What Are The Various Different Types Of Humidifiers Available To Buy?

Here in this article we will be talking about the room humidifiers and its various types.

But before we talk more about the types of humidifiers lets check in short about what are humidifiers and how its useful.

What is A Humidifier? As the name itself explains, the humidifier is simple household equipment which increases and maintains the moisture or humidity inside the home or in a particular room.

Depending on the necessity the humidifier is available in two major types.

First type is commonly used for humidifying a particular room or the whole house and the other is the furnace humidifier which humidifies the entire house by just fixing or connecting it to the home’s HVAC system.

Use of Humidifier: Humidifiers are generally used to remove dry air from the atmosphere and to enhance the air quality by adding moisture to the environment.

As different various types of humidifiers are available in the market with added features and benefits, you need to consider your needs and budget before buying a humidifier.

Many things should be looked at, such as size, working strategy, benefits, your needs, price, etc. while buying a humidifier.

Parts of Humidifier: Basically the humidifier is made up of three different parts. These three parts will be seen in all common types of humidifiers.

  • Reservoir
  • Fan
  • Wick

The major use or work of the wick is to absorb and filter the water from the reservoir chamber.

The fan is just placed nearby the wick and when the humidifier equipment is on, the wind from the fan blows on the wet wick (from the reservoir) and makes the water to evaporate easily.

This way the humidifier acts and maintains the humidity of the particular atmosphere in a room.

Types of Humidifiers

Different Types of Humidifiers for Your Room

Here we list out few important and popular room humidifiers that are available in the market. Check them out before you buy a humidifier for your home.

1- Warm Mist Humidifier: Also called vaporizers, these humidifiers heat the water and release steam into the room.

Some medicines can be put into the device for inhalation that can relieve congestion. Cold climate is the best time to use these humidifiers and they create a little nose than other humidifiers.

Frequent cleaning should be done with this device to avoid bacteria growth. Careful handling is required because the water includes in the device can put you at risk.

2- Ultrasonic Humidifier: This is the most advanced humidifier model, equipped with many tools and features.

It can make either cool or warm humidification, which makes the model the favorite of the industry.

High frequency vibrations are used to disperse water into the air that makes the humidifier the most silent model.

3- Impeller Humidifier: This humidifier type also releases cool mist. It uses a technology in which a fan is blowing water through a diffuser to generate fine droplets.

One drawback is non-availability of filter and therefore, bacteria can be spread in the air with the mist. Minerals are also scattered into the air and display as white dust throughout the home.

You can avoid this by using distilled water rather than normal water to fill the tank. They are cheaper than evaporative humidifiers.

4- Evaporative Humidifier: Evaporative humidifier or cool mist humidifier is common and most popular type of humidifier, emitting cool mist.

It releases water through a pad or wick filter by a fan.  This traps mineral dust and bacteria before the water evaporate into the air.

This model is energy efficient and the filter keeps microorganisms and minerals in the water from being disseminated into the air. Frequent cleaning is important because filters are prone to breed bacteria.

Latest models of evaporative humidifier come with in-built solutions such as special plastics, antibacterial filters and a structure to prevent stagnant water from gathering around the filter, etc.

5- Homemade Humidifier: Although there are many electronic humidifiers available in the market one can also go for making a humidifier at home.

In case if you are not having a humidifier at home and are in need of it urgently, you can try this at home.

Take a wooden stool and place a large stainless steel bowl or vessel filled with half volume of water.

Then take a large size cotton towel or cloth and cover the vessel completely provided a small weight placed at the center of the towel so that the towel will be immersed in the water partially.

As the towel circumference is larger, the surrounding atmosphere gradually absorbs the moisture from the towel.

The major plus point in this natural humidifier is that cleaning the towel and the vessel is easy so that you can readily avoid the chance of formation of unwanted micro-organisms.

Electronic Humidifier: A Good Option for Your Family

Buying a good brand new electronic humidifier is always a good option for families that are concerned about their family health.

As this is a small investment it will not at all disturb your budget.

So if you are yet planning to buy a new cool mist humidifier which keeps on serving for you for years, this is a right time now. Just get one now and start living in a healthy environment.

However, when you go to buy a humidifier you should careful research and know what type of humidifier will be suitable in your house keeping.

Keep in mind about the health of the family members and then choose the best one for them.

Check The Best Humidifier Reviews To Help Make Best Choice

There are a myriad of manufacturers offering humidifiers with different styles and patterns.

Since there are many companies to choose from, people may find it very hard to select the most durable and workable device from the bunch.

If you are new to the product, it will become harder to find out the most viable humidifier available in the market.

This is where humidifier reviews helps a lot in order to discover the good quality humidifiers.

First of all you have to eliminate the concerns about pricing when reading humidifier reviews. Remember, price is not the major concern rather there are many things to think about.

There would be a myriad of choices when it comes to humidifier, and you can employ different factors to rate the choices for getting the right product.

But for this, you don’t need to spend much time or do any careful research on each humidifier brand. This will make you fail in your attempt and you may end up by selecting any poor quality product.

Do careful planning when you are going for the best and durable humidifier. Planning is also important before purchasing as there are many options and choices to select from.

So, read reviews for not only to improve knowledge but also to take accurate decision. The most popular brands such as Crane and Honeywell can be affordable for people of all groups.

Read about these brands in detail to get more about its specialties filters used, price rates and more.

Look at the features and benefits of each humidifier and then decide on which would best fit with your needs.

Look at the tank size, which should be in correct size that means avoid too small or too big sizes. This will need you to refill or move once filled water from the tank.

Other elements to look out include a rotating spout, which is used to modify the direction of the mist. Check the built-in humidistat, which regulates the quantity of humidity in the air.

A useful and effective humidifier will be equipped with a safety shut-off feature in order to prevent it from working when the water gets over.