What Is The Difference Between A Diffuser And A Nebulizer?

The art of using natural and pure plant extracts in the form of oils to relax, balance and rejuvenate a body is an ancient practice which is followed today as aromatherapy and self care regime.

Due to lot of advancement in technology and changes in the use of natural extracts, a diffuser is brought into use for the diffusion of essential oils that spreads its natural aroma and fragrance in the environment or room where it is placed. The device evaporate the liquid leaving long lasting fragrance in the surrounding environment.

If you are trying to know about the difference between a nebulizer & a diffuser and want to know about which one is more suitable for therapeutic benefits, then go through the features and working details of both of these devices.

Diffusers and Nebulizers: The Basic Difference

Often times a diffuser is confused with a nebuliser. However it is interesting to note that both of these devices work differently and provides varied benefits to the users.

Most of the people are not knowledgeable enough while buying a diffuser or a nebulizer. Feeling it difficult to understand which one to choose, they end up buying a diffuser when they actually need a nebulizer and vice versa.

– A diffuser is the device that evaporates the essential oils in the air making the area fresh and scented, whereas a nebulizer forces the breakdown of aromatic oils in surrounding air making it healthier to breathe in.

– A diffuser is basically useful for producing a scented atmosphere without providing the real therapeutic benefits. On the other hand a nebulizer is therapeutic beneficial as it breaks down the molecules of essential oil into small particles without the separation of the mixture. This is readily absorbed by the body and lungs to provide the instant relief.

Based on your needs, it is essential to choose the best product that works in different environment and presents fresh air to breathe and feel fresh.

Get A Nebulizer For Advanced Therapeutic Healing

If you are very concerned about health and always wish to place the best nebulizer at home, then choose it to provide therapeutic and aroma healing value with the use of essential oils.

There is no change in the chemical composition of essential oils as it stops the separation of the molecules in the mixture and produces a certain size for the body and lungs to absorb quickly. The only disadvantage of this device is its cost. However this is more in demand due to its rapid effects and natural healing qualities than the diffuser.

People suffering from air borne problems, asthma, etc. and babies suffering from cold, flu, sneeze, etc. are often advised using the nebulizer for getting the relief.

Get An Ultrasonic Diffuser for Fresh Aromatic Environment

A diffuser gets engaged in the evaporation process due to the heat and spreads the aroma in the environment without providing much healing benefits to the body. But if your main concern is to get the fresh aromatic environment that nothing works better than an ultrasonic diffuser.

If you are fed up of those un-pleasant smell in your room or a bathroom you can use these ultrasonic diffuser models for getting the best pleasing environment.

Keep in Mind About Your Family’s Requirement Before Choosing One

Fill your life with lots of freshness, joy and active feel by choosing the best nebulizer machine or an electric diffuser. Both of these does its job in an effective way, saves money on health problems.

Also do not forget to get an ultrasonic humidifier if you want to get added benefits in your atmosphere. If your kids are allergic to nebulizers then it is good to use a diffuser and humidifier combo as it holds a small amount of water to maintain room temperature and act as a humidifier as well. Consider your requirement and then choose the best that delivers a required dosage for the area.

If you are strict about the health of your family, then saturate the room with good aromatic oil with the help of nebulizer or a diffuser. Keep your family free from discomfort and achy feel. Let it work all night for a good night’s sleep as filling the bedroom with aromatic oils is something outstanding to enjoy a sound sleep.

Keep away all the odds and the aches and wake up fresh in the morning for a good start of the day!