Does Humidifier for Psoriasis And Eczema Really Help?

Can Humidifier help in psoriasis and eczema? Before we answer this question let us know some essential facts about psoriasis and eczema, how it is caused and what can actually help.

Psoriasis and eczema is an itching condition or a feeling of the skin of being itchy. This is a condition which is more than just a dry skin.

Often referred to as immune mediated skin disease it shows the characteristics of red, scaly patches, papules and plaques which gives you the itchy sensation on various patchy areas.

PsoriasisPsoriasis is known to be affecting at least 2% to 4% of the general population.

Such skin diseases are also known to be psoriasis vulgaris. It may be seen on skin areas of legs, hands, scalp, etc.

Causes and Symptoms

Some of the major causes of this skin condition are genetics, lifestyle, HIV, and medications.

Diseases like the chronic infections, stress and change of seasons or climatic conditions also leads to psoriasis. Other reasons might be hot water, scratching of psoriasis skin lesions, excessive consumption of alcohol, dry skin, obesity and smoking.

Common psoriasis and eczema symptoms are red or pinkish rashes on the skin. The skin complexion might change and often appear as small and scaly flattened bumps in this condition.

One may also experience irritation, fissures, and flakiness along with severe dryness on various skin areas. Stiffness and tenderness of the joints along with depression, itching, swelling may also be experienced and are common symptoms of psoriasis.

Best Natural Home Remedies for Psoriasis Treatment

Treatment options for Psoriasis include topical agents, phototherapy, and various other alternative treatments. It is vital to work on natural home remedies for treating psoriasis, rather than going for OTC ointments and medications.

For the starters, eating a couple of weekly serving of albacore tuna, salmon and fatty fishes, rich in omega 3, helps in treating psoriasis from the core. It helps in reducing inflammation. However, if you are on blood thinners, then you should avoid taking such fatty fishes in your diet plan.

Avoid keeping dry skin: Try to keep your skin moist, otherwise, treating psoriasis turns out to be a difficult task. For this, you can use a humidifier for keeping your surrounding moist. Furthermore, you can use some nourishing skin creams and moisturizers to keep your skin supple and smooth.

Massage is natural healer: If you want to get rid of psoriasis once and for all, massage can be a great technique out. It helps in relieving chronic pain in addition to the skin problems. Even if you do not want professional massager, ask your partner to help you. Just let them rub your muscles and soft tissues to help you relax and stress-free. You do not have to use any oil, as that might irritate sensitive skin.

Aloe vera with its magical remedy: Raw aloe vera gel can work magically for preventing psoriasis. You have to apply it directly on your skin, three times, a day. It helps in reducing scaling and redness, which are some signs of psoriasis. Always remember that taking aloe vera in tablet form shows no signs of benefits, and can sometimes be dangerous too. And therefore should be avoided.

Above all, you should also avoid using fragrances and eat a nutritious diet, to prevent psoriasis from taking place. Olive oil might provide you with soothing benefits. On the other hand, hot bath can prevent irritation, too. Furthermore, you should avoid adding alcohol and smoking in your diet, for permanent relief.

Does Humidifier for Psoriasis and Eczema Really Helps?

According to many people who suffer from psoriasis, their symptoms gets worse during the dry winter months. And adding a good cool mist humidifier for psoriasis as well as eczema helps a lot for reliving the symptoms.

A good humidifier in your room can add sufficient quantity of moisture in the room. And maintaining proper humidity helps in dealing with the dry skin problem.

Not only from the dry skin problems such as psoriasis and others, best humidifier for eczema and psoriasis also helps in relieving from many other health issues and skin conditions.

It is therefore one of the must have appliance for your home in winters which should not be ignored. If you do not have one in your room, you can buy it now at stores such asĀ Amazon where it is available at very affordable price.

Go for it, your family members will thank you for adding it in your family!

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