5 Different Types Of Humidifiers: How These Work & Benefit?

Planning to buy a humidifier for dry air problems in your home and confused with so many options/types available on the market?

Worry not, in this detailed article as we will help you guide through various different types of humidifiers, how each of them work, how these benefits and what is the best option for you to buy…

But before we talk more about the types of humidifiers let’s quickly check about what are humidifiers and how it work?

Types of Humidifiers

What is A Humidifier?

As the name itself explains, humidifier is a simple household equipment which increases and maintains the moisture levels inside a home or a particular room.

Although various types of humidifiers are now available in the market (with added features and benefits), the ultimate goal for all of them is to enhance the air quality by adding the needed humidity to the dry air.

Basically a humidifier device includes three basic parts, which are common in all types of humidifiers. These are:

  • Wick
  • Fan
  • Reservoir

The wick in a humidifier absorb and filter the water from the reservoir chamber.

When the humidifier is switched on, the wind from the fan blows on the wet wick (from the reservoir) which helps the water to evaporate easily.

Different Types of Humidifiers

Depending on the moisture type you need, humidifiers are basically categorized into two different types. These are:

  • Cool mist humidifier
  • Warm mist humidifier

Depending on the technology used to produce the mist, humidifiers are also categorized into three different types. These are:

  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • Evaporative humidifier
  • Impeller humidifier

1- Cool mist humidifier

Cool mist humidifier is one of the most chosen one, when it comes to buying a great humidifier for kid’s room.

These work by emitting cool moisture into the air, through a built in evaporative wick system, which is safe and effective to use.

Frequent cleaning and filter changing should be done with these devices to avoid bacteria growth. And these create little noise than as compared to other humidifier types.

2- Warm mist humidifier

Also called vaporizers or steam humidifiers, these devices boils the water in the reservoir and release the produced steam into the room.

Unlike cool mist humidifiers, additional medicinal inhalants can be put into these devices for inhalation that can help relieve congestion in chilling winter season.

Be ensured that careful handling is required while using these humidifiers, because the boiling water in the device can put you at risk.

✓ Although the benefits of cool mist humidifiers are more it is often recommended to use steam humidifiers in certain conditions like severe allergies or cold problems.

Well, when you have decided between the type of mist you want its time to know about the technology used in these devices.

Based on the misting technology used humidifiers are categorized into these types:

3- Ultrasonic humidifier

This is the most advanced humidifier type which is equipped with latest features. High frequency ultrasonic vibrations are used in these devices – to disperse the water vapor into the air.

The advanced technology and low power used in these devices makes them most silent, kid friendly and cost effective. Also you need not worry about changing the filters in these humidifier types.

4- Evaporative humidifier

Evaporative humidifiers or Wick humidifiers are energy efficient and noiseless. These releases water through a saturated pad or wick filter by an internal fan.

As the wick filter traps mineral dust and bacteria before the water is evaporated into the air, you need to change the wick filters every three to four months for better hygiene.

5- Impeller humidifier

This humidifier type uses a rotating disc to send the water through a diffuser and to generate fine droplets of cool moisture.

Many of the cool mist humidifiers in the market uses this technology for misting cool moisture into the dry air.

These are cheaper than evaporative humidifiers and can cover larger area. However due to the risk of bacteria spreading in the air with the mist these units need to be cleaned after each use.

Also the filters need to be changed every 4-6 months of usage for efficient working.

Few Other Types of Humidifier for Your Home

Portable room humidifiers (mentioned above) are the most common ones that are used by majority of people around the globe.

However depending on the capacity to humidify an area you can also choose to buy a whole house humidifier or a console humidifier.

This is a furnace type humidifier (connected to your home’s HVAC system) which humidifies the entire house instead of single room.

While making a choice between a portable and whole house humidifiers, you need to consider your needs, budget, space and few other factors.

In addition to portable and whole house humidifier types, there are few others like:

Remember, price should not be the major concern when choosing a good branded humidifier for home & family.

Instead look at the features and benefits of each to decide on which would best fit with your needs.

Keep in mind about the health of your family members and choose the best one for them that can offer greater relief for long.