7 Best Home Remedies For Treating Mucus Clogged Baby Stuffy Nose At Night

It is a foregone conclusion that parents crave to see their toddlers in the pink of their health. But it is very distressing for these parents to find their baby with a stuffy nose while the winter starts. Cold and cough are perennial menace creators in this regard.

Baby Stuffy NoseA baby stuffy nose at night time brings a lot of discomfort for the new born child, toddlers or little children because it’s very hard to eat in this condition.

Babies get agitated or perturbed owing to this breathing glitch that compliments a seriously stuffed nose.

An infant’s natural instinct is to breathe through the nose even if it’s blocked.

A clear nose is indispensable for feeding your child and a stuffy nose can jeopardize feeding, which leaves the baby irritated and the mother concerned or frustrated.

It is therefore a concern for most of the mothers about what to give baby for stuffy nose, cough and cold.

Before we come to the real home remedies for baby stuffy nose, let us first check about few causes which are responsible for the problem.

Causes of Stuffy Baby Nose

There are multiple reasons behind your new born baby’s runny nose. The clear favorite in this regard is a run-on-the-mill, typical, ordinary flu/cold virus.

Babies or new born often catch cold once every month on an average basis, or about 12-14 times a year. The situation gets aggravated during winter. The malaise generally lasts a week or more. At times, they bump into one another.

One cold might seem to be sticking around perennially. In reality, they are back-to-back flu attacks. Allergies can also wreck havoc in baby blocked nose which can leave your baby with a stuffy nose. This usually comes with clear mucus rather than the yellowish or green stuff that comes with a cold.

A bacterial infection can also effectuate a stuffy or runny nose in babies. Besides allergic reaction, sinus infection and common colds, deformities in the nasal periphery can also be the reason behind a mucus clogged nose, which is a rarity.

How To Clear Blocked Baby Nose With Simple Home Remedies?

7 Best Newborn Chest And Nose Congestion Remedies

When you are searching online about what to give baby for stuffy nose, you need to remember that medicines for toddlers and babies are not a very viable idea. The medicines for stuffy nose and cold don’t compel the virus to flee any faster. Rather, it can cause potential harm.

You rather have simpler ways to make your baby feel a lot better. Home remedy for blocked nose at night are often recommended by Grand Ma as well as doctors. Modern day mothers love to try them out as they are risk free for getting rid of nasal congestion in infants.

1- Saline Drop: First of all you can give few squirts of saline drops into your child’s mucus clogged nose. This will loosen up some of the inhabiting mucus fast and is considered as one of the best blocked nose remedy for toddler and infants.

Saline solution is mainly recommended and found useful when your baby is suffering from dry nose problem (and not an infection). In this condition your baby may not show the signs of snot dripping down all the time.

2- Nasal Aspirator: If your baby has serious congestion and stuffy nose, you can suck out all excess snot with the help of a NoseFrida nasal aspirator or nose sucker. This is one of the best baby nasal aspirator (at least for me) to clear the passageways.

The best thing which I like about it is, it’s completely safe, easy to use, bpa & phthalate free. As most of the parts are top-rack dishwasher safe it is super easy to clean also.

Make sure that you check about how to use nasal aspirator, especially when you are trying it for first time.

3- Breast Milk: Specialized pediatricians also recommend offering breast-milk (or formula) to your baby more frequently during the day time and before sleep.

You can also try putting few drops of breastmilk up the nose as it just acts like a natural saline solution for infants due to its antiviral constituents.

4- Altering The Sleep Position: Pediatricians often recommend to change the sleeping position for baby with blocked nose. This can have a great impact on the comfort level of your baby while sleeping.

You can try by slightly elevating your baby when he/she is sleeping. You can do this by putting a good recommended crib wedge under the cloth/mattress or by lifting/holding the infant while it snoozes.

Making your baby slightly inclined will help the mucus in the nose to drain down the throat better. This will make them more comfortable and easy.

While going out you can also try baby sling and a car seat for providing good and comfortable baby sleep.

5- Homeopathic Medicines: Homeopathic cold remedies for babies are also tried by various moms who are usually skeptical about their babies’ good health.

Homeopathic medicine by Hyland’s are best to try for cold, cough and nose block in infants and toddlers.

Homeopathic formulas and health supplements by Hyland’s are completely safe for kids as it’s made with all natural active ingredients.

You can use them for your baby without worrying about any side effects or conflicts caused with any medications you may be using previously. This will surely help to make your congested baby sleep better at night.

6- Massage and Probiotics: Various moms also suggests that a good gentle nasal massage can really help to unblock baby nose naturally. You can try giving them using an all natural eucalyptus essential oil diluted with a carrier oil.

Baby probiotics are also recommended sometimes for strengthening the immune system of your baby which will help them prevent chest congestion, cold and stuffy nose.

7- Using A Humidifier: One of the best ways that I can recommend is to put a cute looking cool-mist vaporizer or a humidifier in your baby’s room. This adds moisture to the air naturally, which helps the toddler to breathe easily and freely.

No matter whether your baby is a new born or few weeks or few months old you can try installing one to get them relief whole day long.

Believe me, combating your baby’s blocked and congested nose was never so easier. With these tested and easy to use home remedies you can provide you baby with instant relief.

Be Aware: Having tried the above simple home remedies for baby stuffy nose, if your baby still gets stuffy nose at night, feels miserable or cannot eat & drink; you should get alarmed!

Sometimes your baby can have stuffy nose but no cold or if the baby shows the signs of prospective dehydration or does not urinate in normal routine, you need to visit a doctor immediately.

Especially when your baby becomes lethargic or doesn’t cry, you should rope in immediate medical intervention.

Does Installing Cool Mist Humidifier Really Prove Helpful?

Of-course using a good humidifier like an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier can be your savior. It helps to protect your little ones from experiencing those harsh symptoms of the cold, making it easy for them to cope up with the breathing problems.

Running a cool mist humidifier in your kid’s room also help your baby to get a much needed rest and sound sleep. These cold air humidifiers for babies are much more comfortable to use and you should have one for your baby if you actually want to give your baby the best they deserve.

All you have to do is try the above basic home remedies and install a good humidifier to keep the baby-cold at bay.

Cool mist humidifiers for baby cold are widely available online as well as at pharmacy stores. These units are affordable, and equipped with a variety of features.

The good news is, you can choose the best from the available brands online and get it installed right away in your kid’s room. So why not get one for them now and help them sleep relaxed.