5 Awesome Benefits of Using Humidifiers in Cold Winter Months?

Although it is much enjoying, the cold winter season comes with lots of troubles and health issues. And if we do not take proper precautions we can spoil the enjoyment.

Besides many other things, installing a good room humidifier during winter season is of utmost importance for keeping the inside air moist and healthy. Humidifiers are necessary if you live in an area where cold is on its peak during winter season making the air around you dry and uncomfortable.

The device in your home not only adds the necessary humidity into your rooms, but also helps in avoiding the problems such as dry skin, cold and flu which are most common in this season.

Winter Season with Family
Winter Season with Family

5 Benefits of Using Humidifier In Cold Winter Season

For most of us electric heaters are the most favorable devices to get relief from the severe cold atmosphere during winters. But besides providing all the good warming conditions for our body, it also makes the air around us very dry.

On regular running (for more than an hour) the air inside your room becomes hot as well as dry which is sometimes unhealthy and hard to breathe. Especially for babies, the dry air makes their nostrils very dry, making it too difficult for them to breathe after some time.

Adding a cool mist humidifier is the only solution which helps them effectively.

1- Good Health and Reduced Allergies

During cold winter months, you like spending more time inside your home, but due to the sinking humidity your body start reacting to indoor allergens. For this reason winter can be a difficult time for many, especially for those with allergic symptoms like eczema, asthma, snoring, coughing, etc.

If you let the condition to continue, it can cause serious troubles. This is where proper humidification can help and can make big changes on your family’s health.

2- Prevents Dry And Itchy Skin

People suffering from skin problems can experience bouts of itching, flare ups and dry skin along with other general discomfort if not controlled during the winter season.

If you are waking up early morning with cracked, dried and chapped lips along with dried patchy skin on your other body parts, you obviously need a humidifier in your home. These symptoms usually occur due to low humidity levels and no doubt restoring the healthy levels of humidity inside home can alleviate these issues.

3- Makes You Feel Warmer and Comfortable

The air you live in should include certain amount of moisture so that your body feels comfortable and healthy. But during the winters the air becomes too dry and is not very easy to live in. Adding extra moisture in the air will therefore make you feel better and enjoy the season to its utmost.

Studies reveal that moistened air actually feels warmer than as compared to dry air. This is due to the fact that – when there is more water in the surrounding air, your sweat evaporates slowly which makes you feel warmer.

This in turn helps you in saving few bucks to your heating bills all through the chilling winter months as you can lower down your thermostats for making the room warm.

4- Reduces Static Electricity

Static electricity is more common in dry winter seasons which can be annoying at most of the times. You know how it feels when you have to deal with frizzy hairs, walking on dry wool carpets, touching of metal doorknobs, etc!

Not only this, but the increased static electricity can even prove risky for your electronic devices as it can develop spark that can prove disastrous with flammable gas or dust. No doubt, using humidifiers in your home can lower down the effects of static.

5- Happy Furniture and Plants

Cold dry winters can bring much damage to your wooden furniture if your home is not properly humidified. As a matter of fact, porous wood items needs proper humidity to maintain its look and size in dry winters. Adding humidifier can therefore help your furniture in maintaining its longevity.

Also the indoor plants, wood floors, paint, wall papers, etc in your home will thank you for adding a good humidifier when they get proper humidity.

Few Important Tips for Efficient Working and Maximum Comfort

It is best to use your humidifier unit in living room or bed room. As these rooms are used regularly, a humidifier unit here can be regulated and adjusted in a best possible way to give the needed level of soothing moisture to the room.

A humidifier works together with your heating unit to keep your body warm as well as humid during the cold winter climate. One of the best thing you can do is opt for a good heater humidifier combo unit which offers you the dual advantage of heater as well as humidifier.

This will ensure that your home environment remains at an optimum temperature and at right humidity levels without spending money on two different units (heater and humidifier).

Also note that humidifier filters becomes dirty after each usage and it becomes important for you check these filters from time to time. Dirty filters should be cleaned or completely replaced with the new filter which maintains the efficiency of your device.

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