How to Make a Homemade Humidifier at Home Naturally

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2015)

Homemade humidifiers can be a good option to check out as it can now be used to get off issues with dry air inside the home. There are different types of humidifiers available in the market, to add moisture in air through steam.

But buying these humidifiers is not always a best choice for all. Specially if you are bit passionate and love experimenting with things, you can now make a homemade humidifier for yourself to use at home.

A dry air inside your home can affect your health very much. Especially when we turn on the heater inside our home in winter season, we make the climate hot inside, while also making it dry.

Moisture inside the home should be therefore increased, which facilitates to relieve clogged nose, allergies, cold, flu, etc. Humidifier has significant role in keeping your skin moisturized and prevent it from drying. Besides these, a humidifier also prevents germs and bacteria from spreading diseases.

So why not look at these following options which might help you out.

Making Sponge Humidifier at Home

Sponge humidifier

Making Sponge humidifier

 You will be glad to know that a device to humidify your home (known as humidifier) can be also made at home using things you can get inside your house.

Different types of humidifiers can be made at home using different things. And among those, sponge humidifier is one of the easiest to make.

For making this you need a large sponge and freezer plastic bag. First, punch holes on the plastic bag (may be with the help of scissors) and then wet the sponge.

Squeeze all water from the sponge and leave it damp. Make sure that the sponge is not dripping but is wet.

Then, just put the sponge inside the plastic and cling it to the place where you want to moisturize. You can place as many sponge humidifiers as you want in the room.

Add Some Plants To Your Home Interiors

house plants

Plants for Humidity

Another most interesting, simple yet effective way to add humidity to your home/room is by placing some plants inside the living room.

As we all know that plants have an ability to moisturize an area by a process called as transpiration, this can be utilized for humidifying your home well and good.

Through this process, water we use to water the plants is eventually returned back to the air by moving it from roots and stems of the plant to the leaves and flowers. This process is natural and healthy too.

So why not try adding few plants to your home and living room, in case if you need to humidify your home naturally, safely and effectively.

Evaporating the Water Slowly For Steam and Humidity

By Using Glass of Water on Flat Top Heater

The simplest and most effective way to humidify your room is by evaporating the water slowly and steadily. This can be done by simply placing a glass of water on a flat top heater that you use in your home during winters. This will effectively help in evaporating the water slowly making your room humid.

If you want to give a better pleasing affect into your room and breathing air, you can even add few drops of essential oils into the glass of water. This will add cool pleasing aroma that also helps in elevating your mood besides providing various medical benefits.

water evoporation

Boiling water humidifier

By Boiling Some Water on Stove

If you want to quickly add lots of steam and humidity into your room, this method can obviously help you out.

You can utilize the boiling water to keep a room humidified in this method.

For doing this, you need to boil water in a big pan or a bowl by keeping it on the stove. Make sure the lid of the pan is closed when you are boiling the water.

After the whole lot of steam is accumulated into the pan, bring the pan to your room and put it above a wooden table (so as to avoid any risk of fire). Open it instantly to let the steam go out and add moisture to the room.

With this method you can easily add lot of steam instantly and conveniently into the room.

Hot Shower Humidifier Method

Hot Shower Humidifier

Hot Shower Humidifier

 In case if the bathroom is in front of your room (that needs to be humidified), you can boost the humidity of the room using the shower-humidifier method.

The basic principle on which a humidifier works is by sending steam back into the air. So why not use the hot shower for producing the steam for free!

Leave the hot shower carrying on for around 5 minutes. Ensure that the room door and the bathroom door are closed. After 5 minutes, open both doors and let the steam come inside the room and increase moisture to the air.

You can also send the steam into your room while you take the bath. Just make sure that you keep the door open while bathing with fairly hot water.

Adding Open Fish Tank To Your Home

open fish tank

Open fish tank

If you are bout creative and nature loving person just like me, you will simply love this method out for humidifying your room naturally.

You need to invest few bucks for getting a nice looking open fish tank. This will not only make the atmosphere cool and humid but also helps in making it look more attractive.

If you want you can also few plants inside the fish tank which will provide extra pleasing affects naturally.

Few Other Options and Tips:

There are also many other things than homemade humidifiers which you can try out to address the issue with dry air.

You have to ensure yourself that you are drinking a good quantity of fluids such as pure water, tea and juice.

Taking shower at least twice a day will also help but, ensure that you take a warm shower rather than hot shower. After shower, do not forget to apply skin moisturizer all over the body.

Spraying some water to the curtains on your windows can help humidify the environment slowly and effectively. You just need to spray small quantity of water to the curtains to make them damp. Then allow them to dry out slowly.

Hopefully by reading the article above you might have understood about the various methods on how to make a homemade humidifier at home naturally. Why not try them out at your home and Let your homemade humidifier help you solve your dry air issues.

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