How To Make Your Own Reed Diffuser At Home?

Every person loves to have a great smell at home and surroundings which tantalize nerves and makes feel fresh. Nowadays, due to changing trends in lifestyle and particular requirements of people, aroma oil diffusers are gaining lot of popularity. It not only refreshes the area with sweet and scented aroma but also tempts the person positively.

For people who are passionate about DIY techniques can try out making their own DIY room diffuser at home. Thanks to the technology and ease of internet access which can help you to make these aroma diffuser and use with essential aromatic oils at home in a safe way.

How to Make A Reed Diffuser at Home?

Due to lack of necessary aroma in most of the commercially available room fresheners, homemade room diffusers are gaining popularity. These are inexpensive to make as you can make them on your own with a DIY process.

This is the best option to use your desired aromatic oil and enhance your living or work place with scented smell. Here are the exact steps given which you can follow to make your own room diffuser as per your desire.

  • Find a suitable narrow neck container such as soda bottles, colored bottles or antique bottles which are perfect to your imagination.
  • Get the best suitable reeds to add to the container which are 15-20 inches longer in length to the container. This increases the scenting capability of the reed diffuser.
  • Choose the scented aromatic oil which is your favorite (like sweet almond oil, lavender oil or safflower oils). These aroma oils should be high in quality and should work for longer period of time.
  • Blend the oil with dipropylene oil, which acts as a base oil to your desired aroma oil.
  • Mix the oils with more consistency of essential oil. As the essential oil travels to the reeds it start working on spreading the aroma all over.
  • Another interesting way of making aroma diffusers is using a dash of vodka with a few drops of essential oil of 1/4t cup of water. This works well as the mixture tends to reach fast to the reeds giving sweet aroma in the place.
  • Now, fill the diffuser bottle with the diffuser oil up to 75 to 80 percent as full filling of it may get the reeds immersed in it or lead to overflow.
  • Place reeds in the aroma oil and let them set for an hour based on the strength of the aroma oil.
  • You can increase the number of reeds later as per the requirement. Try refilling or replacing with new reeds from time to time.
  • Turn over reeds every hour to saturate the ends in the oil, which helps to speed the process of soaking them from the bottom and diffusing the entire wood reed.
  • Finally, place the aroma diffuser bottle in your desired place in home and be sure to keep it away from electronic appliances. As soon as you place it, feel light smell which goes on increasing within 24 hours.
  • Keep on changing the reeds every week to have a pleasant and sweet environment at home with family and pets.

Handmade fragrance diffusers are a great gift for special ones on special events as this makes your friend enjoy every day, remembering you in every inhale of the fragrance. This is best to prepare by yourself and create a festive environment at home.

When the reeds start to lose the fragrance, recognize the need to change the reeds before the oil is drained. Really, this is a great idea to try at home with special and aromatic ingredients.

These are inexpensive and long lasting which satisfies your love to enhance sweet scented room that enhances the emotions and let you have a great time with your spouse and dear ones.

Honestly, these reed aroma diffusers are something which you will never forget to have especially for festive which is the day to get appreciation for your task and compliments from guest for creating such a nice and sweet aroma at home that relaxes and calms the nerves.

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