The 5 Best Air Innovations Humidifiers

Air Innovations Humidifiers

There are heaps of companies out there that specialize in humidifiers, yet it has to be said that Air Innovations are certainly up there with the best, and are industry leaders in many people’s eyes.

But what is it about Air Innovations that makes them so popular, why are their products superior to a lot of their rivals out there, and what are some of the best humidifiers that they currently have available?

All of the above, and plenty more besides will soon become clear, as we look at the best air innovations humidifiers reviews and products in general.

Who are Air Innovations?

Air Innovations are a part of the company Great Innovations, and, are based in Florida.

Now, it might seem ironic that a Florida-based company is making humidifiers.

After all, Florida is well known for its humid climate, so the demand for even more humidity down there, surely can’t be that great.

Well, actually, you’d be surprised, and besides which, being from Florida, they certainly understand more than most, about the ins and outs of humidity.

As you now know, the company provides humidifiers. As well as that, though, Air Innovations also provide aromatherapy diffusers, fans, and air purifiers. They certainly know a lot about air.

Why Choose Air Innovations Humidifier?

Air Innovations consistently create reputable and efficient products, which earn them great reviews and feedback from their customers.

Unlike other companies out there, Air Innovations only utilize ultrasonic technology in their humidifiers, so you know that each Air Innovations device you utilize, you will be getting your humidity as a result of innovative ultrasonic technology.

All of Air Innovation’s personal humidifiers also comes with cool misting technology, which means that they’re ideal for use in the summer and in warmer parts of the world as well in addition to dry winters.

And because they don’t warm the mist, they use far less energy too.

The best thing about buying these modern humidifier models is it’s available in various stylish colors to match PERFECTLY with the walls of your room.

You can even choose the one for your kids’ room – according to the choice of color they want.

The 5 Best Air Innovations Humidifier Reviews

Now we’re going to take a look at 5 of the best Air Innovations Humidifier reviews, currently available on the market today.

The devices listed below all come strongly recommended for various reasons.

Take a look and see which you find the most appealing.

1- Air Innovations MH-701B 1.7 Gallon

The first device which we are going to be looking at today is the Air Innovations MH-701B.

The humidifier features a 1.7-gallon tank, and is a cool-mist device, making it ideal for warmer temps, though it is still very comfortable in cooler weather as well.

It offers one of the coolest and sleekest designs that we’ve come across thus far.

It looks great, though it is a little bigger than the average humidifier in size, so if you wish to use it on your tabletop or bedside, you will need to have plenty of space.

Air Innovations have taken care of this, though, because it features an extendable nozzle, so you can place the unit on the floor, such as next to your bedside table, and still benefit from humid air circulating around you.

We’ve mentioned bedrooms a couple of times now, and some of you might be worried about the noise.

Well, don’t. the MH-701B is completely silent, so you needn’t worry one bit.

The 1.7-gallon tank is also very useful as there is no way of knowing what level it is at.

The good news is that one tank will last 96 hours.

It also features remote control to make life even easier. For large rooms or multiple open space rooms, this is a great piece of kit.

2- Air Innovations MH-505 1.37 Gallon

The third device that we’re going to be looking at today is the Air Innovations MH-408 1.1-gallon cool mist humidifier.

If you’re looking to add humidity and moisture to a medium-sized room, you know, like the ones that most of us tend to have somewhere in the house, then this is the perfect device for you.

This model works for up to 70 hours. Like other Air Innovations products, it is a cool-mist humidifier, and this one features a ceramic filter, which requires no maintenance at all.

Now, make no mistake about it, compared to the other two devices listed above, this humidifier appears primitive in nature.

It is a basic, no bells or whistles device, but it does what it is designed to do, and surely, that’s the most important thing!

Needless to say, as there are fewer snazzy features associated with this model, it is reflected in the price, so for those on a budget, this is perfect.

4- Air Innovations 2.15 Gallon with Dual Tank

From one of the more basic humidifiers we’ve encountered thus far, we now come to one of the largest and most sophisticated.

This is the ultimate humidifier for large rooms, apartments, offices, and open spaces.

Air Innovations purposefully created this device in order to allow people to add humidity to their entire homes and/or offices.

On a full tank, it can run for a staggering 120 hours.

Sorry, did we say full tank? Our mistake, we meant tanks, as in plural.

Yep, this is one of the most unique humidifiers we’ve encountered because it offers two water tanks.

On the lowest setting, it will quite happily pump moisture into the air for days on end.

If you ramp up the power to high, you will still get 24 hours of humidity from it, and boy, will you notice it.

It features a humidistat, and all of the other features you can expect from Air Innovations, and considering its size, it is also on the quiet side.

If you have large areas of up to 700 square feet that you would like covering, this is ideal.

5- Air Innovations MH-602 1.6 Gallon Digital Humidifier

Finally, we have the MH-602 in black.

This 1.6-gallon humidifier is one of the smaller, more compact items on the market today, making it even more convenient given the amount of space that it can cover.

This device can cover areas of up to 500 square feet, it is quiet and is easy to use, and it can operate for as long as 80 hours in the lowest setting.

You can even keep an eye on the semi-transparent water tank, so you can top it up when water levels are getting low.

For a mid-range device, this is perfect.

How Easy It Is To Clean These Devices?

Air Innovations recommend cleaning your machine on a regular basis so as to enjoy its healing benefits for a long.

Worry not, cleaning your device is simple and can be done in a few minutes by following the 3 simple steps.

1. As a very first step, you just need to empty the tank water in the basin after usage. Rinse it with clean water and let it dry naturally.

2. For advanced cleaning, you can use white vinegar and freshwater solution to disinfect the water basin and tank on a weekly basis.

