When and Why to Use A Cool Mist Humidifier?

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2016)

Humidifiers are invented basically to maintain the humidity or moisture level in the surrounding atmosphere. These are available for both homes as well as for office usage. It is available in two major types like cool mist humidifier and warm mist humidifier. Among these two the cool mist humidifiers are the most likely piece which are appreciated and are selling in larger numbers.

The equipment delivers moisture to dry air and relieves health issues such as cold symptoms, flu, throat inflammation, asthma, dry skin problems, etc. People who suffer from roughened lips or itchy dry skin or have a cold with congestion are advised to install a cool mist humidifier at home.

Furthermore increase of static electricity on the surfaces of wooden furniture and musical instruments may cause damage to them. This can also be checked by using a humidifier inside the chamber.

Simply saying, this device is meant for releasing a cool or room temperature mist into the air that helps with breathing and other issues. Cool mist humidifiers are installed at home or office for the following reasons:

Use Cool Misting Humidifier For Additional Safety

This type of humidifier is safer for use in rooms of children or toddlers. Kids when play too close to warm mist humidifiers may hang the equipment over, releasing hot water that can burn out their skin and thus are very risky for home usage.

This is one of the major reasons why families prefer using cool mist humidifiers (over other types of humidifiers), especially for home use.

Control Sickness By Maximizing The Comfortable Moisture Levels

Nasal congestion and sore throats needs extra moisture to decrease swollen nasal passages and moisturize dry throats. Cool mist may help feel better on nasal membranes and inflamed throats and hence helps in relieving cold symptoms.

It has proved that the moist air from a cool mist humidifier is easier to breathe than that from a warm air humidifier. Physicians recommend cool mist humidification systems as it helps alleviate inflammation in the airway and makes it easier to breathe.

Cool Mist Humidifier for Health

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Low Cost & Maintenance 

Cool mist humidifiers are less costly than other kinds of humidifiers. Moreover, the operating cost for this humidifier is low because it does not use energy to power a heating element.

Cool mist humidifier needs regular cleaning and maintenance every day so that you enjoy great benefits regularly. This is because the water is not heated and therefore, bacteria and mold can immediately grow in the filter and reservoir. If bacteria and mold are allowed to grow, they can be moved into the air along with the cool mist and cause health issues.

Certain users report that the moist air has caused a white powder to cover surfaces and furniture in the room. This is due to the minerals in the water being dispersed. All these issues can be prevented by regular cleaning and maintenance.


There are many different brands and manufacturers offering a wide variety of cool mist humidifiers to choose from. You have to be careful when choosing from these varieties. Take care of many things such as health issues, children at home, size, brand, cost and many other elements and then choose the most suitable brand from the bunch.

It is best to choose a high quality and fully featured cool mist humidifier as soon as you and your family feel the need of it. Buying this machine will cost you much less as compared to the one time fees of your doctor!

So it is best advisable to get it as early as possible especially if you have kinds in your home as they are more prone to getting infections and attacked by different diseases. And getting a best cool mist humidifier can really save your kids from getting infected.

Consider reading reviews and testimonials of popular brands so as to get a clear idea about usage, cost, longevity and suitability of cool mist humidifier at home or office. Choose the best humidifier brand after a research or thorough search.


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