Why To Use Filtered Purified Water In A Humidifier?

When we eat a medicine, we expect that the medicine cure us, but some of them cures the disease for which medicines are taken but leaves a side effect. This leaves an overhead of consuming other medicines and there is no guarantee that this in turn returns in another problem or side effect and continues as a chain…

A similar situation can be observed when we use humidifiers. They are used with the motive of getting rid of the dryness in an environment by providing us with its therapeutic moisturising effect. The air from the humidifier (that comes out in the humid form) moist the mucous membrane in our nose and helps by avoiding health issues such as asthma or other similar breathing problems. Additionally it also helps to prevent itching, irritation and dryness inside the nose.

As a matter of fact, the water we use in our humidifier machine gets in contact with our skin and internal body parts. And for this reason it is essential to care for its quality and purity as the same humidifier, which is meant for providing better, can turn dangerous if not maintained properly or not cleaned well or at the most operated with an impure water.

So What Should I Use: Distilled or Tap Water for A Room Humidifier?

The water used inside the humidifier plays an important role in providing a clean, moist air to breathe in. So the water used in the humidifier always has to be filtered one and not the regular tap water.

The regular tap water may contain germs, bacteria and other particles which are harmful to our body. So these elements have to be thrown out from the water that is being used in the humidifier.

Pure water for humidifier

In case if you are eager to know more about filtering the water and using the filtered water in your humidifier unit, let me tell you that there are many ways in which the regular tap water can be filtered easily. Some of the ways are given below:

Demineralising water: In this the ionized particles are exchanged to form water that is the cation and anion in the water are exchanged with OH (Hydroxide) and H (Hydrogen), which when fused becomes water (H2O). But in this case only the ionized impurities are eliminated and the unionized particles and also biological impurities remains present in the water.

To get rid of it again, this water has to go through a demineralisation process and the resultant water will thus be a product of double deionized water. This will be much pure than the water undergone through deionising or demineralising process only once.

Distilling the water: This is a process in which water is boiled over the boiling point and is converted to its vapor. Then the same water vapor is condensed and collected in another container to form pure water. The impurities thus will be kept in the first container in which the water was kept.

Still some impurities might be present in the water that can be removed by double distilling or making the water produced as a result of distillation once more. The water produced as a result of double distillation will be much better than that of the water formed by single distillation process.

Reverse Osmosis: In this process, semi permeable membrane is used to remove large particles from the water. In this method, it is made sure that most of the solute is not allowed to pass the membrane used in this RO process and the solvent only passes through the membrane. To be really effective, the membrane must have holes or pores which are big enough only to pass the solvent and not any solutes.

As such this is one of the most effective process by which we can get pure filtered water for using in our humidifier device.

To conclude, the water to be used in a humidifier should be purified first and then only filtered water should be used in a humidifier. Instead if tap water is used directly, it can be seen that white substance is formed in and around the humidifier. These are solutes in the water and may prove to be harmful to our health.

In case if we use plain tap water, the moist air coming out from the humidifier may have lots of bacteria in it and the intake of such air results in serious health problems. The very reason for buying the humidifier will be lost and health hazards may be resulted.

Using Filtered Pure Water In Diffuser Humidifier is Also Important

There are humidifiers in which a fresh aroma will be spread around the place according to the essential oil used in the humidifier. This will provide an aroma therapy at home or any other place on a button press.

It is completely true that such kind of a convenience is really appreciative, but if the water used in the humidifier is not a filtered one, this therapy will not able to stand the negative after effects of the bacteria and other elements present in the water of the humidifier.

Humidifiers Operate Better and for Long with Purified Filtered Water

Usage of normal tap water in humidifiers should be strictly avoided. The person who is using is not only affected but the people around him can also be affected.

There are humidifiers available in the market that can be used with the AC in a car. In this case all the people who are traveling along can get affected. If one among them suffer from breathing or respiratory issues, infections may be caused to other persons also.

People who use humidifier in an office can indirectly affect the health of people sitting adjacent to him adversely by getting in contact with the polluted/impure air coming from the humidifier.

The scope of using a humidifier is high and it is a fast spreading technology which has already spread out its wings to fly above the boundaries. If not used properly health problems may arise tremendously and it will be difficult to sort out the problems at later stages. Overall this is a serious social issue and the right ways of using a humidifier has to be propagated and the wrong use has to be banned.

The technology has provided us with many facilities and therapies, but to use it wisely is what we have to do. We have to use it in a way that it is used for the prosperity of mankind and not tamper with the health and well being of ourselves and the people that live around us.

Why not get educated about all these issues and let people know about the problems that may result with the use of normal tap water. They should be advised and forced to use filtered water instead.

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