Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifiers For Babies: What To Choose And Why?

Is cool or warm mist humidifier better for baby

Your sick baby at home is the reason for you to develop a lot of worries and emotions.

You perhaps, feel sympathetic, worried, frustrated and helpless at times when you find your baby suffering.

If you find your kid suffering from problems like sinuses, congestion, or coughing you can probably try installing a well-branded humidifier.

Installing a good humidifier in their room can really help your baby breathe better.

Well, when you are concerned about humidifiers for babies, you should know that they come in two basic varieties:

  • Warm Mist
  • Cool Mist

Although aimed at the same objective – to provide maximum comfort to the babies by producing enough moisture – these are designed to work a bit differently.

The fact is, while deciding on which one to choose, you may be left with many questions that need to be answered.

Let us try to help you out in deciding which one is better for your infants and why!

Cool Mist vs. Warm Mist Humidifier For Babies

When it comes to choosing between a vaporizer vs a humidifier for a baby, there are few things you need to know about.

In fact, if you know about the working & benefits of each, you can easily differentiate between these two devices better.

It will then help you make a wise decision in choosing the one for your baby room.

Warm Mist Humidifier for Baby

How Does It Work?

Warm mist humidifiers or vaporizers evidently boils the water to 100 degrees Celsius in the built-in water tank.

The distilled steam which is produced due to evaporation is released as water vapor into the room, thus making your room humid in dry conditions.

The warm mist eventually makes breathing easier in winters and can help avoid various health issues, especially for babies.

Few warm mist humidifiers are also included with a small medicine chamber that can be used for steaming medications as well.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of warm mist humidifier that makes it a great buying option for the baby room are:

  • Good for relieving flu and cold in winters
  • Works with less noise when compared to cool mist humidifier units
  • Kills bacteria and virus when boiling water in the tank, hence much cleaner mist is produced
  • Some of these come with a medicine cup to distribute respiratory inhalants, medicines, and essential oils.

Disadvantages of using warm mist humidifier are:

  • Produces a bit muggy feel in the room
  • Consumes extra energy for heating and boiling the water
  • Covers comparatively smaller areas than a cool-mist humidifier
  • Frequent cleaning required as minerals are deposited behind, by boiling water
  • Hot steam can be dangerous, hence children and pets at home should keep a distance

Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby

How Does It Work?

These types of humidifiers basically consist of parts like a reservoir tank, a cotton wick, and a blower fan.

The wick which is present inside the device absorbs water from the reservoir tank to its surface through the capillary action and the evaporation process occurs at the surface of the wick.

This wick is then blown with the blower fan to increase the speed of the vaporization process.

As the water gets evaporated, it goes onto the room’s atmosphere and this increases the moisture level in your room.

Pros and Cons

Few advantages which make cool mist humidifier a must-have device for baby at home are:

  • Prevents static electricity problems
  • Avoids damage to wood and plants
  • Prevents the spread of airborne viruses
  • Prevents dry skin problems like chapped lips
  • Helps in relieving allergy symptoms (sinus, snoring, cold, and flu)

The only disadvantage of using a cool mist humidifier is it requires regular cleaning due to the lime and other minerals (getting deposited on the filter and tank) present in the water.

Especially if you have lots of minerals in your water supply, you can also see “white powder” sprayed by your humidifier in the environment. 

This may get deposited (in the form of white dust) to your furniture and indoor plants.

The above condition can be easily controlled if you use distilled water in your humidifier device.

Also, care that you clean or replace the filter in your unit which is replaced every 2-3 months for the smooth functioning of the unit without any problems.

Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifier For Baby

Which One Is The Right Fit for Your Baby?

As seen above, each of these types of humidifiers comes with varied features, both of these have their own pros and cons.

Warm mist humidifiers are considered hygienically safer (as they expel out the preheated water which is free from bacteria and virus).

Contrary to this, cool misting humidifier devices such as Taotronics are much more energy-efficient (as they do not need to boil the water) and can save on your energy bills.

What About Babies at Home? Since a warm mist humidifier includes a hot water tank as well as a heating rod, it comes with a safety risk.

This is the reason for many to show a dislike for the warm mist humidifiers when it comes to baby humidifiers.

Most people consider a cool-mist humidifier as they find it safer to use when there are infants present.

However, if extra care is taken to reduce the risk factor, either of the humidifiers can be used for moisturizing the room.

Overall, choose the type of humidifier which can meet the requirement of the occupants in the enclosure of your home.

Do not forget to research well on the brand of humidifier you need and the type you finally buy for your family.

If you want you can invest a bit more and buy a device that offers dual benefits of both i.e. cool and warm mist humidifier.

These costs a bit extra but as they come with many different features as well as benefits, the additional amount is worth your investment.

*In case, you are still confused about which humidifier type should you buy for your baby, ask your doctor about which humidifier is ideal for your kid and then make the final purchase.