Various Types of Essential Oil Diffusers: Compare and Choose The Best

Essential oils are the concentrated form of aromatic oils which are generally used for treating particular health ailments or to change the mood and emotion of a person according to his or her mental environment.

When a particular individual inhales an essential oil, it directly enters the brain through the sensory receptors available in the nasal passage.

The brain cells immediately identifies the particular smell and starts reacting to it within the fraction of seconds.

Aromatherapy essential oils therefore comes with several mind modifying (as well as therapeutic beneficial effects) with which you can easily treat many health problems easily. Important is the selection of an essential oil.

Not only it is important to choose proper essential oil, selecting the perfect way of diffusing those oils is also equally important for getting its best benefits.

Today there are so many forms of essential oil diffusers available on the market which helps in spreading the healing aromatic essential oils evenly in the external atmosphere.

The major forms of essential oil diffusers which most of the people use in their homes and offices are: Compact travel diffusers, USB diffusers, ultrasonic diffuser, nebulizing/ steam diffuser, simple tissue diffuser, candle diffuser, lamp ring diffuser, ceramic diffuser (or terracotta, sand stone diffuser).

According to the need and affordability you can get your perfect form of air diffuser to enjoy the best health benefits of essential oils in daily living.

6 Different Types of Diffusers for Essential Oils

If you are looking to buy the best essential oil diffusers you may first need to know about its various different types. Here we discuss about the most common types that will help you in choosing the right one for your specific needs.

1- Travel Diffuser

As the name implies, this is small and portable diffuser which is an ideal device for travel purposes.No matter whether you are in your car or working at your office desk you can use this portable device easily .

Most of these units are USB powered which can be used anywhere and at anytime you want. You just need a USB port for it to work.

You can use them for sure if you want to replace your toxic ready-made air fresheners. As you are using therapeutic grade essential oils in this device it offers therapeutic benefits to enhance your mood and health.

2- Cold-Air Diffuser or Humidifier

aroma oil diffusers
Amazon: Zuwit Electric Aroma Diffuser

This type of essential oil diffuser spreads humidified mist of air with essential oils which is best for healing various health problems. This works without heating the essential oils which keeps the therapeutic benefits of the oil intact.

Oil and humidified air are pumped into a micro-fine vapor through an innovative air pump that let the oil stay suspended in the air for long time.

Cold-Air diffuser or mist humidifier with a diffuser is known for great therapeutic benefits it offers. However, as it ejects the mist of cool air by utilizing the water it needs to be cleaned at regular intervals after each usage.

It works overtime to kill airborne microbes by dispersing the essential oils directly into the air without diluting them. But as it does not dilute essential oils in water, care that you do not use thicker essential oils in the unit as they might clog the jet.

3- Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Amazon: Elecbank 100ML Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic
Amazon: Elecbank 100ML Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic

This type of diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to disperse a fine mist of microscopic essential oil molecules that remain suspended in the air for long. These are considered as an ideal natural alternative to toxic air fresheners.

This type of diffuser is capable of diffusing all types of essential oils including thick and viscid ones.

Cleaning the device and changing the oil is very convenient. You can do this simply by emptying the reservoir, wiping it with a soft cloth and refilling the unit with water and essential oils.

If you are looking for a good aromatherapy diffuser for best therapeutic benefits, then ultrasonic diffuser is the top option for your family.

It suits perfectly for nursery, child’s playroom or bedroom, kitchen, bedroom of adults or seniors and for any other area of your home. You can also opt for them to use in your office. Many of these ultrasonic diffusers are also portable in nature and can be considered best for travel purposes as well.

4- Candle Aromatherapy Diffuser

Amazon: Modern Art Style Tealight Candle Holder Scented with Oil Warmer
Amazon: Modern Art Style Tealight Candle Holder Scented with Oil Warmer

Candle is one of the commonest and oldest methods used for dispersing the fragrance in the room through healing essential oils. In a candle aroma therapy type of diffuser one can make use of an ordinary candle to enjoy the therapeutically benefits of oils. This can be done in two ways.

Lit a candle on a flat surface. Allow it to remain in lighted condition for about five minutes. Blow out the candle, and then drop a single drop of essential oil in the wax of the candle. Just relight the candle once again. The oil mixed with melted wax will diffuse the fragrance of the oil throughout the room in which the candle is lit up.

In the second method the essential oil is taken in a small bowl, which is warmed up using a candle light placed below it. Here a candle diffuser (bowl) may be made up of metal or ceramic with an opening.

The best thing about using candle diffuser is it need no batteries or an electric power. Medicinal fragrance with no side effects can be experienced using a candle through this way.

Note: Most of the essential oils tend to be highly flammable and are classified as Class 3 Flammable Liquids. You therefore need to be very careful while warming them up. Candle diffusing is therefore not the safest method for diffusing essential oils.

Best is to light the candle for just 5-10 minutes for warming the oil and then blow it off. If required you can repeat the step.

5- Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Amazon: Porcelain Tulip Fun Flower Oil Warmer Figures
Amazon: Porcelain Tulip Fun Flower Oil Warmer Figures

Ceramic aromatherapy diffusers are much like candle diffusers. The only difference being in the way the candle is used. There are various designs of ceramic diffusers available. Some are made traditional while others look like modern ceramic bottles with comfortable openings.

In the Ceramic aromatherapy type diffusers 8 to 10 drops of oil are added to water in a small ceramic bowl. The bowl is then warmed up with a tealight candle. When it is warmed up it is the water in the ceramic bowl that gets vaporized. The healing vapors spread in the room affecting the body and mind of the individual positively.

Ceramic aromatherapy diffuser just like candle diffuser imposes no ill effect and can be used in an easy way. You just need to take care when warming them up with an open candle flame.

6- Lamp Ring Diffuser

If you are in search of a simplest, most effective and inexpensive way to create an aromatic environment in your room, then lamp ring diffusers are best to use. This is a simple way to make your home or office smelling great.

You just need to place the provided Ring on the lighted bulb. Add few drops of essential oil and let it work for you. As the bulb heats up, the ring produces aromatic oil vapors within few minutes which spreads up all over the space.

This aromatherapy lamp ring diffusers are perfect to use on low voltage bulbs. Lesser the voltage of the bulb, the longer the aroma spreads into your room and stays for hours and days. Care that you do not use the rings with halogens as they get very hot quickly which may lead to burning of essential oils.

Which Is The Best Choice for Me?

Healthy body and fresh environment at home is the desire of every person. To make your home full of fresh aroma and healing air, you need to have an essential oil diffuser.

But which one from above is the best suited model/type for me?

Well, to answer this you need to consider preferences and requirements of your family members along with the home interior and environment you need to place the diffuser in. Take into account the safety of your family members and choose the best one that suits you ideally. Keep your budget in mind as well when choosing from one of these diffusers.

I personally use and recommend using ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser as these are latest in the market. These high tech devices work safely in your home and are even best suited for small children and infants.

We wish you best of luck in choosing the right diffuser for your family. Enjoy the aromatherapy in your home in a convenient way and enhance your mood now!