How to Make a Homemade Humidifier at Home Naturally

Homemade humidifiers are used to get off issues with dry air inside the home. There are different types of humidifiers available in the market, made to add moisture in air through steam. Moisture inside the home can also be increased by hot shower, which facilitates to relieve clogged nose. Humidifier has significant role in keeping your skin moisturized and prevent it from drying. Indoor plant growth is also dependent a lot on moisture inside the home. Besides these, humidifier also prevents germs and bacteria from spreading diseases.

Sponge humidifier at home

Sponge Humidifiers are recommended for avoiding nasal issues or alleviate such problems. You will be glad to know that these equipments can be also made at home using things you can get inside your house. Different humidifiers can be made at home and among those, sponge humidifier is easy to make. You need sponge and freezer plastic bag to make this humidifier. First, punch holes on the plastic bag and wet the sponge. Squeeze all water from the sponge and leave it damp. Put the sponge inside the plastic and cling it to the place where you want to moisturize. You can place as many sponge humidifiers as you want in the room.

Hot shower humidifier


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Even if the bathroom is in front of your room, you can boost the humidity of the room using the shower. Leave the hot shower carrying on for around 5 minutes. Ensure that the room door and the bathroom door are closed. After 5 minutes, open both doors and let the steam come inside the room and increase moisture to the air.

You can also utilize boiling water to keep a room humidified. Boil water in a big pan; make sure the lid of the pan is closed. Bring the pan to your room and put it above a wooden table. Open it to let the steam go out and add moisture to the room.

There are also many other things than humidifiers which you can try out to address the issue with dry air. You have to ensure yourself that you are drinking a good quantity of fluids such as pure water, tea and juice. Taking shower at least twice a day will also help but, ensure that you take a warm shower rather than hot shower. After shower, apply skin moisturizer all over the body.

Hopefully by reading the article you might understand how to make a homemade humidifier at home naturally. Let your homemade humidifier help you solve your dry air issues.

You may check out the video below to know more about how you can prepare a good DIY homemade humidifier at your home. This can be helpful and can well save your money and time.

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