5 Top Benefits Of Installing Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier In Your Home

Cool mist humidifiers are mainly used to improve the air quality in your home, especially when the air inside tends to be dry and uncomfortable.

In addition to controlling the moisture content in the air these devices also help in relieving various health related issues caused due to less humid air.

Well not only for relieving various health issues and infections, but installing an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier can prove to be advantageous in various other ways.

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of cool mist humidifier here, before you plan to buy one for your family…

Cool mist humidifiers benefits

5 Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits

Cool mist ultrasonic humidifier is a device in your home which can be used throughout the year.

Due to the fact that cold air cannot hold much moisture as compared to warm air, you need to use a good home air humidifier in winters when the outside temperature is quite low.

And also when the air is too heated and dry in summers, installing a good room humidifier can help you save from all the discomfort.

Below we check some of the key benefits that are offered by using an air mist humidifier in your house/room…

1- Relieves Health Issues and Infection

Possibility of spreading the virus is more in the dry air, which reduces as the air gets moistened. Hence, it is always beneficial to install a cool mist humidifier in your home or office.

This can help in maintaining proper humid levels, reducing the risk of getting infections such as dry aching sinuses, congestion, cold and flu symptoms, etc.

Adding a good humidifier also offers several health benefits to those who have respiratory problems or are allergic to various climatic conditions.

Increased comfort during the sleep is also one of the main reasons why moms consider adding a humidifier in their baby’s room.

For those who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, snoring, etc. found using the humidifier easy and fruitful.

2- Helps In Getting Softer Glowing Skin

Cool mist humidifiers are the units that sprays out cool humid air to keep the environment cool and humid.

Its unique moisture output system lets you control the humidity and forget the skin discomfort caused due to rise in mercury level or in conditions when the air is too dry.

Additionally it also helps in protecting your hairs & scalp by preventing various dry skin problems.

If you are suffering from the dry chapped lips or itchy skin problem due to sudden change in climatic conditions, placing a good air humidifier that balances the level of humidity in the air can prove helpful.

Studies reveal that people who use a good branded humidifier at home always seems to look fresh and beautiful with glowing skin.

3- Beneficial for Home Furnishings and Plants

Apart from comforting body and skin, your home décor and plants will be happy enough, when you install a good ultrasonic cool mist humidifier in your home.

The lack of proper humid levels in the home can cause severe problems to the furniture and fixtures.

And using cool mist humidifier can provide them with necessary moisture so that they can last for long. This is due to the fact that it helps in reducing cracks and warping.

Besides benefiting all the wood furniture, molding, doors, wallpapers, wall paint, etc; installing a humidifier also help indoor houseplants in your home.

Maintaining proper humidity in your indoors can help refresh the dry droopy and sick leaves of your indoor plants, thereby helping them grow in a healthy environment.

4- Offers Best Safety to Kids, Pets & Electronics

Cool mist humidifiers (and not warm mist) are often used as it’s beneficial due to various safety reasons.

As warm mist humidifiers boils the water for creating the steam, these prove to be riskier for small children and pets in your home.

For this very reason if you have small kids or pets around the room, it is safer to install a cool mist humidifier rather than using a warm one.

Installing a good device in your home can also reduce the chances of getting a static electricity shock, which is common – and most of the times in-avoidable during the dry winters.

Although static electricity is not very harmful to humans, it can avoid problems like clingy skirts and standing hairs.

Damage caused to your electronics (like your PC) is also a common outcome of static, which can be prevented by using a good cooling air humidifier.

5- Consumes Less Power and Reduces Energy Bills

As far as cost and energy consumption is considered, cool humidifiers are considered more efficient and affordable than as compared to warm mist.

A warm humidifier can be a costly device for you in case you need to run a humidifier for whole day and night.

As cool humidifier uses a fan for spreading the mist – as compared to warm humidifier which uses heat to boil the water – these are much affordable and cost savers.

Cool mist humidifiers are also far better for your home as they cover larger area than as compared to other humidifiers like warm mist.

It is therefore for sure that you can save extra bucks on your energy bills, if you choose to purchase a cool mist humidifier for your home or office.

Few Drawbacks of Using Cool Mist Humidifier

In spite of offering lots of advantages, there are few disadvantages of humidifier that you should not ignore. Some of these are:

Bacteria and fungus growth: We all know that the germs easily thrive wherever there is water stagnant.

So make sure that whenever you use these devices, drain out the water and clean the tank thoroughly after the usage. You can use soap and water to clean the reservoir fillings after each use.

Well cleaning a humidifier and its filters can be easy for many, but it is also much difficult for people who hardly have any free time at weekends.

Noise of ultrasonic humidifiers: Even tough most of the cool mist ultrasonic humidifier devices are practically noiseless, there can be some noise felt especially to people who are sensitive to noise.

This very low level of noise often make them feel uncomfortable at night when they find the noise getting into their nerves slowly.

Risk of releasing extra moisture: Well this is not a trouble anymore if you are using a modern day ultrasonic humidifier devices which comes with built-in humidistat.

But if you are using a whole house humidifier that are not self regulated or does not include a humidistat or hygrometer, you may need to switch them off to avoid the risk of getting your rooms extra humid.

Well, now when you know all the advantages and disadvantages of installing a cool mist humidifier in your room, you may be planning to buy one.

You may check here for some of the best brands available that can suit your family best.