such respiratory diseases.

Diffusers are great healers and many people rely on this to cure diseases. These can be found online at an affordable price.


With the above said, Nebulizers, vaporizers and diffusers are completely different from one other. There are many people who misunderstand that these devices are same and functions similarity, which is not true at all.

However people who know about these 3 devices pretty well, buy out these devices for different purposes and for different reasons.

In case if you are planning to buy any of these, online search is a great option. Stores such as Amazon, eBay and many others list these units at a great price which can be purchased instantly for your use.