Let sit the solution for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with fresh water. This will make the unit free from any bacteria or viruses.

3. After rinsing make sure that you dry up the unit completely before storing, so that it is ready for next usage.

When it comes to changing the filter, I really love this filter-less device. As this particular model does not require any filters, there is no hassle of changing them quite often.

Choosing The Best Device for Your Home

Now that you know what humidifiers do, why Air Innovations are so popular, and some of the different options you have available to you, it’s now time to look at how to choose the best humidifier for use in the home.

Here are a few tips and things to consider:

Operation time –

One of the first things you need to consider before buying a humidifier for use in the home is the overall operation time of the device.

Different devices have different operation times.

If you want a humidifier to constantly create a humid environment for you, you’ll want a device with a longer operation time such as 24 hours.

As you might expect, this type of running time means that you can set the device going, and not have to worry about it at all for an entire day.

If you simply want one to run as you sleep, devices with run times of up to 12 hours would be sufficient.

Consider how long you need the device to operate for, and then make the necessary purchase based on each humidifier’s operation time.

✅ Size –

Another consideration when choosing a humidifier is the size.

Now, whereas the size of the unit is quite important if you are lacking space, the size we are referring to is the amount of space that the unit can humidify and add moisture to.

If you’re looking for a device that you can simply switch on in your bedroom to create a more comfortable environment as you sleep, a smaller device will do fine.

If, though, you want a humidifier to cover a large office/room or an open plan apartment perhaps, you’ll want one of the larger devices capable of covering areas of up to 1000 square feet.

✅ Controls –

We’re becoming a race of increasingly smart-orientated individuals.

More and more items are now voice commanded, which means that we don’t even need to lift a finger a lot of the time.

It might come across as lazy, but the truth of the matter is that having to constantly be up and down, fiddling with the controls to your humidifier can be annoying and time-consuming.

If you’re concerned that you won’t have the time, nor the energy, to constantly be up and down in order to adjust your humidifier, you might want to look for one that is operated via remote control.

Yes, they really do exist, and in fact, remote-controlled humidifiers are now actually very popular.

Remote control is very useful because you can switch the device on and off, and adjust it accordingly, from the comfort of your bed, sofa, or wherever else you may happen to be.

✅ Filter –

Now, you’ll generally find that most ultrasonic humidifiers don’t actually utilize a filter, although there are some exceptions.

Because of the tech used in ultrasonic humidifiers, a filter is generally not required.

There are some exceptions as mentioned, and you will need to take this into consideration when choosing a humidifier.

Now, if you find a humidifier that utilizes a hard water filter, you’ll find that it will need to be replaced quite regularly in order to get the best from the device.

If this sounds like too much work for you, you’ll be glad to hear that many Air Innovations’ products utilize a ceramic filter, that does not need to be replaced or cleaned at all.

Now you get more of an idea as to why Air Innovations are leading the way when it comes to air humidifiers.

✅ Humidistat –

This is extremely important when looking for the perfect humidifier.

Ideally, you want a humidifier that features a humidistat so that you can get the most from the device.

Humidistats are very beneficial and useful because of the fact that they turn your device into a smart device.

It automatically detects when humidity levels are too high, or too low, and some can be programmed to kick in automatically.

Others will tell you the humidity of the room so that you know when to switch the device on or off.

Typically, it is recommended that you achieve and maintain humidity levels between 40% and 60% although obviously, for some people this will be different, based upon your surroundings, personal circumstances, and your personal preferences.

✅ Timer –

To help make your life even easier when using a humidifier, it is also recommended that you look for a device that features a timer.

Having a timer fitted means that you can set the device to kick in, and shut off, at a certain time each day/night.

If you want to get your bedroom at the perfect level of humidity before heading to bed, for example, you could set the timer to kick in at, say, midday, and to shut the device off at around 10 pm.

That way, the room will be just right for when you climb into bed to go to sleep.

✅ Appearance –

Whereas humidifiers are designed to be functional, as opposed to serving as ornaments, you have to consider their appearance if you’re going to be placing them in pride of place somewhere around the house.

As we like to take pride in our homes, the last thing we’d want would be to have a humidifier with an ugly and cheap appearance standing out like a sore thumb.

As different devices come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, it pays to find ones that fit in with the décor, that you actually find attractive to look at.

Air Innovations Humidifier: FAQ

We’re going to wrap things up today by looking at a few common frequently asked questions associated with Air Innovations products and its unique ceramic filters.

What are ceramic filters?

Ceramic filters are designed to be permanent filters that filter out dirt, dust, debris, and other impurities from the air. As they’re ceramic, they require far less maintenance and are more durable.

How can ceramic filters be cleaned?

Ceramic filters in Air Innovations humidifiers are easy to be removed and can simply be rinsed under cool running water.

Do ceramic filters work with white dust?

No. Ceramic filters in Air Innovations humidifiers, unfortunately, do not prevent white dust in the same way that other filters do.

What to do when I cannot see any mist coming?

If you can’t see any mist being created by your humidifier, it could be due to a variety of reasons. These could be:

• Blocked nozzle
• An unresponsive blower
• Water tank being empty
• The unit not being placed onto a level surface
• White dust located on the water sensor and/or ultrasonic nebulizer

Final thoughts

So, that brings us to a close.

Hopefully, now you’ve learned a great deal more about Air Innovations and the products that they provide, and hopefully, now you know which device would be best for you.

Whether you’re looking for a small and portable unit to sit down next to your bed at night in the form of the 1.1-gallon humidifier, or you’re looking to humidify your entire home in the form of the 2.15-gallon twin tank humidifier, Air Innovations have got you covered.

Still not sure? Why not take a look and see for yourself?