Lasco Recirculating Humidifier Review: The Perfect Add-On To Your Comfort World

The variation of humidity can cause serious impacts on our body and surroundings. The lowering of humidity can cause problems including breathing distress and high humidity level can cause various other serious issues to our health. Hence, the regulation of humidity is a key element to maintain in our homes which is efficiently done by humidifiers.

The range of use of humidifiers varies from household to medical purpose. So the humidifiers are not just a piece to add comfort, but a necessity in day-to-day life. A wide range of humidifiers are available and one of new breeds of humidifier is what are known as Recirculating Humidifiers.

Here we check out in detail about what these are, how it works and how humidifier such as Lasko evaporative recirculating humidifier helps in getting better health. Let us check out the detailed review below.

How Does Recirculating Humidifier Work?

The recirculating humidifiers are generally used to humidify air and thus protect body from scorching heat and provide the comfort of a cool and hydrated atmosphere. The recirculating humidifier works uniquely by using the water from the reservoir tank as well as that present in the air. This type of humidifier  uses both the ways for making the air moist inside the room.

Basically most of these recirculating humidifier works as an evaporative humidifier. The humidifier filter is used by the unit to extract the water from the reservoir and air nearby which is then pushed back in the air in the form of cool mist, thus making the air cool, humid and moist.

The special filter provides greater evaporation area which enhances the cooling. Moisture is pushed out by using fan which adds on to the cooling provided.

Filters holds the responsibility to remove the impurities and molds which form in the water. Hence, filter needs to be maintained and cleaned as mentioned by the brand or company. The most cost-effective way is to rinse and clean the filter. This will allow using the filter for a prolonged period.

Lasko 1128 9-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier Review

The latest addition by Lasko on their product list is the Lasko 1128 9.0 High Performance Recirculating Humidifier. Just like any other humidifier its ultimate aim is to release moisture content, But this model stands apart from any of the previous model available in market due to the following features:

Storage Capacity: The main attraction of this Lasko 9 gallon recirculating humidifier is its storage capacity. The equipment comes with a storage capacity of more than 4.5 gallon and provides an output of almost 9 gallon a day.

The equipment disperses clear, cool and invisible moisture that do not let any kind of white dust to mix with moisture. This is best suggested to humidify multiple rooms or a space up to 3200 sq.ft.

Safety Features: Safety measures included in the equipment lets machine stay under control all the time thereby reducing chances of over humidification. Another attraction is the three speed control mode and an adjustable humidistat. Both these carry an indicator light that denotes wither On or Off mode. Castors attached to the equipment ensure you to provide mobility on any surfaces.

Keeping in mind the cleaning factor, new Lasko 1128 comes with a water reservoir that’s easily removable and refilled. The handles attached on sides will help in easy refill and cleaning process. The package includes a patented and fused safety plug and an addition evaporative filter pad with THF8.

Off Season Storage: If the humidifier is no longer usable due to climate change, then the humidifier can be kept in a case or at a convenient place that will allow it to stay safe until required again.

Make sure not to let any moisture stay inside the humidifier while cleaning. Also ensure that used evaporative filter pad is removed as this may damage the operations on the long run.

What Are The Key Benefits of Using Recirculating Humidifier?

Unlike in ordinary evaporative filters where wicks become moldy and deposit minerals with time, the recirculating humidifiers with its continuous flow of water eliminate the contaminants which make these humidifiers an easy one to clean. The trapping of unwanted minerals will also helps to prevent the forming of white dust.

The recirculating humidifiers are normally provided with the arrangement to notify the atmosphere humidity. In case such an arrangement is not there we always have the choice to use a hygrometer which is cheap and use a digital control strategy to regulate the humidity at a predetermined percentage.

The general problems that can occur in these humidifiers include:

  • Foul odor
  • Water discoloration
  • Filter discoloration

Most of the problems will be solely due to the improper maintenance of the filter. So filter maintenance and replacing is one of the key elements in the proper working of these filters.

These Recirculating humidifiers are available in a wide range of size, from cooling a single room to an entire house. If the cost and filter maintenance are left behind, taking into account the global warming and related heat problems the recirculating humidifier seems to be the perfect buy for this summer. This will be a perfect add-on to the comfort lifestyle.

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