Vaporizer vs. Humidifier: What Is Better Option?

When the season changes to winter and the air in the home becomes dry, most of you feel hacky cough, chronic and bronchial congestion. Your doctor may advice to get some medicated help along with buying a new branded humidifier.

But when you are in the store and look at humidifier and vaporizers, you get confused and gets no idea about which one to purchase since both of them looks to be pretty same.

Since both the products looks similar, you will look for the box with reasonable price and will walk back to home with a vaporizer instead of a humidifier.  When after a couple of week, you feel only slightly better, you will wonder why the stupid thing happened…

Well, you can find both humidifier and vaporizer in all sizes and shapes. But for getting the best benefits you should only get one which is best suited and recommended for easing your health issues. Below you will find details about both of them and tips on how to choose the best suited one for you.

So let us check about them and know whats the basic difference between them, before you pick one for your use.

Vaporizer vs Humidifier

Principles are different

The most important factor you should keep in mind is that humidifiers and vaporizers have difference in principles of working. Both of these equipment looks same in its appearance but the functional side is different. Even though both contribute moisture to air, they work differently.


Vaporizer produces and provides mist of warm steam by boiling the water. These are the device which produce moisture for inhalation purpose. Some of these devices are waterless and include pre-moistened pads (infused with essential oils or aromatic oils) to provide therapeutic benefits. Since the medicinal oils or inhalants are produced from the extracts of plants or other sources it is good for health.

Normally vaporizer produces hot vapors and since it produce hot vapors, it is not suitable for the smaller children and pets at home. It imposes the risk of burning the skin when the heat level rises automatically or unexpectedly.


On the other hand humidifier works by breaking up the cold water particles, producing cool mist into the air. This device produces water vapor with the rotation of a disk that is submerged in water. This appliance emits cold vapors and hence it does not makes any harm to children or pets in your home.

However since it produces cold mist vapors, it promotes the growth and spreading of molds or bacteria. This is one of the important demerits of the humidifier. But once you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer in terms of cleaning and maintenance, there is no need to worry about the growth of bacteria.

What Doctor Says and Recommend?

There is no doubt that everyone will get the advice of the doctor before deciding which device to purchase for better health. Most of the doctors usually suggest buying a humidifier (rather than a vaporizer) to provide relief to the people suffering from chronic dry cough and bronchial congestion.

As per the physicians when you buy humidifier you should give supreme importance to the instructions about the regular maintenance of the device. Since it produce humidity without boiling the water, the risks of building bacteria in the sitting water is high. And if you fail to clean the humidifier as per the instruction, it will result in spreading the bacteria to open air.

What about The Cleaning and Cost and Maintenance?

Whether it is vaporizer or a humidifier, if you use it regularly, chances are high for developing bacteria inside the unit. Check frequently for the black or brownish marks on the ceiling and the walls. Your home should be ventilated enough to prevent milder buildup.

Another important problem with the regular use of both the products is that houses with high humidity promote breeding platform for dust mites. This makes the people with dust allergies to feel worse. Although vaporizer needs frequent cleaning as compared to humidifier, the cleaning and maintenance of your unit is quite important for long term benefits.

Cost and maintenance of the device is the factor that makes you to take the final decision. Humidifier is more expensive than vaporizers. If you are running short of budget, then it is better to select vaporizer. The only factor is that you have to take care of your children and pets.

Which is Better and Why?

In the final stage, you will stand before this question. Which is better for you; humidifier or vaporizer?

Whatever your doctor or friends suggest; the final decision is up to you. You have to keep an eye on your real needs and home architecture before selecting the product. If your house is free from kids, then you can go for vaporizer.  If you are sensitive to heat and you have kids in your home, then it is better to go for a branded humidifier.

When it comes to noise, vaporizer produces less noise than humidifier. If you hate more sound near you, then go for a vaporizer.

Overall, both humidifier and vaporizer give the same environmental effects. Both products have to be cleaned regularly. You cannot add medication to most of the humidifiers, but you can add herbs or any other medications to promote inhalation into a vaporizer. You cannot add any accessories extra to humidifier and in case of vaporizer you can add inhalants to facilitate and promote breathing.

Based on above discussion, now it is your time to select the best one that better suits your need and budget. Go for the one that can help all your family members for long.

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