Graco Cool Mist Humidifier Review

While fetching a good humidifier online you may often come across the name “Graco” which is believed to be offering a good cool mist humidifier at an affordable price.

Of the many, GRACO is a popular brand offering cool mist humidifiers with sophisticated features at affordable prices.

However due to lower consumer ratings we are not a big fan of Graco humidifiers and do not recommend buying it.

You can therefore consider checking the brands like: Crane, Honeywell, Vicks, Holmes, and many others which are among the best selling in the market.

Graco Cool Mist Humidifier 1.5 Gallon Review

Graco Humidifier

Before buying any humidifier for your family, safety factors should be checked as these are very critical.

As lot of brands and models of humidifiers are still available in the market to choose from, therefore you have to be careful when buying a humidifier for your family, especially for babies.

Graco cool mist humidifier can be your companion when you are struggling hard for relieving the health issues and are finding an affordable piece.

Graco cool mist humidifier 1.5 gallon model is a cool compact device which is perfect for the nursery. The large tank capacity of the unit can hold enough water which helps it to run for 24 hours without the need to re fill.

The tank is easy and fast to refill and for easy cleaning of the unit dishwasher safe tank and tray is provided. The filters are easy to replace and are easily available at online stores such as Amazon and others.

Furthermore this 1.5 gallon Graco cool mist humidifier is an ideal machine which covers about 360 square ft. of the area.

And it comes with two speed settings and TrueAir® Technology which helps the babies to sleep and breathe comfortably.

Graco 4 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Graco 4 gallon humidifier

Graco 4 gallon cool mist humidifier is popular for no-noise level than that of other competitive products.

The machine will not over humidify the room or cause mold and dust mites. It has water tank that will last much longer than that of other models. Also it has built-in humidistat which is an added advantage.

The machine is efficient and does not omit mineral dust and this is the major reason why people prefer this.

It gives off cool mist and helps prevent the room from becoming dank as well as avoid over humidification.

Graco 4 gallon humidifier can be washed in the dishwasher and need to change its filters on a 3 monthly basis.

However as per the reviews finding the right filters can be a daunting task for the users and many times they need to replace the humidifier with a new one.

One can refer to Graco humidifier manual for more maintenance which is provided with the machine at the time of buy.

Graco 4 gallon cool mist humidifier helps your baby breathe easier with the nursery-sized machine that can restore moisture to indoor air.

This humidifier has been designed for busy parents and so, features convenient attributes such as tray to clean every week, dishwasher safe tank, etc. It has easy fill tank that make filling easy and quick.

The whole system can run for around 24 hours per refill and features an easy to change drop-in filter. These are perfect for bedroom, nursery or large sized rooms as it covers around 1200 square ft. area.

The complete setting of the product helps baby to sleep peacefully and let mom to rest easier. With the true air technology of Graco humidifier 4 gallon, your baby can breathe more comfortably in the environment.

Overall, choosing a Graco humidifiers can be a good decision for you if you are looking for a reliable option.

However as there are many other brands and products available, you may consider getting the better one for your family at a lower price range.

So just take a look at other options before you find your perfect device.